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7 February 2011
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The Simpsons | Episode Guide | Season One
Bart the Genius

Cheating gets Bart sent to genius school.

Episode 7G02
Written by Jon Vitti
Directed by David Silverman
Also starring: JoAnn Harris, Pamela Hayden, Russi Taylor
Special guest voice: Marcia Wallace (as Ms Krabappel)

Premise: Bart swaps papers with Martin Prince at an IQ test. He's referred to the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children (proprietor Dr J. Loren Pryor). His new school's laid-back liberal ethos suits him fine - until he's asked to show evidence of his neglected genius.

Features: Principal Skinner, Milhouse. The screening of episodes out of production order spoils a neat visual gag introducing Skinner, in which a graffito of him sprayed by Bart on a school wall fades into his actual face.

Couch: The Simpsons rush in and sit down with such force that Bart is ejected into the air. He topples back to earth as the main title credits roll across the family's TV.

And introducing: Martin Prince, Ms Krabappel.


  • Bart's breakfeast cereal is Frosty Krusty Flakes, and he has a Krusty lunchbox and a framed photo of Krusty at his bedside.
  • The books on the shelf at the Enriched Learning Center include: Pushkin, Life of Leonardo, Crime and Punishment, Nana by Emile Zola, Shakespeare I-XV, Dante's Inferno, Babylonian Myths, Design of Computers, Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, The Iliad by Homer, The Odyssey by Homer, Candide, Astrophysics and Balzac. There's also a Radioactive Man comic.
  • Kids at the Enriched Learning Center have Brideshead Revisited and Anatoly Karpov lunchboxes.

Notes for the Uneducated: Jane Goodall is a British ethologist and an authority on wild chimpanzees. She lived alongside them for her researches.

Look out for: Look closely at what Maggie's doing at the beginning of this episode - it could be that she is the undiscovered Simpson genius.

Notes: Superbly written and directed, often a literal child's-eye view of education, the first Simpsons episode proper is a classic. These twenty minutes cemented Bart's position as a cultural icon and a hero to all underachievers, and managed a good few kicks at hothouse schools along the way. Especially worthy of note is the sequence where Bart visualises his maths problem, the viewing of which should be a required part of teacher training.

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I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons GuideThe information in this section is taken from 'I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide' by Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, published by Virgin Books. Content © 2000 Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood.

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