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7 February 2011
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Video Clips of Interviews with the Cast and Crew
J G Hertzler
J G Hertzler

See Deep Space Nine's General Martok sing in Klingon. MORE >>

Garrett WangGarrett Wang
Harry Kim chats about Voyager
Marina SirtisMarina Sirtis
How does success affect everyone's favourite psychoanalyst?

Star Trek
More Interviews

The Stars and Makers of Star Trek discuss the show

Patrick Stewart 1
  Captain Picard - Science Fiction avoided my career
Patrick Stewart 2
  Captain Picard - The ship is the star of the show
Patrick Stewart 3
  Captain Picard - Coping with technobabble
Kate Mulgrew 1
  Captain Kathryn Janeway - They tried to kill me with the hair
Kate Mulgrew 2
  Captain Kathryn Janeway - Studying the effects
Kate Mulgrew 3
  Captain Kathryn Janeway - Technobabble turning Japanese?
Jeri Ryan 1
  Seven of Nine - Seven and the Doctor
Jeri Ryan 2
  Seven of Nine - Getting in to costume
Nichelle Nichols 
  Lieutennant Nyota Uhura - How Whoopi Goldberg became Guinan
Jonathan Frakes 1
  Commander Will Riker - On machiavellian glints in the eye
Jonathan Frakes 2
  Commander Will Riker - Tackling big issues with gusto
LeVar Burton 1
  Cheif Engineer LaForge - Encouraging generations into the sciences
LeVar Burton 3
  Cheif Engineer LaForge - Reinventing yourself
Marina Sirtis 1
  Counsellor Deanna Troi - Keeping it fresh - The difference between films and TV
Marina Sirtis 2
  Counsellor Deanna Troi - How success affects you
Marina Sirtis 3
  Counsellor Deanna Troi - Why Patrick is one of the 50 most beautiful people
Marina Sirtis 4
  Counsellor Deanna Troi - The episode with the Hippies
Robert Duncan McNeill 
  Lieutenant Tom Paris - Getting to Warp 11
Garrett Wang 
   Ensign Harry Kim tells us a convention memory
Majel Barrett 
  Nurse Chappel, The Computer and Troi's Mum - You gotta get rid of the broad!
Alice Krige 
   Borg Queen - Spending the day in a Borg suit
J G Hertzler 
   General Martok sings a Klingon war anthem
Rick Berman 1
  Creator and Executive Producer - Fans from JPL and NASA, and Marvin Minsky
Rick Berman 2
  Creator and Executive Producer - Seeing man's first steps in the universe
Rick Berman 3
  Creator and Executive Producer - Overcoming the Next Gen nay-sayers
Rick Berman 4
  Creator and Executive Producer - Inspiring reality - how Star Trek influenced space travel
Brannon Braga 1
  Writer and Producer - Backing up fantasy with science
Brannon Braga 2
  Writer and Producer - Going back to the new - Enterprise
Michael Piller 
  Creator and Executive Producer - Q takes the Enterprise on a wild goose chase
Bob Justman 
  Supervising Producer - Picking Picard - how Shakespeare wasn't for Gene
Andre Bormanis 
  Science Advisor - New old technology for Enterprise
David Gerrold 1
  Writer of The Trouble With Tribbles
Bob Blackman 1
  Costume Designer - Jeri Ryan's Costume
Bob Blackman 2
  Costume Designer - Recreating costumes for 'The Trouble with Tribbles'
Michael Westmore 1
  Make-Up - The guy at the end of the bar
Michael Westmore 2
  Make-Up - A box of Klingon Noses
Michael Westmore 3
  Make-Up - How the ridges on Klingons changed
Michael Westmore 4
  Make-Up - A wall full of latex, or a notebook?
Michael Westmore 5
  Make-Up - Accidents with Ferengi Heads
Ron Moore 
  Writer - TECH - how script gaps get filled
Matt Jefferies 
  Original Enterprise Designer - Enviromental Engineering
Howard Anderson 
  Original Effects Creator - How spaceships appeal to the mind
Herman Zimmerman 
  Production Designer - A Hyatt-Regency Starship
Dan Curry 1
  Visual Effects Producer - Cheerleaders Pom Poms
Dan Curry 2
  Visual Effects Producer - Storyboarding
Dan Curry 3
  Visual Effects Producer - Q Who Borg Cube
Joe Adalian 
  Variety Journalist - The Loyal Fanbase and Rodenberry's Vision
Dan Cray 
  LA Times Journalist - How the movies are Gene's Star Trek vision
Rockne O'Bannon 1
  Creator of Farscape - Keeping a series fresh
Rockne O'Bannon 2
  Creator of Farscape - Getting the names right for the universe

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