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15th August 2007

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On The Record
Here are the programme transcripts for the 2000-2001 series. Please click on the links to Read ( ) the interviews.

You can also read interviews from our archives.
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  The whole programme.

Interview: IAIN DUNCAN SMITH MP, Shadow Defence Secretary.
Will being seen as Thatcher's man damage his chances in the Conservative leadership contest.

Interview: DAVID DAVIS MP, who was Chairman on the Public Accounts Committee in the last parliament.
Would the Conservatives move to the right if he became the Party's leader.

Film: Film on the NHS. The Government says it wants to involve the private sector more in the running of the NHS. But are they prepared to take on their opponents in the unions and on the Labour backbenches.

Film: Film on sentencing policy. The Government has plans to lock more criminals up for longer. But is that really the best way to reduce crime.

  The whole programme.

Film: TORY FILM: Who will lead the Tories after their second landslide defeat? And what direction will they need to take the Party in to win back more support?

Interview: DAVID WILLETTS MP, Shadow Social Security Secretary.
Who wrote the last Conservative manifesto. After a second landslide defeat does the Party need to tear up its policies and set out in a new direction?

Film: LABOUR EURO FILM: Is Tony Blair now ready to risk everything and go for broke with a referendum soon on the Euro?

Interview: DAVID TRIMBLE MP, Northern Ireland First Minister.
The Ulster Unionists were dealt a big blow at the election. Can Mr Trimble continue as leader of his Party and Northern Ireland First Minister?

  The whole programme.

Interview: John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Ancram, Conservative Party Chairman and Alan Beith, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Debate tax, health, education, transport, the environment and the Euro.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary, Francis Maude, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesman.
Debate the Euro, the future of the European Union, American proposals for a National Missile Defence System and 'ethical' foreign policy.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Andrew Smith, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Michael Portillo, Shadow Chancellor and Matthew Taylor, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman.
Debate the economy, tax, public spending and the Euro.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Jack Straw, Home Secretary, Ann Widdecombe, Shadow Home Secretary and Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat Spokesman.
Debate crime, policing, sentencing, prisons, the causes of crime, drugs, asylum and race relations ahead of the general election on June 7th.

  The whole programme.

Film: Paul Wilenius reports on the prospect of the next House of Commons having fewer women MPs and, in particular, fewer Labour women MPS.

Interview: BARONESS JAY, Minister for Women.
Reveals Labour's plans to increase the number of women MPs in the future.

Film: Paola Buonadonna suggests that the Labour government may be embarrassed by the New Federalism Manifesto, drawn up by socialist MEPs, due to be discussed at the conference of European socialists in Berlin.

Interview: ARCHIE NORMAN, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment.
Argues that the Tories will set local authorities free from government interference if they achieve victory in the coming general election.

  The whole programme.

Interview: NICK BROWN MP, Agriculture Minister.
Says that the farming industry must not go back to the way it was before foot-and-mouth.

Film: Film on the Conservative Party. Terry Dignan looks at what the Conservative Party now stands for.

Interview: DAVID WILLETTS MP, Shadow Social Security Secretary.
Insists that the Conservative election company will be based on clear principles. He also says William Hague has not ruled out further action against John Townend.

Film: Film on the Labour Manifesto. Iain Watson reports that Labour's manifesto is unlikely to be as radical as many of the Party's supporters hope.

  The whole programme.

Film: FILM ON PENSIONS. Jonathan Beale looks at the Government's pensions policy.

Interview: ALISTAIR DARLING MP, Social Security Secretary.
Are the Government doing enough for pensioners?

Film: FILM ON NORTHERN IRELAND. Iain Watson reports that elections in June could undermine David Trimble and the peace process.

Interview: LORD MACDONALD, Transport Minister.
Is the Government going to do anything to stop train companies putting up fares even before rail services have returned back to normal?

  The whole programme.

Interview: STEPHEN BYERS, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
Explains why the Government will delay plans for a General Election and postpone English county council elections, defends his conduct over the DTL's inquiry into Geoffrey Robinson MPs business affairs and endorses plans for a test of opinion on a regional assembly in the North East.

