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7 February 2011
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Cult | News | 01 March 2005

Messageboard goodbyes

Post your last goodbyes, or read what others have said.

It's the end of an era - Cult's messageboards shut for the last time ever at 10pm this Friday 25 February.

You can still say goodbye to each other, or tell us your fondest memories of the boards, by filling in the comments form below, or read what people have said so far. We'll keep the resulting page up as a last reminder of all the good times.

Don't forget you can find the URLs of alternative communities suggested by messageboard users by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

We'd like to wish all the messageboard posters out there a fond goodbye, and say thank you for all your posts over the years.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Victoria Price
Well its been almost 3 years since the best show on tv finished and thanks to the BBC's Buffy the Vampire Slayer web site you make it feel like the show is still going strong Thankyou. I still sit down to watch my videos. My best friend and I have 'Buffy nights' This is where we buy lots of snacks and watch the best of the serise. This normaly means we watch it from the beginning lol. We really do miss the show and are really looking forward to the (hopfully) up en comming animated seires (fingers crost) well good bye to the show that changed my life. You will not be forgotten. Buffy The Vampire Slayer may you rest in peace

I hadn't posted on the Buffy/Angel board for a while, came back today to check up on everyone and it is closed - You guys were great and I will miss all the great discussions and of course all the great people I met. Bye xxx

My sympathies to all of the above (except The [not-so-]Great Mr.Kayi, of course). These boards are gone, but the shows they were for live on...

Jenny Mulder
Jeni, Jamie - poor Eliot (Insecticide) hasn't got the internet at the moment - not even sure whether he's really aware that this place has gone just yet:o/ Will write to him soon and let him know and tell him you wrote - sure he sends all his love to you!:) Bye forums, I miss you so much!:( x x x x x

deadly nightshade
Sorry to see it go. Have had and read great debates on almost every subject. So long everyone, miss you already.

Howard Berry
What a shame to see these close. And just as I wanted somewhere to rant about how awful the new Doctor Who "logo" is....

Blimey! This really is the end of an era! sadly i didnt post very often in the last few months... but im an old regular! so a big hello goodbye to all the other old regulars out there, teyla minh, jeni, eve, amy tyndall..... heres hoping i catch you all on other boards in the future!!!! scape on xx (or if your not a scaper then just keep doing what you do!!! x)

How can u get rid of all the messagboards there sooo gr8!!! pleez bring sumthing of its equivalent or beta bac 2 us!!!!!

not posted for ages but very sorry to see the boards go, the buffy board especially fun, got me through many a long working day :(

So sad the Angel / Buffy board is closed i was just starting to enjoy it over the past 6 months but as one door closes another opens still havent decided were to go but i will miss you all it was fun

Jalax Delan
Hiya guys, and i suppose bye guys, loved the messages i got from the scape and trek boards introduced me to some great ppl out there! hiya to T'eyla Minh i do remember you! fanfiction stories and all! hope ure all well and maybe see you sometime back in here Jalax (scaper and trek):) p.s. new enterprise on tues at 8.00 on sky! why didn't they do season 5 of farscape! see ya :)

The Great Mr.Kayi
Although my partiscipation hasn't been that great over the past few months, I really enjoyed reading people's comments and I am personally glad that these boards closed with the eternal view that Spuffy was the most riduculous thing to happen to all of television and that after it the show wasn't the same. Thanks for everything all

It's so sad. I just found out about a 1/2 a year ago about the buffy board and now their gone. well, hate to say goodbye but sometimes you have too. WHY!!!!!!!?


Cult Team - you know you guys rock. ;) Cult site will still be awesome without the Boards. Shame, because these Boards introduced me to the wonders of the internet, and meeting like-minded people. Nice to see old names that I recognise here (hey, Minh!) Also agree with Jamie (Armour), Insecticide, where ARE you?!

i just want to say thank you for all the great interveiws.bye

Shaky Fan
I wasn't a regular poster but I did keep an eye on what was happening and will miss the boards. Good luck to everyone - including the hosts - hope to see some of you again.

Thanks BBC and Emily for the great 3 and a half years I've spent at these boards. The boards may be gone, but the friendships and memories will live on. Thanks everyone xxx

T'eyla Minh
Old regular from the Scapers' board here. I spent many a happy hour debating, messing around and having some good times in the 'Scape board, and even though I didn't use it for a long time towards the end, I have many fond memories. I met two of my best friends on there. Shout-outs to anyone who remembers me, and thanks for some wonderful procrastination time... :)

So all we're left with is connector, what a terrible way to go.

Why did they have to shut it down u peeps r the only ones who understand my interest in Buffy- this board will be missed v. much

why would someone be so cruel to the fans as to shut down these boards.

Jamie Armour
I'm so sad that many of the non regular posters may not have been here for "the end." I hope they manage to find us as I'd hate to lose touch with some great people. Insecticide, where are you?

I thought it was closing on the 28th and was away so missed my chance to say bye to everyone and hopefully see you over on the cult boards. Take Care (cant believe its over) Lauz x

Haven't been around for a while as simply didn't have the time unfortunately..Real life's got in the way. However after only really discovering the quality that is Buffy last year, the Buffy board here was a great place to be. Will be sorely missed now that I've a bit more spare time on my hands and a big BIG mistake on the Beeb's part imo for closing these.

