BBC On The Record - Broadcast: 24.11.02

Film: Newsbelt. A look at some of the other main political stories.

HUMPHRYS: And now for a look at some of the other main political stories of the last week. Britain's most senior military man, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, sent a shiver through the government with a warning that the Armed Forces can't cope ADMIRAL SIR MICHAEL BOYCE: I am concerned on, if you like, the military effectiveness of our Armed Forces; and secondly I am concerned with the impact on our individuals who are helping out in the fire-fighting situation. HUMPHRYS: It put his political boss, Geoff Hoon on the spot. Are we prepared to cope with a terrorist attack? The Tories think we're not and Iain Duncan Smith wants a Cabinet Minister responsible for Homeland Security - Tony Blair said no. David Blunkett wants lots more laws changing our legal system. He says it's out of date. He's been accused of undermining our civil liberties. And Tony Blair's won an award - Parliamentarian of the Year. The Spectator editor and Tory MP Boris Johnson didn't seem too embarrassed about it. BORIS JOHNSON MP: He can do cool, he can do Churchill and as one judge put it he can do a cool version of Churchill.
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