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7 February 2011
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy Season Six episode guide - reviews, trivia, and quizzes
Season Six Highlight
Hell's Bells
Hell's Bells

Does wedded bliss await Anya and Xander? MORE >>

SpikeSeason Six Gallery
Pictures and desktop wallpaper
We chat to the cast and crew of Buffy.

Season Six episode list

  1. Bargaining I
      The Scoobies try to cope with Buffy's death.
  2. Bargaining II
      Buffy is brought back to life.
  3. After Life
      Phantom fear for the Scoobies.
  4. Flooded
      A trio of slackers plots to take over Sunnydale.
  5. Life Serial
      Buffy tries to adjust to life in Sunnydale.
  6. All the Way
      Dawn is up to no good on Halloween.
  7. Once More, with Feeling
      A mysterious power forces the gang to sing.
  8. Tabula Rasa
      Willow casts a spell that causes problems.
  9. Smashed
      There's an old friend back in town.
  10. Wrecked
      Willow falls victim to a warlock.
  11. Gone
      Buffy gets a new look.
  12. Doublemeat Palace
      Buffy starts a job at a fast food joint.
  13. Dead Things
      Buffy is framed for murder.
  14. Older and Far Away
      It's birthday time for Buffy.
  15. As You Were
      Riley returns - and he's married.
  16. Hell's Bells
      Xander and Anya's big day has arrived.
  17. Normal Again
      Is Buffy losing her grip on reality?
  18. Entropy
      Xander and Buffy witness a shocking encounter.
  19. Seeing Red
      Is this the end for Tara?
  20. Villains
      Willow seeks vengeance after Tara's death.
  21. Two to Go
      Willow takes on Buffy and Anya.
  22. Grave
      An Apocalypse for Willow?

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