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7 February 2011
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Interviews | Marina Sirtis
The Best Seven Years

So was it a very happy time for you?

Picture It was the best seven years of my life. We laughed for seven years.

I know everyone says that every TV actor in an ensemble cast, says, 'Oh, we loved each other, we got on so well, and, yes, yes, yes, we're very good friends.' We did a press junket for the last movie, Insurrection. Of course, you have to do these round robin interviews and they last all day for a couple of days. Jonathan and I went into a room that was full of reporters and they said, 'We've been spying on you.' And we were, 'OK.'

They said 'Every time we do one of these things, we always ask the actors how well they got on, and they always say "Oh, we � we got on great, we love each other." but then we come out into the corridor and we see them walking past each other in the corridor, they just about speak to each other. But you guys are having more fun out in the corridor than you're having doing the junket. So we can tell that you actually do get on great.' So I thought, well, there it is, that's how you can tell. You have to go out into the corridors and see what's happening off the set.

I get so nostalgic for that time. The reason that we're all desperate to make another movie is not because we don't see each other, because we're all still best friends seven years after the show, which is unique in Hollywood. We want to work together, and we want to spend sixteen hours a day together again instead of just having dinner or drinks or lunch or having a party. So that's why � it's not so much the work, it's that we get to hang out again .

At the same junket we all have lunch together in this big conference room. We looked around one day, and it was just the cast. Usually there are publicists, the managers and this guy and that guy, but it was just us - so we locked the door. It was so great. I was telling my husband what had happened, he said, 'Oh gosh, I wish I'd been there.' I said, 'But if you were there, Michael, it wouldn't have been just us.' It was a magical time. if you ask any of us, they'll say the same.

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