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7 February 2011
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Cult | News | 17 February 2005

Trek on and off

Babylon 5 creator calls for fans to back his Trek bid... then changes mind.

Just 24 hours after asking for fans of cancelled series Enterprise to start a letter-writing campaign supporting his plan to produce a Star Trek series, Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski has changed his mind.

"[B]elay everything I just said," Straczynski said. "In the 24 hours between the time I composed the prior note, and sent it, and it made its way through the moderation software, two things happened."

Apparently, a source at Paramount told Straczynski that the studio is sensibly giving the franchise a rest for a couple of years. But he offered fans a glimmer of hope:

"We can reconvene a year or two down the road to see where this takes us," he said. "But in the interim ... my apologies for waking everybody up in the middle of the night."

But Straczynski's about-turn is probably down to the fact Paramount have asked him to produce a new series that will premiere in Autumn 2006.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

As a Trek fan for over 20 years I'd have to say this has been on the cards since day one. Re-writing the whole Trek history around the new crew just made the show inaccessible to those of us that grew up with Kirk and co. Plus, the shameless useage of the female vulcan in a "seven of nine" style role (and while I'm on the subject Voyager also stank) just robbed the show of any credibility while catering for the lowest common denominator of TV viewer. Their ambition was great and held true for the first few episodes, but it quickly deviated from the well thought out sci fi episodes that fans came to expect from the Kirk and Picard franchises. I did like the quality of the production, but admiring the sets and the performances of the actors isn't what makes sci fi great - good stories do, and they were few and far between. My only hope is that Berman and Co spend some serious time in development before bringing out another series and start focussing on writing good and original stories again, rather than re-using the same plot lines which they have done in recent years. And budget shouldn't have been an issue - Trek has one of the largest fan-bases on the planet and with the truckloads of money UPN make on the various franchies, DVD re-releases and memorabilia they really should have done better, unless maximising profit was Rick Bermans plan all along.

I love the opening sequence - says it all about this series. "It's been a long time getting from there to here... I have faith of the heart, going where my heart will take me, I have strength of the soul..." while the images map the journey from our past to our future. It's so awesome that my eyes always get wet when I see & hear it. I find the whole thing inspiring.

Mick Ramsey
Although slightly disappointed I am not surprised the ENTERPRISE was axed. Star Trek has never been good at arc storylines which are more common on TV now. Babylon 5 revolved around an arc storyline and that was why it was so great. The script writing and characterisations in Enterprise were still stuck in the 20th century. Rick Berman really needs to step aside from the Star Trek franchise and let someone with new, more modern ideas of scripting and ideas come up. I agree with the other writer about a series of spies or covert operatives in the Federation would be a great idea. I have also thought a series set in the Star Trek future would be good. It could focus on the disintegration of the Federation (come on, its not going to last forver) with races warring, making treaties, old alliances and enemies breaking or coming togther an could have a more raw, les american pie feel to it (as Star Trek unfortunately does).

Enterprise was a doomed product from the start, with nearly every episode serving to re-write established Star Trek history. You cannot boldly explore strange new worlds, when the bible and backstory, written over 40 years, was constantly under assault and re-write. Secondly, to understand the true reason for the failure of this once venerated franchise, I believe we must look to Rick Berman. While his footprint on the franchise traces all the way back to the poorly developed and exceedingly boring Deep Space Nine, one only needs to remember his movie failures (Insurrection and Nemesis) to understand the wide damage Berman wrought at the expense of fans and pop culture. To witness such a decline has been a painful lesson in accepting the status quo from a franchise that made risk its business. While attempts were made to revive the patient on the operating table (story arcs, great special effects), diseases wreaked their havoc (the Borg in Enterprise? Are you kidding me?????). As Star Trek rightfully fades from the landscape, let us hope that fans will one day reincarnate our beloved franchise, and that executives at Paramount will help us to create a bold new version of a franchise pronounced dead on the operating table.

So far Enterprise has managed to be the Trek where the people were most real and has the potential to be the best Trek ever.

This past season has been it's best.They get the show on the right track and they dump it .The move to friday night was so stupid.These shows got into the "history"talked about in the past shows,something fans wanted all along.

Where to start? A starship that's such a blatant "Akira" ripoff that it looks centuries more advanced than Kirk's "Entreprise". Romulans with warp-drive, something they didn't have 150 years later when they faced Kirk and Spock. Idiotic story arcs. Time travel every second episode. Overgrown salamanders in Nazi uniforms. A Vulcan "desperate housewife" crack-addict in a catsuit. Sweeping social change on her homeworld, dealt with in a quickie two episodes. That's just some of it. This wasn't "Star Trek". Would that we could find a "timeline" in which this "Enterprise" had never been inflicted on viewers.