Just happened to stumble across the Cult a year or so ago. Can't say that I understood everything (many old strange Brit TV shows), but what I did catch was really great and had links to many more entertaining hours for an old sci-fi bug. Thanks to ya'll, and to all a good night.

See you all. After all these years of tears, tantrums, good & evil, love & hate and mostly, vamps, demons & slayers. It's time to say goodbye. So Buffy would say... "Life is short!" Thank you to everyone (and Emily!) :)

loved all the boards, and all the shows but this one goes out to all the Scapers out there, definitely a breed apart - all the best & be lucky!

The first forums I ever stumbled across almost 8 years ago. They've always been home. Thanks for all your efforts down the years. The boards will be greatly missed. James

Button, button. Who's got the button? My money's o
Hi. I'm so sorry to see the board close. I thought it was closing on the 28th so I didn't get to post a final message. Goodbye everyone. You guys have helped me sop so much since I becvame a Buffy fan and after 7 years of a great show, I guess I had a lot to catch up on. Also, thank you to all the cult team for putting up with us. I'm really sorry to see the boards go, especially the Buffy one. Thank you! Stevi :(

But why! why oh why do so many boards quit just when they finally get going this really makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well pity that you are the next one to do so I was just beginning to enjoy yours really. Oh well another one gone where do they all go I just don't know. But maybe just maybe there is still hope out there somewhere.. Well bye to yet another one. sometimes i just want to give up on forumns and boards the one that remain are a waste of time.. I will hold this one's memories. Maybe we will met somewhere down the road somewhere. Later The Eleventh Doctor>

Hey Guys, sorry you have to leave. I met some AWESOME people here, and found some cool info too. I will miss everything. Message boards are cool, but this one is cooler than anyone I've been on. Miss Ya

One more time then. That show you're thinking of? With the evil stones and the girl and boy in an old house? That's 'Escape Into Night' based on the book 'Marianne Dreams' by Catherine Storr and remade as the film 'Paperhouse'. I answered five separate posts wondering what that was! :) Goodbye Cult Messageboards. It's been fun. *switches light off*

Jamie Armour
I'm just in from the pub now and I can't even see what was put on in the last hour or so of posting:( Hows that for shamefull?

I still have a tear in my eye now because of the board's closure just an hour ago. What can I say about the greatest online community I've ever belonged to? So many memories, so much fun. I met some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on here and although the board didn't last forever, I believe the friendships I've forged here will. The board will be muchly missed. :( Michelle xxx

Beth ScaperGal
I'm very sad to see the message boards go after all this time. Thanks to all who made this a fun place to be. And many thanks to The Cult Team for all their hard work over the years, you've been Great! :) ~Beth~

Joe buff_fan1
This was the first board I joined and was made to feel very welcome thank you to everyone I really enjoyed my time here!

I haven't posted for years, but this board got me through 6th form. Shame it's gone

Sad to see the Buffy board go. Always a good read, I will miss skiving in work so I could read what people were posting about. No doubt we will all meet again in another place, on another board, in another time...

Matthew/I think I was in heaven
Bye. Hope to see most of the peeps from the Buffy board on the cult tv boards.

Andrew/Hovis Muttonchops
Sorry to see these boards go... my first taste of any online community. I've enjoyed these boards immensely. It's been great to share our common interests, and fun to indulge in a bit of sparring when disagreements did arise. I'm one of those who's already made the trip to Rob's Cult TV boards, and I hope some of the other friends from this board, particularly the Star Trek and Buffy boards, join the other refugees over there. Thanks to the mods for their, on the whole, good work. (Not perfect, but hey, who is!) Thanks too to those who've gone missing along the way. Been great to have known you all. Take care, and I hope you all find a new online community to call home. Andrew (Hovis)

Younger Buffy fans like myself have been voting for a BtVS messageboard on the CBBC site. Go to and click on New message board. You can also vote for Buffy under TV Programme.

M T Fan
Thanks to everyone involved in running and posting on the Cult messageboards. It's been a great community with lots of nice people. I wish everyone the best for the future of conversations on Buffy etc

Very sad day when the beeb,who were once,the only tv company who broadcast culty programmes-decide to delete their boards.This is NOT a good decision.

I am shock that the board saying to goodbye

Thanks for the notice board our Emily- sad goodbye to anyone who doesn't join the refugee trail...hasta la vista to all the rest.

Emma W
Well, now what am I going to have as my home page? Thanks to everyone who has made my time lurking around The X Files board so much fun - LOVE YOU ALL! There's no place like *Home*, eh guys? lol Keep the faith and see you all around, Love Emma :OD

Fangy and Grrr
The Buffy Board was the first place I ever visited online so I'm very sorry to see it go. :( I'd just like to wish all the people who I ever talked to over the years all the best for the future, you made me laugh, you made me think and in some cases you made me very glad that we've never met in real life. ;)

Only just found it and now you're closing. Nothing to do with me I hope. But WHY??

