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15th August 2007

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On The Record
Here are the programme transcripts for the 1999-2000 series. Please click on the links to Read ( ) the interviews.

You can also read interviews from our archives.
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  The whole programme.

Interview: STEPHEN BYERS, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
Argues that the government remains business friendly.

Film: Polly Billington outlines the challenges facing the new Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

Interview: KEN LIVINGSTONE, Mayor of London.
Says he will be able to deliver for Londoners.

Film: Paola Buonadonna asks whether new French and German plans for the future of the European Union mean that Britain will be relegated to the European slow lane.

  The whole programme.

Film: TERRY DIGNAN reports on the Conservative Party's plans to get more people to take out private health insurance.

Interview: LIAM FOX MP, Shadow Health Secretary.
Talks about how the Conservatives would encourage more people to take out private health insurance.

Film: PAUL WILENIUS looks at the Government's plans for big increases in Public Spending. Will the promises of more money persuade voters who feel the Government hasn't delivered improvements in services like health and education.

  The whole programme.

Interview: FRANCIS MAUDE, Shadow Foreign Secretary.
Outlines the Conservative attitude to the Euro and pledges more referendums on transferring power from Britain to Brussels.

Interview: MENZIES CAMPBELL, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesman.
Argues against more referendums on the European Union but indicates that the Liberal Democrats would be prepared to consider a referendum on the Alternative Vote as a first step to proportional representation.

Film: IAIN WATSON Reports on worries that Labour may be losing its appeal to women voters.

Film: PAUL WILENIUS Discovers that plans to modernise the House of Commons may not go far enough to satisfy backbench MPs.

  The whole programme.

Film: POLLY BILLINGTON asks if the Government will be able to radically reform the NHS.

Interview: ALAN MILBURN MP, Health Secretary.
Says that he will not stop NHS consultants doing work in the private sector and that he is happy for more NHS patients to be treated in private hospitals.

Film: PAOLA BUONADONNA talks to the President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, about his vision for the future of the EU.

  The whole programme.

Interview: MARGARET BECKETT, Leader of the House of Commons.
Argues that the Government's slogan, Opportunity for All, means a real expansion of opportunity for the disadvataged.

Film: TERRY DIGNAN Reports on the difficulties the Government may be about to face in the House of Lords.

Interview: THERESA MAY, Shadow Education Secretary.
Explains new Conservative proposals to improve education in state schools.

Film: ROBIN AITKEN asks whether support for the return of the Elgin marbles to Greece is increasing.

  The whole programme.

Interview: DAVID WILLETTS MP, Shadow Social Security Secretary.
On whether pensioners would be any better off under the Conservatives.

Film: Film on hunting. Will the Government introduce legislation to ban hunting with dogs.

Interview: MARTIN MCGUINNESS MP, Sinn Fein Chief Negotiator.
On the prospects for the Northern Ireland peace process after Saturday's vote by the Ulster Unionists to re-enter the Executive.

Film: Film on the Third Way. Modernisers in the Labour Party are calling for Tony Blair to abdandon the Third Way and follow the European Social Democratic model.

  The whole programme.

Film: ROBIN AITKEN reports on the Conservative proposals to get tough on crime.

Interview: ANN WIDDECOMBE, Shadow Home Secretary.
Argues that Conservative proposals to get tough on criminals and asylum seekers are neither populist nor unaffordable.

Film: TERRY DIGNAN finds that the elderly resent the Governments failure to pay for their nursing care.

Interview: DAVID TRIMBLE, Ulster Unionist Party leader.
Says he will tell his party that there is no alternative to accepting the IRAs offer to put its weapons beyond use.

  The whole programme.

Interview: ALISTAIR DARLING MP, Social Security Secretary.
On why the Government has increased the basic state pension by only 75p a week.

Film: MANUFACTURING VT, Labour MPs and trade union leaders call on the Government to intervene to help Britains ailing manufacturing industries.

Interview: FRANCIS MAUDE MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary.
Says there should be an inquiry into Britain's role in Sierra Leone.

Film: POST OFFICE VT. What can the Government do to stop so many post offices closing down?

  The whole programme.

Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister.
Explains how the Government will regain the votes Labour lost in recent elections and how the Government will deal with the new Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.

Film: Robin Aitken reports on the implications of the latest IRA statement on the Belfast Agreement.