Film: Terry Dignan reports from Scotland on the different pressures faced by Labour from those in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Interview: JOHN REDWOOD, Chairman of the Conservative Parliamentary Campaigns Unit.
Criticises the Government's handling of the election date announcement and of foot-and-mouth disease.

Film: David Grossman reports on April 1, on the Government's plans to offer inducements to vote.

  The whole programme.

Interview: DR JOHN REID MP, Northern Ireland Secretary.
Why hasn't the Government got the foot-and-mouth outbreak under control? Will it still be possible to hold elections on May 3rd?

Film: FILM ON POLITICS AND RELIGION. This week Tony Blair makes a speech to the Christian Socialist Movement. Iain Watson looks at whether politicians should avoid talking about religion.

Interview: BOB KILEY, Commissioner for Transport in London.
Why have the talks on the future of London Underground broken down yet again?

Film: FILM ON LABOUR AND EUROPE. Paola Buonadonna looks at why the Labour Party wants to avoid talking about Europe during the General Election.

  The whole programme.

Film: PAUL WILENIUS reports from Devon on the problems facing a countryside bedevilled by foot and mouth disease.

Interview: TIM YEO, Shadow Agriculture Minister.
Explains what he would do about the foot and mouth disease.

Interview: CHARLES KENNEDY, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.
Explains how voting Liberal Democrat will bring about change.

Film: DAVID GROSSMAN Reports on the reasons why there will be less billboard advertising in the forthcoming election.

  The whole programme.

Interview: ALISTAIR DARLING MP, Social Security Secretary.
Have the Government learnt any lessons from the Hinduja passport affair? And why won't minsters say that taxes have increased to pay for better public services?

Film: Iain Watson looks at why Tory candidates won't all be singing from the same hymn sheet over Europe.

Interview: DAVID TRIMBLE MLA, Northern Ireland First Minister.
Is the General Election going to make it difficult for the Ulster Unionists to stay in the Executive with Sinn Fein.

Film: Terry Dignan reports on Plaid Cymru's prospects at the General Election with the Welsh Nationalists putting more pressure on Labour, their policies are being scrutinised more carefully than ever before.

  The whole programme.

Interview: NICK BROWN, Minister for Agriculture.
Explains how the government is tackling the outbreak of foot and mouth disease and its implications.

Film: Paul Wilenius reports on the government's record on the environment and its plans to do more to combat the dangers of climate change.

Interview: ANDREW LANSLEY, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister.
Defends William Hague's description of Britain under a future Labour government as a foreign land.

Film: David Grossman explains why the main political parties may not be able to champion marriage as each tries to claim the family as its own issue.

  The whole programme.

Interview: PAUL BOATENG MP, Home Office Minister.
Are Labour really tough on crime?

Film: Film on the Liberal Democrats tax policies. The Liberal Democrats say they would increase taxes. But do their sums add up or would taxes need to be much higher than they are prepared to admit.

Interview: MATTHEW TAYLOR MP, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman.
Are the Liberal Democrats really being honest with the voters about their plans for tax and spending?

Film: Film on the next election. The polls suggest that Labour will have another landslide win at the election. But could they be wrong?

  The whole programme.

Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister.
Admits some voters are disllusioned with the government but says it has delivered on health, education and transport and rejects charges of sleaze.

Film: Paola Buonadonna follows Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, from Brussels to Britain and puts criticisms of his performance and his vision of Europe's future to him.

Film: David Grossman reports on the government's failure to stop the influx of asylum seekers to the UK.

  The whole programme.

Film: The Government hopes the Hammond Inquiry will close the book on the Mandelson affair. But Iain Watson reports that his supporters in the Party believe he can still make a return to top level politics.

Interview: NICK BROWN MP, Agriculture Minister.
Can we be sure that the mistakes made over BSE will never be repeated?

Film: New rules on Party Funding come in to force this week. Paul Wilenius looks at whether these rules are strong enough to ensure that politics is not tainted with sleaze.

Interview: THERESA MAY MP, Shadow Education Secretary.
Could the Tories make our schools better and end teacher shortages?

  The whole programme.

Interview: PETER KILFOYLE MP, Former Defence Minister and IAIN DUNCAN-SMITH MP, Shadow Defence Secretary
debate whether the British Government should support the Bush Administration's desire for a National Missile Defence System.

