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7 February 2011
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Interviews with the Stars and Makers of Star Trek
J G Hertzler
J G Hertzler

Deep Space Nine's General Martok chats about Klingons. MORE >>

Captain JanewayCaptain Janeway
How Kate Mulgrew brought her ship home
David GerroldDavid Gerrold
The Trouble with Tribble writer speaks.

Star Trek
More Interviews

In depth interviews with the people that make the Federation happen

Garrett Wang Garrett Wang
Voyager's dashing but underpromoted Ensign Harry Kim chats about conventions and more.
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart
Bald... English... Sexy.... Grrr. How a Brit became the Enterprise Captain.
Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew
A long journey, restless hair - Star Trek's first woman captain speaks.
Jeri Ryan
   Seven of Nine - The Borg with the body
Nichelle Nichols
   Lieutennant Nyota Uhura - Equality trailblazer
Jonathan Frakes
   Commander Will Riker - The Number One beard
Walter Koenig
   Ensign Pavel Chekov - Cold war mouldbreaker
LeVar Burton
   Cheif Engineer LaForge - Handy with a gadget
Marina Sirtis
   Counsellor Deanna Troi - Spacebound freudian
Garrett Wang
   Ensign Harry Kim - dashing but underpromoted
Robert Duncan McNeill
   Commander Tom Paris - Maquis tearaway and crack pilot
Majel Barrett
   Nurse Chappel - Among many others!
Alice Krige
   Borg Queen - Martyr to make-up
J G Hertzler
   General Martok - a classy Klingon
Chase Masterson
   Leeta - sexy Bajoran Dabo girl
Brannon Braga
   Hugo award winning Writer and Producer of Voyager
Rick Berman
   Creator, Executive Producer and heir to Gene's empire
David Gerrold
   Award winning writer of The Trouble with Tribbles
Bob Blackman
   Costume Designer and multiple Emmy winner
Andre Bormanis
   Science Advisor
Lolita Fatjo
   Script Co-ordinator on Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager
Bob Justman
   Supervising Producer, involved from the pilot episode
Dan Cray
   LA Times Journalist and commentator on Trek
Michael Piller
   Creator and Executive Producer, TNG, DS9 and Voyager
Michael Westmore
   Make-Up chief and Oscar winner
Howard Anderson
   The Original Effects Creator
Matt Jefferies
   The man who designed the Enterprise
Rockne O'Bannon
   Star Trek Fan and Farscape Creator
Dan Curry
   Visual Effects Producer and martial artist
Herman Zimmerman
   Production Designer extraordinaire
Ron Moore
   Hugo Award winning writer on The Next Generation
Joe Adalian
   Variety Journalist and Entertainment industry expert
Richard James
   Production Designer and Apollo mission illustrator

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