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7 February 2011
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Cult | News | 26 January 2005

Messageboards to close

All of Cult's messageboards will close on February 25.

We hope that by announcing the decision with over a month to go, everyone on the boards will be able to find new homes.

To help with this, we'll be listing links suggested by messageboard users on this news page. Use the comments box below to submit URLs of other communities where you'd like to meet up with your BBC messageboard friends in the future. They'll appear once we've given them a once-over.

The change, which also includes Talk Buffy, is happening as part of the reductions to the Cult site announced at the end of last year. The Cult Team would like to thank everyone who used the messageboards for being such a lovely, interesting and well-behaved community all these years.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Steve Berry
You are welcome to join the community over at the Channel 4 site. We have some similar boards/forums to the old BBC ones. Including: The Greatest... General nostalgia and lists of the greatest, worst, best rememered, better forgotten things ever. X Forum Sci Fi, Fantasy or Alternative Reality programming, such as, Smallville, Stargate - SG1, Angel, Andromeda, Alias, Enterprise or any other 'alternative' shows. The Simpsons Smallville

A source for all your USDrama needs. Anything from The Shield to ER to The OC to Without A Trace and the CSIs. Quite a few of the old Beeb posters on the Drama Boards have moved with us too, so come and say hello a nice friendly community. You can find us at:

Cosmic Fool
Well I heard this was likely, just hope the Religion board stays up. I have my own site which is in the process of being re built (lauched in full this month) in the meantime the Message Board is up and running. There are sections for DR WHO, BENNY SUMMERFIELD and more, I will also add catagories if there is a demand. You can access it through Please however read the site rules

The cult pages are closing but you'd never need to fear! Come to: for all The Star Trek R.P.G. you could want! for all the Blake's 7 chat and other science fiction chat you need! Come and join us.

At a time when the rest of the world is increasing its investment in online sites and reducing the number of unwatched television and unheard radio stations it is so refreshing of the BBC to get it completely wrong yet again. BBC, I salute you and your insane decisions. Carlyle Ferris

SciFi-247 A new SciFi/Fantasy site would like to welcome all from the Beeb MBs, SciFi-247 is a site run by two dedicated SciFi/Fantasy fans, it is moderated much like the beeb site in terms of being, family friendly. We round-up news, events, movie trailers and the like, for your delectation and discussion. We have started a very light easy SF/F just for fun section for when your brain is frazzled. All we need now is you. Come and join us at We'll be delighted to have you along.

Found a new Jonathan Creek one at It's brand new.

B-Phile and J-Phile - Leave your BBC X-Files forum memories on here and distribute our cute skinnerguy&gal forum mascots!!!! We love you all never forget you thank you!:D:D:D x x x x x ROTATING SKINNER ROCKS OUR WORLD!!:D

Funnily enough 24Natic was set up when the BBC 24 Boards closed down and 24 moved to Sky. Its a very friendly place and full of most of the old Beeb posters. The board runs at a Season 3 pace meaning that those not lucky enough to have Sky will not get spoiled. There are also separate US and Spoiler forums, which are locked to avoid spoiling others. Also - the board is part of a site that bring you up-to-date 24 news. Visit the main page of the actual site @ or go straight to the Forum @

Hi, I posted a link to an X-Files site earlier but it dosen't seem to be working. This is what you need: Come over and check it out, I really hope some of you stick around, it's a great place, completelt troll free and could do with some new members! Cya

the cult message board will be missed...although I have not contributed too much in terms of discussion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyones thoughts & opinions. Please please please continue to post details of any new message boards. And many thanks to our host Emily. :D

The Cybercontroller from Telos
Well sorry to see that the cult messageboards are being axed. But fear not, there are some alternatives... The EDF The Cyberman Bar & Grill The NZ Sci-fi boards See you there...

If you are intesteted in all kinds of TV, Buffy, Smallville, the OC, actors like James Marsters, SMG and much more, check out Media Boulevard which is an excellent message board. A lot of actors use this as their official one (Brendan Fehr - Michael in Roswell posts here himself). This is where you'll find me after Feb 28th.

We've just got a new general SciFi/Fantasy site up and running, we welcome all from the beeb MBs and have put up a special beeb remembered board to meet old friends at. SciFi247 is a site run by two dedicated SciFi/Fantasy fans, and is intended to be much like the beebsite in terms of encouraging friendly chat. We round-up news and events We are encouraging SciFi creatives to show their work, and all those with single topic fan sites of their own can come along and let us ad their banner to our links pages. It is still early in the development of our site as yet, so if you come along now you will be founder members, and you will be able to influence the direction the site takes. Come and join us at We'll be delighted to have you along.

