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7 February 2011
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Star Trek | Interviews
Bob Blackman

Picture Bob Blackman
Bob joined as the Costume Designer during Next Generation. He took the crew out of their very uncomfortable jumpsuits, and made a lot of actors very happy. He also knows what Jeri Ryan's measurements are...

Changing Uniforms
  Bob Blackman came in to make the Next Gen uniforms easier to wear.

Back problems
  How did the costumes give the actors back problems?

The new uniforms
  What fabric did you move on to?

The women of Next Gen
  How were the costumes different for the female crewmembers?

Colour and Star Trek uniforms
  Is there an established rule for Star Trek uniforms through the ages?

Enterprise uniforms
  What are the uniforms like on Enterprise?

Voyager�s uniforms
  How did you try and make Voyager different?

Enterprise: creating the Sulaban
  How did you create a new costume for a race, like the Sulaban?

Enterprise uniforms
  What do the uniforms look like for the new series?

Seven of Nine
  How did the design for Seven of Nine�s suit pan out?

The Borg Queen
  Tell me about the Borg Queen, you�ve used it very recently.

  What input did you have on the Ferengi costume?

Space sexy
  Exposing flesh in intersting alien ways

Babes in space?
  The first series had lots of babes in costumes but now the women dress quite demurely.

  The Klingon costumes have changed before, and they will again for Enterprise.

The Borg
  Evolving the Borg costumes

The Hirogen
  Making seven foot aliens was quite a challenge. Making them smaller was an even bigger one.

Trials and Tribble-ations
  Recreating uniforms for the DS9 crew to wear for their visit to the Original Series.

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