Enterprise is indeed one of the best star trek shows ever made ..In fact its a bit of a secret down here in NZ.. Most people I know in NZ who watch it download it because its not available on TV.. I see that its bad marketing as opposed to the quality of the show which has cause the cancellation. Maybe Paramount should sell the francise to another company .eg Universal.. who would do wonders with Star Trek. I mean Paramount dont seem to want it anyway ??

I've watched Star Trek in one form or another since its inception. I have watched every episode of the ST Enterprise series, and feel that this series is the best Star Trek series so far. Too often in previous series, the technology seemed far out of our reach. With Enterprise, a lady with special skills in language, "guesses" new languages without some incredible accuracy - she's human. The doctor, an alien (building on the premise that aliens do exist), uses the healing abilities of animals, most being alien, to perform natural healing, instead of some "dermal regenerator". It reminds me of how doctors from years ago used leeches. This Star Trek Enterprise is just what we need- the missing link between us in our time, and the technology represented - and taken for granted, in Star Trek, the original series. And to top it all off, the attitudes are upbeat and realistic. I can't say that I would change any single one of the characters. Each adds a distinctive facett to the fabric that is Star Trek Enterprise. I hope the series continues for MANY more seasons to come.

Andrew Price
It's a shame that Enterprise has ended, but the Star Trek audience has been dwindling for some time. Also, the last TNG film bombed at the box office, the worst financial performance of any Trek film. With all the money being made from conventions and merchandise, couldn't this money be used to finance another series? Anyway, I hope Enterprise goes out on a high as it seems to have improved dramatically in the 3rd Season. But there's a lot more competition nowadays on SF TV - the new BSG, SG-1, SGA, Smallville. And hopefully the new Doctor Who will be great, too! And let's face it, there's plenty of Trek to occupy someone's time. 5 series and 10 films - who can complain?

David Anderson
The legacy of Voyager finally takes its toll - it's about time the Trek franchise dropped to the ground after staggering wounded for the last five years or so. And please God, let's chalk this up to a victory for Sci-Fi fans in general finally not being wowed by a few pretty FX and a stroppy bird in a catsuit.

Enterprise had a lot to offer, but the top brass don't undertand this. {e.g firefly and the 1979 vison of Battlestar Galactica was very good show just to name a few}. but now put out show wicth are so robbish like the new Battlestar Galactica wicth very, very, very storyline. round on the flim vison of firefly the n we show the top brass a thing or too.

Uncle Garfunkle
This is beyond belief. Someone has donated $3million to save ENTERPRISE? Let Star Trek go for gods sake. It has been pants since DS9 finished. There is no way the show will come back- Paramount have stuck it on a 2year hiatus!What good will it do to bring it back for another year? The same thing will happen with season 6. Unlike FARSCAPE, ENTERPRISE has time to finish- the axe was dropped mid season, meaning they have time to let it close naturally. Be thankful for four years and go buy the DVDs. ENTERPRISE is truly, utterly, deeply, TERRIBLE.

I didn't like TNG at first, but grew to love (especially after Season 3), then was totally wrapped in the political intruige that was DS9. I tried to like Voyager, but just didn't get that "bonding" with the crew - likewise for Enterprise. It's time they gave the franchise a rest - let it rest for a couple of years, then bring something back "fresh" to an eager and Trek-hungry audience.

I have been following the all four Enterprise season so far and I will realy miss the show. I can agree with some people on the board that the plot logic was quit often pretty bad. But lets face ist, Star Trek was never very good with following long story arcs. In this respect the new Battlestar Galactica is pretty outstanding. But what made Enterprise interesting were its Characters and its nice retro design. This was quit different from other Trek series - even my wife liked Enterprise. One additional comment to the plots, I think that the fourth season has proven so far that the strenght of the script writer lies more in short story arcs (2 to 3 episodes). I will miss the show and I hope they will not start producing a show focused on young starfleet trainees (Starfleet High)

Enterprise is shaping up to being the best Trek EVER! I have been a fan of Star Trek for over 20 years. Everyone acknowledges that the show was not the strongest in Season 1 and 2. But with Manny Coto now on board the show has really begun to shine! It is showing the true trek spirit, which has always promoted that against all odds there is the possibility for a better future! Enterprise is a show that needs to be given its seven years. I love the fact that Enterprise is in the past, it really fills in the Star Trek history and brings it closer to our own time. There are people watching Enterprise, in fact there are millions all over the world watching. The Nielson rating system is inaccurate, especially since the boxes only appear in approximately 5000 homes America wide! According to TiVo Enterprise is the 25th most popular TiVo show in America. That�s JUST America. To the people at TrekUnited who can see pass the first 2 seasons, I say good luck to you! In fact I have donated $50. It's not much but if space flight entrepreneurs can see the potential of this show, and they are inspired by this show then that�s good enough for me! If Enterprise is not saved, this will be the end of Star Trek for a very long time! I pity any future Star Trek series because they will be put under the microscope. Paramount have said that they want to give it a "rest". In other words they are saying they no longer want the show, there is no one left there to fight for the show, they'll rest it for many years, who knows if it will ever come back? I don't know about everyone else, but I sure don't want to wait 15 years or so until I see another new episode of Trek. So finally the fans are standing up and saying no more! If there is no one left at Paramount to fight for the show, then the fans will be the ones to fight for the show! And good luck to them for getting up and not giving in. I say good luck to TrekUnited! Finally there is a group of fans having a go at saving us from the mindless mush that television networks have been dishing us for years. Star Trek Enterprise is one of the last shows which gives an optimistic view of the future. It is inspirational and deserves a full 7 year run.