Bunnies, Bunnies, it must be Bunnies!
I've had a great time with everyone on the buffy/angel boards the past year. Life wont be the same without them. Thanks to anyone who's ever replied to one of my posts and hope to see some of you on the culttv boards. Bye for now. Ems :)

Will miss the Cult boards indeed. This was where I first registered about 4 years ago now. Still never saw my 1000 post. :-( Anyway, hey to all who remembers me. :-)

Jenny Mulder
Last few hours to go! Will miss this place like crazy from the temporarily purple days to when it was open 24/7!! So many memories and so many friends who I'd like to send a very big Jenny Mulder xhxuxgx and to the xphiles among you, plenty and plenty of iced tea:) x x x love you always, thank you beeb x x x x

So long, it's been good to know you. Thanks for helping me go on after the local network dropped Buffy at the start of Season 6.

Because of these boards I've had some great times and met some wonderful people. Many thanks.

Russ Simpson
Wow.... hate to see it go... but thanks to everyone for all the fun and interesting bits... Special thanks to all the Doctor Who fans who kept me posted with random mindless useless yet FUN info
Sorry to see the boards go. I never knew of them, really, being in the States. I hope this isn't an augur of the entore Cult site going away as well!! If that ever looms, tell Auntie Beeb to let you pack all of the site onto CD-ROMs to offer for sale!

francis reyes
it been a blast we going to miss you all take care xx

Thankyou to everyone who ever took the time to answer my posts on the Buffy Board. I will truely miss everyone - i and others made friends there and that surely is the boards greatest legacy. Chris

You had boards?!

Goth Willow Fan
The beebs Buffy board has been my spiritual home on the web for nigh on 4 years now and I will miss it. Through it I have met some great (and very scary ;) people. Bye bye Beeb Boards.

It was a stimulating board: about as stimulationg as a very hot bath!! The moderators were David Dimbley-ish in their even-handedness!

thank to the cult team and host/mods for the years of fantastic reviews and else. the message board will be missed. i have met fantastic people and there have been interesting (if not very funny) discussion. too bad it has to end that way. lots of hugs xxx

Just want to say thanks to all the wonderful people I've met on the best board in the land and thanks to Emily & the backroom team. It was more than just a messageboard, it was a community where I've made some wonderful friends, including my best friend :) Take care xxx

Nicholas J. Kingsley BSc
Been fun, but the boards were rather basic.

It's such a shame the boards are closing. I was only on the boards for a few months (not even a year) but I had a great time and spoke to some *fantastic* people and I'm very grateful that I had the chance to speak to such amazing people. You're all wonderful. Chole (UBF) xxx

It's a pity for the boards to go and more a shame that it was decided to close it before the original date. I hope all members have found a new home to go for thier favorite shows. Smoke Me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast.

Sluggie Carolan
I'm so sad to see the end of these boards, but hopefully we'll all meet up on other boards. Its been fun. See y'all.

Matthew Mattic AKA James Wootton
To know these boards was to love them. Those who knew them, loved them. Those who didn't know them, loved them from afar.

Damnit who's gonna listen to all my c**p about why 1994 is the greatest ever year now?

Sean Jenner
Ah - the end of an era, and a good era it was too. Now what am I going to do with all these long wintery nights?

Paul Tapner
Wish I'd been here longer. It's only gotten really busy since the closure was announced, but I'm going to miss it. See you around cyberspace

A Worried Man
So the bbc have decided to replace the sometimes messy, sometimes childish, and sometimes just plain dumb free for all of the messages boards for some kind of glorified teletext letters page. The world, in every single imaginable way, is getting worse. But- I will remember you all. And if anyone requires a defence of Double Meat Palace in a hurry, I'll be on the Radio 2 boards, pleading for a Creepers retropective CD. (HOST - no, that's not quite it. We had this system and thought we might as well use it to make your lives easier. Actually it's a reviews system.)

it was c**p and won't be missed. (HOST: See? We are impartial about what comments we approve.)

thanks for having a buffy beeb board, but no thanks for closing it down.

Daniel Brown
Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and interesting place to post. I look forward to seeing most of you on the culttv boards. Farewell and live long and prosper.

Coral/Reefgirl/Titan Knutz
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all the friends I made in the 3 years I've been on the TOG's, X Files and Generally Culty, I'll still be on h2g2 if you want to stop by and say Hi

Very sorry to see you go, this site was one of my regular daily hits.

Frankie's Gal (Regan)
I'll miss everyone on Teens. Rhyngo, we can still talk. Everyone else, I'll be on Blast if you ever wanna chat. Thanks everyone on Teens for being there for me and helping me. You're all wonderful. And I'll be with Frankie one day. Watch out for me :P

So long and thanks for all the fish.

So sorry to see you go but thanks for the memories and the lovely people I've met online

Vampire 666
Thanks to the Cult team for giving us the chance to say goodbye :) Message boards will come and go, but none will take the place of the Buffy board :( So, to all the beautiful people (you know who you are). Thanks for the great times and stay special :) Max xxx xxx



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