Interview: MARTIN MCGUINNESS, Sinn Fein Chief Negotiator.
Argues that the IRA statement is a major breakthrough in the peace process.

Interview: JEFFREY DONALDSON of the Ulster Unionists
Argues that the IRA's pledges to put arms beyond use is not enough.

  The whole programme.

Interview: FRANCIS MAUDE Shadow Foreign Secretary.
Says it is time to get tough with President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Interview: PETER HAIN Foreign Office Minister
Says the British Government's disagreement is with President Mugabe not the Zimbabwean people.

Film: Terry Dignan reports on the Government's growing disillusionment with Local Education Authorities.

Interview: MITCHELL McLAUGHLIN Chairman of Sinn Fein
Says the Ulster Unionists must make the concessions necessary to revive devolved government in Northern Ireland.

Film: Iain Watson finds that Labour MPs in the North will not be satisfied with a new English Regional Committee at Westminster to provide regional government.

  The whole programme.

Interview: NICK BROWN MP Agriculture Minister.
Interviewed about the crisis facing British farming.

Film: Film on Freedom of Infomation. Some Labour MPs and peers are planning to vote against the Government to give the public the right to know much more about what goes on in Whitehall.

Film: Film on UKIP. The United Kingdom Independence Party won three seats in last year's European Elections but can they win seats at the General Election.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Chris Patten, European Commissioner for External Affairs
discusses the EU's approach to post-war Kosovo and a joint approach to foreign policy

Film: Robin Aitken reports on calls for a debate on the laws on drugs use

Interview: Charles Clarke, Home Office Minister
reacts to calls to ease the penalties on drugs use

Film: Jonathan Beale reports on doubts over the Tory tax guarantee

  The whole programme.

Film: ECONOMIC VT European leaders meet in Portugal this week for a summit on economic reform. Can Tony Blair persuade his colleagues to follow the British economic model.

Interview: RHODRI MORGAN AM, First Secretary of Wales.
On whether he thinks the Welsh Assembly needs more power.

Film: TORIES VT William Hague wants the British to be able to opt out of future European legislation but some people in his Party want to go further. They say too much power has already been handed over to Brussels and they want it back.

Film: LOCAL ELECTIONS VT The local elections take place in May. Will they show that Tony Blair cannot take the result of the General Election for granted.

  The whole programme.

Interview: PAUL BOATENG, Home Office Minister.
Explains how the Government intends to get tough with drug users and other criminals.


Interview: DONALD DEWAR, Scottish First Minister.
Argues that the Labour Party in Scotland is addressing the priorities of its supporters.

Film: COAL VT. Iain Watson reports on the threat to the coal industry if the Government refuses to subsidise it.

  The whole programme.

Interview: GEOFF HOON MP, Defence Secretary.
On the British Government's contribution to the relief effort in Mozambique.

Film: HEALTH VT. What needs to be done to bring the standard of health care in Britain up to the level in other European countries.

Interview: ALAN MILBURN MP, Health Secretary.
On what the Government is doing to improve the National Health Service and in particular plans to reduce the number of deaths from heart disease.

  The whole programme.

Film: LABOUR 100 - Terry Dignan asks whether the Labour Party has lost its soul in the transition from Old to New

Interview: John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister
Argues that the Labour Party has remained true to traditional values.

Film: LABOUR ORGANISATION - Paul Wilenius asks whether a decline in Labour Party activism is the result of their leadership's Control Freakery.

Interview: John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister
Says the Labour Party has to understand the worries of its activists.

  The whole programme.

Interview: STEVEN NORRIS MP, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor.
Talking about his policies for London.

Film: EURO FILM. A year ago the Government was telling business to prepare for the Euro. But have ministers now lost their nerve over the European Single Currency?

Film: MAYOR ELECTION FILM. Will the House of Lords vote to block the election for a London Mayor because the Government is refusing to allow the candidates to send a leaflet free to every voter?

Talking about the election for a Labour candidate for London Mayor.

  The whole programme.

Interview: JACK STRAW MP, Home Secretary.
On the asylum seekers from the hijacked Afghan plane and the Government's targets for reducing crime.

Film: HEARTLANDS VT. Peter Kilfoyle MP, who resigned as a Defence Minister, calls on the Government to do more to address the needs of Labour's heartlands.

Interview: JACK STRAW MP, Home Secretary.
On what the Government is doing for the Labour Party's traditional supporters.