Film: DAVID GROSSMAN suggests that Conservative plans to help agriculture may run into opposition in the European Union.

Interview: TIM YEO MP, Shadow Agriculture Secretary
says the Conservatives will get more money for farmers and take a tougher line with the European Union.

Film: TERRY DIGNAN reports that top-up tuition fees for university students may be unavailable after the next election.

  The whole programme.

Interview: ANN WIDDECOMBE MP, Shadow Home Secretary.
On Peter Mandelson's resignation from the Government.

Film: Paul Wilenius looks at the Government's transport policy.

Interview: LORD MACDONALD, Transport Minister.
Has the Government abdoned its plans to get people out of their cars and on to public transport.

Film: IAIN WATSON Looks at whether Labour and the Conservatives are boxing themselves in on tax. What happens if the Government needs more money to pay for public services?

  The whole programme.

Interview: ANDREW LANSLEY, Shadow Cabinet Office Minister.
Welcomes large scale donations to the Conservative Party and explains how the Tories will try to win the trust of voters by the next general election.

Film: David Grossman reports on the impending decision by the Scottish Executive to provide long term care free to the elderly and assesses the implications for Scotland and the UK.

Film: Iain Watson examines the current state of the peace process in Northern Ireland.

Interview: SEAMUS MALLON MP, Deputy First Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Defends the SDP's refusal to join the Northern Ireland Police Board and thereby threaten the progress of the Belfast agreement.

  The whole programme.

Interview: JACK STRAW MP, Home Secretary.
The Government says it's cracking down on crime. But are its plans simply pre-election rhetoric?

Film: CAR FILM. The British motor industry is in difficulties. What can the Government do to stop plant closures and redundancies.

Interview: ANDREW MARR, The BBC's Political Editor.
On the latest developments in Nice.

Interview: IAIN DUNCAN-SMITH MP, Shadow Defence Secretary.
On the European Summit in Nice.

  The whole programme.

Interview: KEN LIVINGSTONE, London Mayor.
On Government transport policies.

Film: TERRY DIGNAN reports on issues surrounding the experimentation on human embryos.

Interview: MIKE O'BRIEN MP, Home Office Minister.
On attempts to break secretive Whitehall and Westminster cultures.

Film: PAOLA BUONADONNA reports on plans to enlarge the European Union.

  The whole programme.

Interview: LORD MACDONALD, Minister for Transport.
Explains why he has been put in charge of a government committee to oversea the recovery of the rail system.

Film: PAOLA BUONADONNA reports on the British approach to this week's European Union summit in Nice.

Interview: FRANCIS MAUDE, Shadow Foreign Secretary.
Explains why Conservatives want the enlargement of the European Union but reject the Nice Agenda.

Interview: NICK BROWN, Minister for Agriculture
Outlines his support for the European Union's proposals to prevent the spread of BSE.

  The whole programme.

Interview: DAVID BLUNKETT MP, Education and Employment Secretary on the New Deal.
The Government hopes to say next week that the New Deal has got 250,000 young people into work. But is that a misleading claim ?

Film: TERRY DIGNAN looks at the barriers to raising standards in schools.

Interview: DAVID BLUNKETT MP, Education and Employment Secretary on schools.
What can the Government do to ensure higher standards in education ?

Film: POLLY BILLINGTON reports on the Conservative Party's tax and spending policies. The Shadow Chancellor, Michael Portillo MP, says that taxes and public spending would be lower under the Conservatives. But is that what the voters want ?

  The whole programme.

Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister.
Explains the Government's strategy to reduce carbon dioxide and other emissions in response to the Kyoto Summit, and emphasises the key role of railways and other public transport.

Film: IAIN WATSON Reports on the Government's attempts to sell off council housing.

Interview: GEOFF HOON, Secretary of State for Defence.
Argues that the United Kingdom will be able to pledge support to a European rapid reaction force without harming other defence commitments.

  The whole programme.

Interview: MO MOWLAN, Ministar for the Cabinet Office.
On the Government's policy on drugs misuse.

Film: IAIN WATSON describes the causes and tensions in the relationship between business and Labour.