I know many members here like to discuss the old BBC-tv pre-school children's classics like Bagpuss, Camberwick Green, The Herbs, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, The Flumps, Mary Mungo & Midge, etc. So we have a new home to continue these discussions and observations at the Watch With Mother/See Saw Yahoo Messageboard to be found by clicking on: -

Fans of Farscape and Gigi Edgley's unique Chiana may wish to hop straight over to the international Gigi Edgley / Chiana / Farscape community GigiEnthusiasts and be well chuffed and click on "community" beretta

Want to talk about Dead like me? Come to

Adam Gurney
I first came here in 2000 to find out what everyone was saying about Farscape, I quickly met some likeminded people who had already founded their own board, amazingly we're still running and still have many of the original founders. Our website is here: There's a link on the frontpage to the forum, but if you want to go direct: A shame to see the BBC cutting back like this, but in light of the lack of Cult TV shows in their current schedule it's not surprising. Whatever happened to the BBC's mandate to have programming that was representational of their viewer's tastes? Ah well...

if you like Buffy angel or Tru calling we have a great message board on ezboard. more details visit our webpage

Outta Sight
To discuss US Drama, come to the US Drama board

Malcy B
Our little Yahoo Community Group offers information and remininces about the old days of television when there was not much programming but hours and hours of the Test Card, some Music AND those wonderful Trade Test Colour Films! Please join us at: -

I'd like to submit this link This is a relatively new, well run board, where many areas of tv and film are discussed.

Paul Baldowski
The closure of the Cult messageboards will leave a little hole in the fabric of space-time around here. A general sci-fi discussion community, open to pretty much any topic, as well as banter and fun, can be found at

I posted the X-Files Hangout before, but it's complicated to use so there is an easy to use alternative at Everyone from the BBC X-Files forum is going to be there so join us :D

Very sorry to see the message boards comming to an end. :-( If you would like to be a founder member and help form a new Sci-fi community then check out [url][/url]

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Cult Boards, and thank you imensely for the many hours I have spent on your site. I am now a member, along with other BBCi members of the following two boards: There is a fantastic mix of sci-fi and Cult with the emphasis on Doctor Who. I hope to see some of you over there. Thank you again Cult Team.

Megs Dimmock
Jonathan Creek fans!! We cant die out! Great place for us all to chat - please join:)

If you are a Buffy, Angel,Hex, Smallville or 4400 fan (or just a fan of any tv in particular) check out - it's a site which discusses all aspect of entertainment, but has it's own tv and Buffy/Angel forums on there. Thanks to the Cult team for providing us with the best Buffy & Angel message boards of the last few years...

Alex Geairns
If you're looking for boards about all things Cult TV, then why not come visit our boards at - the official boards for the Cult TV magazine and the Cult Tv Festival

Lelia Sinclair
Star Trek Community is a great, friendly board who will make you feel welcome and at home.

Ant Williams
if anyone's looking for a friendly, closely-knit Doctor Who community, go to you have to register to be able to see it, though!

I'm a recent convert to the BBC Cult site and no nothing about reductions announced last year. Where can I find out more? CULT HOST COMMENTS: The reduction was announced here " plans for the future."

Shame about the Cult Boards - but, a great place for the 'Scapers to hang out is the Yahoo Group The Farscape Lounge ( It's a friendly community, with prompt news updates on Farscape. Many of the regulars have posted at the Beeb Boards, it's run by listmum's Jen and Kathy.

I joined cult when it was just an email once per week by a bloke called was funny & catered to my likes & dislkies....all i can say now is :-(

For all Farscape fans there is the Tormented Space forums which has been going for a couple of years now and many old BBC board posters are residents over there. Please feel free to join us. Go to and click on forum :)

brian (Host: just so you know, this is a Smallville site and forum)

Well hello...a few years ago a lot of philes at the BBC Cult X-Files forum made our own MSN group so we could chat etc and it's still going strong ...the URL is I along with a few other people manage it so it is moderated by actual X-Files fans so we aren't scary and will gladfully help with actually knowing what we are talking's fun! We hold a chat every Monday Evening at 7pm GMT and we have loads more.

Samuel Roberts
I think one of the best message boards for Buffy fans is: Thanks for making the cult site so enjoyable.

Shona aka MJ
Sorry to hear the boards are closing. I used to post here a whole lot before I changed jobs. I've met some great friends through the boards and actually created an email list called the BBB a few years back for those friends. I'd like to invite everyone else to come join us - we don't bite (much). Here's the link:

For the simpsons there there is a good forum on c4 which I already use. The address is: and then click on forum.


Since the boards are going down, any X-Files fans who still want to talk about all things X should check out a terrific new board, There's lots of users and very active. No trolls either, which is nice! It's a really nice place. Check it out.

My username is Eric Draven and about 6 months ago I set up a forum called "The Cult Tv Boards". It's inhabited mainly by fellow beeb posters and we have a lot of the same boards as the BBC cult section, plus many more. It's a friendly place based entirely on the BBC cult boards, friendly chat about the shows you love. We also update the board daily with the latest cult news. We already have a small steady community of regular beeb posters so please join us, the more the merrier.

Tricia Singleton
all i can say is it is a very sad day that one of the best cult sites in the UK (and even beyond) is being scaled down due to bureaucracy

Paul Kelly
The cult pages have been a constant source of fun and useful information for devoted Farscape/Trek/24 fan like myself ... where shall I go now! I hope that the site shan't be reduced too much. Take care Cult Team see you out there ...



Thank you for your comments. The BBC reserves the right to modify any messages before appearing on this web page.

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