BBC On The Record - Broadcast: 01.12.02


HUMPHRYS: Terror in paradise again...fifteen killed, the hotel devastated, and an Israeli jet almost brought down by two missiles. The UN weapons inspectors arrived in Iraq. Saddam Hussein has one week left to declare any weapons of mass destruction. If he doesn't, it could be war. Gordon Brown admitted that the Government would be borrowing twenty billion pounds this year - twice as much as he'd originally told us. The Treasury Minister, Paul Boateng, was in no mood to apologise. BOATENG: Record low inflation, record low mortgage....... PAXMAN: This is the fourth time you've said this! BOATENG: Record levels of employment, of jobs created and new businesses started... PAXMAN: Well, thank you. BOATENG: It's what makes a difference on the ground that counts, this Chancellor is... PAXMAN: Maybe there's someone who's just turned in who hasn't heard this the previous three occasions which you've said it, so thank you very much... BOATENG: I know you find it galling, but it is a fact, Jeremy. PAXMAN: Yes, thank you. BOATENG: Give me some credit, where credit's due. PAXMAN: Thank you...thank you all very much! HUMPHRYS: The battle between Government and fire-fighters heated up. It's now looking like all-out war and no end in sight. But there's a big deal in the offing with NHS workers, just so long as they agree to change the way they work. Handy timing for the Government, maybe. The next Governor of the Bank of England will be Mervyn King. Mr King doesn't care for the Euro. That could cause some problems ahead. And the end of all those cheap flights? The Royal Commission on Environmental pollution says we've got to pay more and fly less to save the planet.
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