Interview: STEPHEN BYERS, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
Disputes business leaders contention that the Government is overburdening it with red tape and adding to its costs.

  The whole programme.

Interview: MARTIN McGUINNESS MLA, Education Minister, Northern Ireland Executive.
How will Sinn Fein respond to the ultimatum from the Ulster Unionist?

Film: DOME VT. Paul Wilenius reports that the Government is facing more embarrassment over the Dome.

Interview: NIGEL CRISP the new Chief Executive of the NHS.
Can he deliver the improvements in the Health Service that everyone wants?

Film: TARGETING VT. Polly Billington reports on how the political parties are increasingly focusing their effort on the small number of voters who can effect the result of a General Election.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Peter Hain MP, Foreign Office Minister.
As fighting continues between Israelis and Palestinians, what can the UK do to bring pressure to bear safeguard the peace process?

Film: New Scottish Labour Leader - Iain Watson reports on how he faces all the old problems and a few more besides.

Interview: Henry McLeish MSP, Interim Leader, Scottish Labour Party.
Elected by just 44 MSPs, but facing a resurgent nationalist party with their own new leader, does Henry McLeish have the authority to take on the tough political challenges which lie ahead.

Film: Fuel Protests - Terry Dignan looks at what the Government is offering the motorists, farmers and road hauliers, and whether it will prove acceptable.

Interview: Martin Smyth MP, Ulster Unionist.
The ruling body of the Ulster Unionist Party - the Council - is holding a special meeting to deide what to do about the flagging peace process. Both the policy and the leadership of their leader, David Trimble, are being questioned.

  The whole programme.

Interview: CHARLES KENNEDY MP, Liberal Democrat Leader.
The Welsh Liberal Democrats are about to enter a coalition with Labour in the Welsh Assembly. But are the Liberal Democrats further away than ever from having power at Westminster?

Film: URBAN REGENERATION. More than a year ago the architect Lord Rogers produced a report on the state of Britain's cities at the request of the Government. Polly Billington looks at whether Ministers are likely to make the radical changes he proposed.

Film: RURAL VOTES. Paul Wilenius reports on claims that Government is facing a rural revolt.

Film: DONALD DEWAR. Iain Watson looks back at the man who will be remembered as the father of the Scottish Parliament.

  The whole programme.

Explains why he has not been convinced by his part leaders' plea to support the Belfast Agreement.

Film: Terry Dignan discovers disquiet amongst Black and Asian Labour politicians about the failure to achieve more ethnic minority MPs.

Interview: Julian Brazier MP and Paul Flynn MP
Drugs Policies

Film: SIMON MURRAY MEP, the Labour leader in the European Parliament and EDWARD McMILLAN SCOTT MEP, the Conservative Leader in the European Parliament, disagree about the significance of Tony Blair's vision for Europe.

  The whole programme.

Interview: MARGARET BECKETT MP, Leader of the House of Commons.
Is the Government out of touch with floating voters.

Film: Conservative Film. Polly Billington looks at whether the Conservative Party is doing enough to appeal to moderate voters.

Interview: DAVID WILLETTS MP, Shadow Social Security Secretary.
Can the Conservative Party promise tax cuts and still convince voters that they care about public services.

Film: ULSTER UNIONISTS FILM. Iain Watson looks at the threat to David Trimble's leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party and the risks for the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

  The whole programme.

Film: LABOUR VT Paul Wilenius looks at whether Tony Blair will fight the next election as New Labour or Old Labour.

Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT MP, Deputy Prime Minister.
Does the Government's response to issues such as the fuel protests, pensions and electoral reform show that New Labour is now dead.

Film: DEMOCRAT VT Iain Watson looks at what lessons Labour can learn from Al Gore and the Democrats in the United States.

  The whole programme.

Interview: ANDREW SMITH MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.
Interviewed about how the Government intends to respond to last week's fuel protests.

Film: DANISH REFERENDUM VT. Later this month the Danes will vote in a referendum on membership of the Euro. The result could effect when and even whether a similar vote takes place in Britain.

Film: LIB DEMS VT. The Liberal Democrats won 46 seats at the last General Election. But will their policies on the Euro and tax make it more difficult for them to hold onto the seats of the next election.