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Healthy Plans? US pupils question reforms

The day after President Obama's speech to Congress on Health Care reform, pupils from Worcester Preparatory School in Maryland shared their views.

Pupils at Worcester Preparatory School Maryland

"Healthcare is something which should be your choice," says Claire, 13

One of my friends when he was two was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.  If that were happening today or they had had universal healthcare then, he might not have survived.

They didn't think they were going to be able to save him. I think they would have decided he was too far gone and that they needed the medicine for someone else.

I would like to see everyone get health care but I am not sure that universal health care is the right way to do it.

"I am not 100% behind Barack Obama," says Jamie, 13

I don’t know if [Obama's proposal for Health Care reform] is going to work out as well as some people say because Medicare is on its way to going bankrupt right now, and this seems like a very similar type of idea.  

I think it might not work because if it is not carefully planned people could abuse it kind of like they abuse Medicare sometimes. They sometimes support claims fraudulently or they try to cheat the system to try and get more money.

We as the tax payer would have to pay for these plans because the money has to come from somewhere so I believe that it would affect me because we would be paying for these plans long into the future.

I am not 100% behind Barack Obama at this time.

"Everyone deserves health care," says Daniel, 13

[Barack Obama] wants to make health care universal so everyone can afford so people who work hard can also afford it. 

Some people have more opportunities than others and hardworking people don’t have health care so they can’t treat themselves for sickness like cancer.

Yes it will affect us because it will make it easier because everyone deserves healthcare and the chance to get cared for if they’re sick.

"A lot of people are becoming angry with Obama and his approval rating has gone down," says Lorenzo, 13

Obama is trying to propose a $ 900 billion health care plan to the citizens of America and he wants everything to be universal.

The money that Obama proposes will add more to the deficit.  My parents will probably pay more for their taxes.  I think that is a very bad idea because I think [my parents] will become bankrupt. 

"I'm in favour. I think everyone deserves to be healthy," says Victoria, 11

Barack Obama wants to make health care universal and to make sure everyone can stay in good health.  

I think that with other healthcare plans they have less coverage and you pay more if you have a pre-existing disease and apply for it which I really do not think is not fair because if you are diagnosed with something it is not your fault.  You can't help that, so I don’t think you should be paying more.

I think people are afraid that this will affect their own care and will make it not as good as it used to be.

Some of my loved ones, if they are diagnosed with something maybe they wouldn't be able to afford the treatment, but this would make it easier for them.

Worcester Preparatory School in Maryland, USA talked to the BBC World News for Children.   Schools can share News by emailing

Worcester is twinned with St Mary's Community Primary School in Southampton, UK.

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