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7 February 2011
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Pints of beer
Take a trip to the entertainment playgrounds of the North East. Look at how tradition, poverty and prosperity have influenced the way we've enjoyed our leisure time.
Man at home Shove Ha'penny game Man in cloth cap

Seaside Amusements - Blackpool (Pre-war/colour/silent)
Blackpool and its beach and amusements was a popular day trip for the Lancashire textile workers. (23 seconds �NWFA)

The Illuminations - Blackpool Lights (1935-38/b&w/silent)
Blackpool was a popular destination for many mill workers in their precious free time. Join them as they take a trip through the famous Blackpool illuminations. (51 seconds �NWFA)

Tower Circus - Blackpool Circus Trip (1950/colour/silent)
Lancashire mill workers enjoy a day out at Blackpool Tower Circus and meet Charlie Cairoli the clown. (2 minutes 32 seconds �NWFA)

Scarborough - Having a Wonderful Time (1959/colour/sound)
A promotional film for Scarborough. (3 minutes 23 seconds �BBC)

Shove Ha'Penny - Pub Games (1960s/b&w/sound)
Men in a Durham pub play Shove Ha'penny and explain the rules of the game. (4 minutes 20 seconds �NRFTA)

Inside the Shop - Newcastle's First Sex Shop (1971/b&w/sound)
A campaigner explains how he's trying to get a sex shop closed down, without success." (3 minutes 17 seconds �BBC)

Apprentice Strippers - School for Strippers (1975/b&w/sound)
A new apprentice at Gateshead's school for strippers learns how dirty dancing can help pay off the family bills in hard times after her husband lost his job in the mines following the coal strike. (8 minutes 5 seconds �BBC)

Big Day Out - Redcar (1950s/colour/silent)
Redcar had plenty to offer visitors in the 1950s from donkey rides and sun bathing to beauty contests. (3 minutes 27 seconds © NRFTA)

Trapped Cars - Holy Island Crossing (1930s/b&w/silent)
The Causeway at Holy Island catches out drivers who are trapped in high waters and can't make it back to mainland Northumberland. (1 minute 1 second �NRFTA)

A Trip to the Seaside - Going Places (1952/colour/sound)
A trip to the seaside on the number 20 bus from Sunderland to Seaburn beach for a family day out. (2 minutes 10 seconds �NRFTA)

The Seaside - Welcome to Roker and Seaburn (1980s/colour/sound)
A look at the Sunderland seaside from the 1920s to the present day. (3 minutes 42 seconds �NRFTA)

Seaside Attractions - A Trip to the Seaside (1920s/b&w/silent)
Men and women walk along the promenade, and children play on the beach. (1 minute 3 seconds �NRFTA)

Crowds at Durham Miners' Gala - Like A Candyman's Trumpet (1967/b&w/sound)
People drinking, eating and rowing boats at Durham Miners' Gala." (1 minute 26 seconds �BBC)

The Colliery Band - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Bedlington miner John Gibson talks about the Northumberland Miners' Picnic and explains the brass band contest. (2 minutes 42 seconds �BBC)

Judging The Brass Bands - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Northumberland's colliery bands compete to be top brass whilst the beauty queens vie for the beauty crown. (3 minutes 27 seconds �BBC)

At The Pit - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
Miners toil down the pit for the end of a shift and then head off to meet up with the colliery band. (2 minutes 15 seconds �BBC)

Band Rehearsal - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
The Pegswood Colliery Band tune up and practice for the Northumberland Miners' Picnic brass band competition. (1 minute 56 seconds �BBC)

The Picnic - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
A parade of brass bands march down to the picnic field at the Bedlington Miners' Picnic. (3 minutes 27 seconds �BBC)

Evening Shows - Bedlington Miners' Picnic (1960/b&w/sound)
The Northumberland Miners' Picnic is in full swing with the miners' families listening to speeches by the politicians and braving a thunderstorm. (1 minute 12 seconds �BBC)

The Fairground - Roundabouts: The Hoppings (1970s/colour/sound)
The fair at the Hoppings on Newcastle's Town Moor, showing the Big Dipper. (1 minute 55 seconds �BBC)

The Wall of Death - Roundabouts: The Hoppings (1970s/colour/sound)
The Wall of Death at Newcastle's Hoppings featuring death-defying motorbike stunts. (1 minute 20 seconds �BBC)

At the Fair - The Hoppings (1950s/colour/silent)
The Hoppings was a great day out for the whole family with big dippers, side shows and carousels." (3 minutes 36 seconds �NRFTA)

The Big Wheel - The Hoppings (1950s/colour/silent)
The Hoppings fun fair gets into full swing on the big wheel. (59 seconds �NRFTA)

The History of a Sunderland Beer - Double Maxim (1999/colour/sound)
The history of Vaux's popular Double Maxim beer. (59 seconds �BBC)

Home Movies Advert - Movies for You (1960s/colour/sound)
Bell and Howell Advert for home cine 8 equipment showing projector and family film footage. (5 minutes 21 seconds �NRFTA)

The Vestry Pub - Sunderland's Last 'Men Only' Pub (1960s/b&w/sound)
The last bastion of male only drinking in Sunderland - The Vestry public house. (3 minutes 58 seconds �NRFTA)

Getting Ready for a Night Out - Teenagers on the Toon (1970/b&w/silent)
A girl applies lipstick with a brush and puts on a dress in the 1960s. (1 minute 56 seconds �BBC)

Teenagers on a Night Out - Teenagers on the Toon (1970/b&w/silent)
Teenagers enjoying a night out with live music. (2 minutes �BBC)

