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7 February 2011
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Trawler man (Read about the rise of the fishing industry)
The twentieth century was a turbulant time for the fishing industry in Britain. We examine the rise and fall of the industry and capture people's first-hand experiences of chasing the shoals.
Trawler (Find out how the industry declined) Sleeping hand (Find out about conditions aboard ship) Trawler deckhouse (Read about the film footage available on fishing)

Herring Fisherwoman - Fish Quay Scenes (1902/b&w/silent)
Herring fishergirls gutting and filleting herrings on Great Yarmouth quayside in one of the earliest films from the East Anglia Film Archive. (3 minutes �EAFA)

Goodbye to Home - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Trawlermen leaving Lowestoft to go fishing in 1930. The fishermen were destined to be away from shore for nine days during which time they had to face a variety of weather conditions. (2 minutes 20 seconds �EAFA)

Hauling the Trawl - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Fishermen hauling the trawl on a fishing trip out of Lowestoft in the 1930s. (3 minutes 24 seconds �EAFA)

A Breezy Haul - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Trawlermen hauling in the nets in the breezy conditions of the North Sea in the 1930s. These fishermen were away from their homes for over a week in search of a good catch. (1 minute 22 seconds �EAFA)

A Friend Pays a Visit - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Trawlermen jump ship to see friends on other boats in the fleet. (1 minute 12 seconds �EAFA)

Sorting Out the Best Fish - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Lowestoft trawlermen sorting out the fish from their catch on a typical fishing trip in the 1930s. This fishing trip took nine days during which the men searched for a bumper catch. (1 minute 27 seconds �EAFA)

Landing The Catch - Trawl Fishing: Lowestoft (1930/b&w/silent)
Fishermen on the deck of their trawler as they land the catch on a typical fishing trip from Lowestoft in the 1930s. (45 seconds �EAFA)

Deep Sea Fisheries - Heroes of the North Sea (1925/b&w/silent)
Fishermen battling against the elements to bring back the catch from the deep sea fisheries of the North Sea. (2 minutes 13 seconds �EAFA)

Preparing the Trawl - Heroes of the North Sea (1925/b&w/silent)
Fishermen preparing the trawl. Watch how they prepare the nets and get ready to bring on board a bumper catch. (2 minutes 54 seconds �EAFA)

The Trawl - Heroes of the North Sea (1925/b&w/silent)
The decks of an east coast trawler and watch the fishermen trawling in the nets with their catch in a rare scene from the 1920s. (3 minutes 58 seconds �EAFA)

The Cannery - The Fishing Industry (b&w/silent)
Go inside a cannery and see how the workers processed canned fish in the early years of the fishing industry. (22 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Tragedy and Rescue - The Sinking of the Sargon (1948/b&w/sound)
The tragedy of the Sargon which capsized in Arctic waters. (3 minutes 21 seconds)

On the Quay - Herring: Great Yarmouth (1946/b&w/sound)
On the quayside in Great Yarmouth watch the fish sellers plying their trade. Join the herring girls gutting the herrings in one of the smelliest jobs on the quay. (2 minutes 22 seconds �EAFA)

Fish Processing and the Herring Girls - Herring: Great Yarmouth (1946/b&w/sound)
Herring girls gutting fish, and undertaking 'women's work'. Join the fish on its journey from the shore to the shops, and visit the freezing, smoking and packaging plants." (3 minutes 34 seconds �EAFA)

Going Out to the Catch - Herring: Great Yarmouth (1946/b&w/sound)
The fishermen prepare to haul in the catch and bring it back to Great Yarmouth in this film dating from just after the Second World War. (2 minutes 31 seconds �EAFA)

Hauling in the Nets - Herring: Great Yarmouth (1946/b&w/sound)
Fishermen from Great Yarmouth haul in the nets and race back to port to bring home the catch. (2 minutes 58 seconds �EAFA)

Quayside Scenes - Scotch Fisher Girls at Great Yarmouth (1936/b&w/silent)
Fish is unloaded and made ready for the herring girls. (1 minute 26 seconds �EAFA)

Gutting Fish - Scotch Fisher Girls at Great Yarmouth (1936/b&w/silent)
Herring girls gutting fish as it was brought in to the quay, and fishing boats going out to bring back another catch." (2 minutes 42 seconds �EAFA)

Coming into Port - Great Yarmouth - Herrings For Sale (1955/b&w/silent)
fishing boats return to port with their catches. (3 minutes 11 seconds �EAFA)

