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7 February 2011
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Women office workers
Go back to work in the 20th century. Watch the 'spidermen' who built the Tyne Bridge. Enjoy a cuppa with the tea makers of Ringtons. Join the men from the Ministry, and go nuclear in Cumbria..
Tyne Bridge (Watch it's construction in this 1928 film) DSS worker (Watch this film about the DSS offices in Longbenton) Calder Hall (See the opening of a nuclear power station)

Building the Bridge - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
The early stages of building the Tyne Bridge in the late 1920s. (1 minute 28 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

Working on the Bridge - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Men risking their lives high above the waters of the river Tyne to build the arches of the Tyne Bridge. (1 minute 5 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

The Bridge Takes Shape - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
The Tyne Bridge workers had to have a head for heights as seen in this hair-raising film clip. (1 minute 42 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

The Finishing Touches - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Workmen put the finishing touches to the Tyne Bridge structure. (1 minute 36 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

The Roadway - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Workmen make the Tyne Bridge roadway ready for traffic. (36 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

The Official Opening - The Tyne Bridge (1928/b&w/silent)
Crowds on Newcastle's Quayside cheer as the King and Queen open the Tyne Bridge. (2 minutes 10 seconds �CORUS Northern Records)

We Know Our Onions - French Onion Sellers in Tyneside (1960s/b&w/sound)
French onion growers come to Tyneside in a cultural entente cordiale. (2 minutes 53 seconds �NRFTA)

Your Tea Madam - The Tea Makers (1939/b&w/sound)
Unique footage of Ringtons, the tea makers, in the earliest sound film and commercial in the Northern Region Television and Film Archive. (2 minutes 39 seconds �NRFTA)

Rington's Tea Plantations - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
Ringtons tea plantations in Ceylon as pickers collect the tea that will end up in homes around the UK. (2 minutes 44 seconds �NRFTA)

From Ceylon to Tyneside - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
The Ringtons tea man delivers his wares in a van across the North East. (2 minutes 17 seconds �NRFTA)

Inside a Tea Factory - The Tea Makers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea tasters sample teas after they are scientifically prepared by the technical staff. (2 minutes 43 seconds �NRFTA)

Blending the Tea - The Tea Makers (1967/colour/sound)
The tea blending and packing process from start to finish, showing the modern automation. (4 minutes 24 seconds �NRFTA)

Tea Tasters at Ringtons - The Cup That Cheers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea tasters sample teas after they are scientifically prepared by the technical staff. (2 minutes 18 seconds �NRFTA)

From Factory to Home - The Cup That Cheers (1960/colour/sound)
Tea arriving at Newcastle Quayside docks, and then being taken to Ringtons tea factory. (2 minutes 13 seconds �NRFTA)

Sunderland Buses - Going Places (1950s/colour/sound)
A journey on a motor bus, with information on the history of public transport in the North East." (3 minutes 48 seconds �NRFTA)

Glass Blowing - Sunderland - Setting for Industry (1966/colour/sound)
Glass blowers and automation at the Pyrex plant in Sunderland. (1 minute 36 seconds �NRFTA)

Early Days at the Ministry - DHSS Offices (1940s&50s/b&w/sound)
The earliest days of the DHSS at Longbenton with views of the site where 7,500 staff worked.
(2 minutes 32 seconds �DHSS)

A Tour Round the Offices - DHSS Offices (1950s/b&w/sound)
A tour around the largest office complex in Europe in the 1950s, showing how staff handled 29 million national insurance records." (1 minute 23 seconds �DHSS)

Social Clubs - DHSS Offices (1950-70/colour/sound)
The DHSS provided sports and social clubs for its 12,000 staff in the 1950s and 60s." (41 seconds �DHSS)

DHSS Expansion - DHSS Offices (1960-70s/colour/sound)
An aerial view of the expanding DHSS buildings at Longbenton in Newcastle. (3 minutes 36 seconds �DHSS)

The Royal Opening - Calder Hall Nuclear Power Station (1956/b&w/sound)
The Queen opens this new atomic plant, later to be renamed Sellafield. (1 minute 5 seconds �BBC)

Picking Rosehips - Roses and Vitamins (1956/colour/sound)
North East school children pick the rose hips that are destined to be made into Rosehip Syrup. (2 minutes 8 seconds �NRFTA)

The Rosehip Syrup Factory - Roses and Vitamins (1956/colour/sound)
Rosehip Syrup is made inside the factory in North East England. (4 minutes 9 seconds �NRFTA)

Women at Work - Centenary of Vickers (1918/b&w/sound)
Watch women working in Vickers' Elswick factory in Newcastle during the First World War. (1 minute 28 seconds �NRFTA)

The Depression Years - Centenary of Vickers (1930s/b&w/sound)
Vickers charts its history through the Great Depression and the 1930s. (1 minute 33 seconds �NRFTA)

Glass Blower - Glass Blowing (1950s/colour/silent)
Sunderland's expert glass blowers at work. (1 minute �NRFTA)

Glass Blowers - Glass Making (1950s/colour/sound)
Sunderland's famous glass blowers at Pyrex demonstrate their skills and craftsmanship. (2 minutes 9 seconds �NRFTA)

Women Bus Drivers in Hartlepool - Are Women Drivers Safe? (1970s/b&w/sound)
People in Hartlepool discuss the pros and cons of women bus drivers. (3 minutes 18 seconds �NRFTA)

The Final Journey - Last Trolley Bus in Middlesbrough (1971/b&w/sound)
The last trolley buses make their final journey between North Ormesby and Southbank on Teesside. (4 minutes 17 seconds �NRFTA)

The New Boat - Berwick Fire Boat Launch (b&w/silent)
A fire boat at Berwick demonstrates the power of its spraying equipment. (1 minute 14 seconds �NRFTA)

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