Film: INTERNET AND POLITICS VT. What impact is the internet going to have on politics and political campaigning.

  The whole programme.

Interview: MITCHEL MCLAUGHLIN, Sinn Fein's Chairman.
Argues that the suspension of democratic institutions will damage the prospects for arms de-commissioning in the peace process.

Film: The European Union Inter Governmental Conference: is Britain about to fall out with Brussels over EU reform?

Interview: ALUN MICHAEL, First Secretary of Wales.
Argues that he deserves to win the vote of no confidence pending in the Welsh Assembly.

Film: School Selection: Has the Labour Government abandoned its opposition to selective education and grammar schools?

  The whole programme.

Interview: JOHN REID MP, Scottish Secretary.
On how devolution of power to Scotland is affecting the British Government at Westminster.

Film: Does the Government have an ethical foreign policy.

Film: Are local councils becoming less accountable.

On whether he will resign as Northern Ireland First Minister if there is no decommissioning of terrorist weapons.

  The whole programme.

Film: How effective is the Government's New Deal for the young unemployed.

Interview: Tessa Jowell MP, Minister for Employment.
Defends the operation of the Government's New Deal.

Film: Can the peace process survive the Ulster Unionists deadline for IRA decommissioning.

Interview: Susan Kramer - Liberal Democrat Prospective Candidate for London Mayor
Explains what she will do for London.

  The whole programme.

Interview: William Hague MP, Conservative Party Leader
On the current state of his party.

Film: University Tuition Fees

Film: Proposals for reform of the House Of Lords

  The whole programme.

Interview: John Maples MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary.
On the EU Summit.

Film: Trial By Jury.

Interview: Charles Kennedy MP, Liberal Democrat Leader.
On co-operation with the Labour Government.

Film: New rights to take parental leave.

  The whole programme.

Interview: John Redwood, Conservative Spokesman on the Environment, Transport and Regions.
Interview: Stewart Francis, Deputy Chairman of the Rail Users Consulative Committee.
Interview: George Muir, Chief Executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies.
Interview: Gerald Corbett, Chief Executive of Railtrack.
Interview: Lord MacDonald, Minister for Transport.
Interview: General discussion between guests.
All on the problems of Britain's railways and the possible solutions to them.

Film: Paola Buonadonna asks whether the member states of the European Union are cooling to the prospect of more European countries joining them.

  The whole programme.

Interview: Martin McGuiness, Chief Negotiator, Sinn Fein
On IRA decommissioning and the establishment of the Northern Ireland Executive

Film: World Trade Organisation

Interview: Stephen Byers, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
Discusses whether the WTO should focus on free trade or fair trade

Film: Freedom of Information


  Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

  Film: North South Divide. Terry Dignan reports on unhappiness in the North about the growing divide between the North East and the South East and the growing political demand for a North East Regional Council.

  Film: Tories in Europe. Jonathan Beale asks whether the composition and views of the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidates reflect the views of the electorate on Europe and the social make up of voters.



  Interview: NICK BROWM MP, Agriculture Minister.

  Film: Film on next week's Queen's Speech.

  Film: Glenda Jackson's campaign to be the Labour candidate for London Mayor.


  Interview: MATTHEW TAYLOR MP, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman.


  Film: Socialism vt

  Film: Livingstone vt


  Interview: MICHAEL MEACHER MP, Environment Minister.

  Interview: NICK BROWN MP, Agriculture Minister.

  Film: Green Government. Film on the Government's plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  Interview: ANDREW MACKAY, Conservative Northern Ireland spokesman.

  Interview: FRANK DOBSON MP.

  Film: Ireland vt. What is causing the obstruction in the Northern Ireland peace process.

  Film: Dobson vt, Why is Frank Dobson trying to become Labour's candidate for London Mayor.


  Interview: THERESA MAY MP, Shadow Education Secretary.

  Interview: NEIL KINNOCK, Vice-president of the European Commission.

  Film: Objective 1 Film on European funding for the poorest parts of Wales.

  Film: Tory Education policies film.


  Interview: JACK STRAW MP, Home Secretary.

  Interview: JOHN PRESCOTT MP, Deputy Prime Minister

  Film: Incapacity Benefit VT

  Film: Euro Justice VT


  Interview: DAVID TRIMBLE MP, Northern Ireland First Minister


  Film: Party Political Broadcasts

  Film: Labour Women