Unloading and Packing the Catch - Herrings For Sale (1955/b&w/silent)
The catch is unloaded from the fishing boats and packed ready for sale. (3 minutes 47 seconds �EAFA)

Preparing for a Voyage - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
How the main drift ports such as Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, North Shields and Aberdeen operated. The fishermen prepare their boats ready for the big catch." (1 minute 17 seconds �EAFA)

Out to the Sea in the Afternoon - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
Fishermen of North Shields in North East England as they prepare for a trip out to sea to haul in a large catch. (1 minute 49 seconds �EAFA)

At the fishing Grounds - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
The drifters of North Shields as they reach the fishing grounds of the North Sea. See the fishermen preparing to haul in the nets. (3 minutes 52 seconds �EAFA)

Hauling in the Nets - Drifting (1949/b&w/silent)
On board a fishing boat the men haul in the nets. Hauling was a strenuous job - it often started at 1 am and lasted for five hours. (3 minutes 21 seconds �EAFA)

Grimsby Docks - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
The history of Grimsby's fishing industry from the 1920s to the end of the Second World War. During the war many fishing boats were used as warships, and then converted back to trawlers in 1945." (2 minutes 22 seconds �EAFA)

Sailing for Arctic Waters - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
The crew of a Grimsby fishing trawler set sail for Arctic waters in search of a good catch. (3 minutes 27 seconds �EAFA)

Arctic fishing - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
A Grimsby fishing boat trawls for fish in Arctic waters including undersea shots of the fish being caught in the fishermen's nets. (2 minutes 11 seconds �EAFA)

Bringing Up the Catch - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
A Grimsby fishing boat brings in the catch and hauls in the fish in huge nets. (3 minutes 21 seconds �EAFA)

Cod Liver Oil Processing - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
Grimsby trawlermen gut the fish and sort the catch. The fishermen also process the cod liver oils ready for production on land. (2 minutes 46 seconds �EAFA)

Homeward Bound - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
A Grimsby trawler returns to port after a fishing trip in the Arctic waters with its bumper load of fish and fish oils. (3 minutes 26 seconds �EAFA)

From Sea to Shore - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
Fish from Arctic waters are unloaded at Grimsby docks, and are transported to Billingsgate Market in London. The fish oils are sent to the cod liver oil factory for processing." (2 minutes 5 seconds �EAFA)

Cod Liver Oil - Arctic Harvest (1950s/b&w/sound)
Far from the Arctic waters, see how fish oils are made into cod liver oil at the factory. Watch cod liver oil being distributed around the country and see it being used in homes." (4 minutes 55 seconds �EAFA)

Safety Protests - Women Campaigners (1968/b&w/sound)
Fishermen's wives protest about safety conditions on trawlers. (59 seconds �Dovedale Films)

Iceland and the Cod Wars - Panorama (1968/colour/sound)
Find out why Icelanders felt so strongly about the 50 mile fishing limit. (3 minutes 58 seconds �BBC)

Grimsby and the Cod Wars - Panorama (1968/colour/sound)
Hear how Grimsby feared for the future of it's fishing industry. (5 minutes 12 seconds �BBC)

Fishing Research - Panorama (1968/colour/sound)
Scientists at a leading research laboratory talk about how they fear for the future of the fishing industry. (6 minutes 13 seconds �BBC)

The Politics of fishing - Panorama (1968/colour/sound)
Go behind the politics of the Cod Wars with the British and Icelanders. (5 minutes 6 seconds �BBC)

Iceland and Cod - Panorama (1968/colour/sound)
Listen to the views of industry and government officials on the Cod War. (4 minutes 12 seconds �BBC)

On Board - Skipper Charlie Pitts Goes to War (1972/colour/sound)
The crew of the Hull trawler Arctic Galliard venture into Icelandic waters during the Cod Wars. (1 minute 44 seconds �BBC)

Land of Hope and Glory - Skipper Charlie Pitts Goes to War (1972/colour/sound)
A Hull trawler and its skipper plays Land of Hope and Glory to repel the Icelandic gunboats during the Cod Wars. (1 minute 22 seconds �BBC)

Cold War Manoeuvres - Skipper Charlie Pitts Goes to War (1972/colour/sound)
Experience the Cod Wars in this short film about a Hull trawler and it's skipper trying to outwit Icelandic gunboats in Arctic waters. (1 minute 56 seconds �BBC)