Miners' Allotments - Ashington Miners (1972/colour/sound)
Ashington miners talk about one of their favourite pastimes - growing leeks. (1 minute 11 seconds �BBC)

Sledging - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Kids enjoy tobogganing. (20 seconds �NRFTA)

Sandcastles - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Fun at the seaside including playing leapfrog and digging with spade. (1 minute 22 seconds �NRFTA)

The Seaside - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
Seaside fun. (1 minute 53 seconds �NRFTA)

A Trip to the Park - The Richardson Archive (1920s/b&w/silent)
People sit on a bench watching a dog and a child drinks from a water fountain. (45 seconds �NRFTA)

A Day Out - North Seaton Children's Gala (1929/b&w/silent)
Children take part in an annual outing. (5 minutes 7 seconds �NRFTA)

North Seaton Children's Gala 2 - North Seaton Children's Gala (1929/b&w/silent)
Children sit and eat and adults look on. (1 minute 3 seconds �NRFTA)

Inside a Camera Shop - Turners Shop (1947/b&w/silent)
Turner's photographic shop on Pink Lane in Newcastle boasted the latest cameras in the 1940s. (3 minutes 20 seconds �NRFTA)

By the Seaside - Cullercoats Beach (1950s/colour/silent)
Sun bathers enjoy a day trip to Cullercoats beach. (2 minutes 23 seconds �NRFTA)

Children's Fun Day - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A children's fun day at Gateshead's Saltwell Park during the Second World War. (3 minutes 4 seconds �NRFTA)

Punch and Judy - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
A Punch and Judy show at Saltwell Park in Gateshead during the Second World War. (2 minutes 45 seconds �NRFTA)

All Dressed Up - Morpeth Pageant (1950s/colour/silent)
Children dress up ready for the Morpeth Pageant. (2 minutes 50 seconds �NRFTA)

Trip to the Seaside - Family Day Out (1930s/b&w/silent)
A wealthy North East family enjoy a trip to the beach in this film from the Elma Robinson Collection. (1 minute 48 seconds �NRFTA)

Day in the Country - Caravanning (1950s/colour/silent)
A North East family enjoy a caravanning and boating trip to the countryside in a film from the Rowan Collection. (2 minutes 48 seconds �NRFTA)

Stockton Theatre Royal - History of Stockton Theatre Royal (1958/b&w/sound)
The history of Stockton Theatre Royal is a colourful one dating back to the golden years of theatre. (3 minutes 20 seconds �NRFTA)

Morpeth Pageant - Celebrating Morpeth (1950s/colour/silent)
Morpeth children celebrate the town's history in this annual pageant. (2 minutes 30 seconds �NRFTA)

RAF Display - Air Show (1929/b&w/silent)
Early planes including small single seaters, monster bombers and flying boats thrill the crowds with spectacular displays at an air show. " (2 minutes 38 seconds �NRFTA)

Old Aeroplanes - Planes in Action (b&w/silent)
A display of old planes watched by onlookers. (46 seconds �NRFTA)

Swimming Competition - Holidays at Home (1944/colour/silent)
This swimming competition at Shipcote Baths in Gateshead was designed to provide much-needed entertainment and light relief during World War Two. (2 minutes 56 seconds �NRFTA)

All the Fun of the Fair - Preston Leisure and Industries (1930s/b&w/silent)
The phrase work hard and play hard is definitely true of these mill workers enjoying all the fun if the fair. With carousels and swing boats, Preston town centre really comes to life." (1 minute 4 seconds �NWFA)

Health and Safety Film - Chasing the Blues (1946/b&w/sound)
A promotional film - complete with music and dancing - to highlight what steps are being taken to improve working life in the mills. (5 minutes 47 seconds �NWFA)

Wakes Week Fairs - City of Oldham Centenary Celebrations (1949/b&w/silent)
Oldham's wakes fair on Tommyfield. Mills closed during wakes weeks to allow mill workers and their families vital respite from the stresses and strains of work in the mill. (1 minute 9 seconds �NWFA)

Pigeons - The Bird Market (1950s/b&w/sound)
Durham miners indulge in their favourite pastime of keeping pigeons. (51 seconds �NRFTA)

Home Movies Advert - Movies for You (1960s/colour/sound)
Bell and Howell Advert for home cine 8 equipment showing projector and family film footage. (5 minutes 21 seconds �NRFTA)

Children's Gala - Ashington Children's Sports Association (1954/colour/sound)
Local children singing, dancing and enjoying a sports day in the mid 1950s. (2 minutes 35 seconds �NRFTA)

Arriving at Camp - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Girls on an Outward Bound course to the Lakes. (2 minutes 48 seconds �NRFTA)

Setting Up Camp - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Camping in tents with girls on an Outward Bound course. (2 minutes 1 second �NRFTA)

Rock Climbing and Canoeing - Outward Bound Training for Girls (1950s/colour/sound)
Rock climbing and canoeing on an Outward Bound course. (2 minutes 52 seconds �NRFTA)

Having Fun - Children at Play (1940s/b&w/silent)
Children of a wealthy family enjoy playing traditional games. (2 minutes 47 seconds �NRFTA)

Family at Play - Children at Play (1950s/b&w/silent)
Children enjoy themselves at play in this film from the Anne Rowan Collection. (34 seconds �NRFTA)

Puppy Dog Tales - Children at Play (1950s/colour/silent)
Children have a fun time playing with a group of puppy dogs. (2 minutes 41 seconds �NRFTA)

A Trip to the Park - Ryton Park (1970/colour/silent)
Kids and their mums enjoy a day out in the park. (55 seconds �BBC)

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