Cutting the Wire - Skipper Charlie Pitts Goes to War (1972/colour/sound)
Go on board a British trawler during the Cod Wars after her trawl lines had been cut by Icelandic gunboats. (1 minute 22 seconds �BBC)

It's War - Skipper Charlie Pitts Goes to War (1972/colour/sound)
The Hull fishermen plan their retaliation against Icelandic gunboats. (1 minute 43 seconds �BBC)

Tragedy at Sea - 24 Hours (1968/b&w/sound)
Watch a film about two Yorkshire trawlers- the St Romanus and the Kingston Peridot- which disappeared whilst fishing in Arctic waters. The film illustrates the dangers of deep sea fishing. (3 minutes 12 seconds �BBC)

Protesters - 24 Hours (1968/b&w/sound)
Meet the Hull families of the trawlermen killed in two deep sea disasters. Hear their anger and pain at the loss of the ships and their men. (3 minutes 12 seconds �BBC)

Ramming Incident - Cod Wars (1976/colour/sound)
The ramming of the British trawler, the Boston Kestrel, off the coast of Iceland during the Cod Wars." (3 minutes 5 seconds �BBC)

Women Campaigners - BBC News (1968/colour/sound)
Join the women campaigners as they express their anger at the lack of safety precautions on board trawlers. Hear about how Ross Cleveland was lost in atrocious weather conditions. (1 minute 40 seconds �BBC)

North Sea Fishing Limits - Fishermen in North Shields (1970s/b&w/sound)
Fishermen discuss the problems of fishing limits in the North Sea. (4 minutes 4 seconds �NRFTA)

Hauling in the Catch - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
On board a fishing boat from the east coast see the crew hauling in their catch. (1 minute 39 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

The Docks - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
Grimsby docks where the fishing boats are taking on board supplies including food, fuel, and ice. Visit the quayside and see fresh fish being sold." (1 minute 38 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Arrival of the Crew - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
The crew of a typical Grimsby fishing boat as they arrive for another trip out to sea. (2 minutes 29 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

The Apprentices - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
Inside the fishing industry in the 1970s with scenes from a training film aimed at attracting young men into the fishing business. The apprentices learn navigation, fire fighting and safety skills." (4 minutes 30 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Apprentices Hauling in the Nets - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
Young apprentices learning how to lay nets and haul up the catch in this training film from the 1970s. The film was designed to encourage a new generation of youngsters to become fishermen. (5 minutes 11 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Life on Board - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
Below deck on board a fishing trawler. Join the skipper as he goes back to school to update his skills. (3 minutes 4 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Technology and Engineering - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
On board a new style 1970s trawler and watch how new apprentices are learning about new technology in this training film. See the engineering behind the new generation of fishing vessels. (2 minutes 57 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Stern Trawlers - A Man's World (1973/colour/sound)
The new generation of stern trawlers in the early 1970s. These ships were designed to be safer than the early trawlers, and there was also less deck work for the crew." (3 minutes 55 seconds �EAFA/British Trawlers Federation)

Trawler Rescue - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/silent)
Witness the dangers of working at sea as we go on board ship with this cine film footage of an accident on a trawler. (1 minute 25 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

A Stern Trawler's Life - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/sound)
Look at life on board a typical stern trawler through cine footage shot by trawler man Jim Williams. (1 minute 53 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Cod Wars - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/sound)
Go on board the Loydsman at the height of the Cod Wars. (4 minutes 40 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Ice - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/sound)
Ice played a vital role in the fishing industry. (2 minutes 24 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

From Ship to Market Stall - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/silent)
Watch the trawlermen unloading their catch and bringing it ashore. (3 minutes 3 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Filleting - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/silent)
The fresh fish is filleted on shore as it is brought to the docks. (3 minutes 1 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Shark - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/silent)
The fishermen accidentally catch a shark in their nets. (1 minute 8 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Foreign fishing Boats - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/sound)
Russian and Portuguese factory ships hoover up fish from North Sea waters. (36 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

The Quayside - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/b&w/silent)
Early moving pictures of fishing vessels at the docks. (3 minutes 53 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Safety On Board - On Board: A Fisherman's View (1970s/colour/sound)
A safety film showing how the fishing industry became more safety conscious. (4 minutes 56 seconds �Jim Williams/Dovedale Films)

Salmon Fishing - Come With Me'... to Berwick upon Tweed (1960s/b&w/sound)
TV presenter Richard Dimbleby visits Berwick and meets the local fishermen hauling in the nets as they try to catch salmon and crabs. (3 minutes 3 seconds �NRFTA)

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