Johnny Boy
Face it - Enterprise was dull. Doctor Who is back soon and I can't wait! What happens to all of the ca$h they've raised? Can it go towards a new series of K9 and Company?

Stephen Dray
To be honest, I wouldn't have thought that ratings would be an issue with Star Trek. Compared with the worldwide revenue each year from selling the show abroad & merchandising (such as DVD's, toys & books) the cost of producing the show must be peanuts by comparison. Having the show on air with a a solid fanbase surely has to be a better deal than fly-by-night reality shows and the like. American TV executives are far too willing to press the cancel button and have been left with egg on their face after cancelling shows such as Family Guy and Firefly which have managed to live on after the axe due to fan support. I for one am sick of getting into programmes only for them to be cancelled. The best way for the American people to show their contempt for the executives and their commissioning policies is to boycott the offending channels outright until they are treated with some respect.

Adam P
Enterprise was a great show. I hope the fans at can pull of a fifth season. Good luck!

Mike Rouse-Deane
Give it a break, I think Trek needs a holiday for the time being, let it rest, and then it'll come back with sure fire, such passion that it'll be like TNG all over again. Just let it rest...

"Trip" Tucker
No more putting stripey tape around dangerous trip hazards for me!

I for one, was glad to hear that Enterprise was cancelled. The show should never have been produced, it wasn't even a good concept. If there is another Star Trek Series to come, and I hope there will be some day, then I hope they have learnt from this failure, the trend towards star trek lite (as seen with Nemesis and Enterprise), will only upset the trek fanbase. So to the save Enterprise campaign I say, why bother?

Alfalfa Muggins
Star Trek was well past its sell by date when INSURRECTION came out. Since S5 of Voyager they have been slogging a dead horse. The lack of new ideas on ENTERPRISE was astonishing- sexy female? Check. Technobabble conclusions? Check. Naff alien crewmember- oh my, CHECK. The use of CG went a touch far- concentrate on the story and the characters. But lets face it, there was barely any room for character development at the start- everyone was do damn dull!Star Trek needs to finish, because at this point, its a mercy killing.

Mr Fraig
I really liked Enterprise - okay, some of the plots were a bit ropey, but the characters were great; Trip, Dr Phlox, T'Pol - all brilliant, and Archer was a great Captain with a good sense of humour and a lovely dog... If Enterprise ends, then I think we should have no more Star Trek for about 10 years, but I'm sure Berman et al at Paramount won't let it lie and generate more good feeling than bad - after all, they're talking about yet another reboot for the next movie.... At least we've got Galactica...

If All other Startrek shows were given a chance to last as long as 7 years, why don't they give Enterprise a chance. Its a good show and the recent episodes of season 4 were good and interesting. Why cant they for once listen to the audience instead of their pockets. If they cannot come up with good storylines or continuity, open the floor to the public and fans, I am sure they can give you some very good suggestions. Please dont kill off the one show that I look forward to every week and every repeats. thank you.

Peter Thomas
I also agree that Enterprise really seemed to pick up from Season 2 onwards. If it gets canceled there will be no more Star Trek. Remind Paramount about the revenue that could carry on making through merchandise sales. I mean take Doctor Who for instance I know Russell T Davies and a few others fought to bring it back but after all's said and done I think the BBC woke up to how much money they could majke on merchandise and overseas sales

Liam O'Brien
I could not wait when ENTERPRISE began in 2002. The show was a massive letdown however. Terrible acting, lazy plotting and an obvious lack of ideas (within the first episode they had established the Klingons, the transporter, Phasers etc)killed the show. The production team had a chance for something new, not Voyager with less technobabble. The needed to make it really retro, strip the show of much of its Trekness, but keep the exploration themes. They had a chance for a fresh lease of life. Instead, ENTERPRISE killed Star Trek, and judging from these boards, few will mourn its passing. Star Trek just feels old- let it go.

Its a shame for the Enterprise show to be canx but recent sci-fi shows showing they can have great drama and story have been swaying fans. Take Farscape, B5, the new battlestar Glactica as standout sci fi show, excellent drama and story arc. This is what sci fi fans demand nowadays, so come on Parmount rejuvinate Star TRek with a series with an evolving story arc and not just standalone eps, we demand more.

Andrew Heighway
I like Enterprise and I'm quite sad that UPN cancelled the series, it doesn't make sense to cancel a show which has gained critial praise for writing and the perfomances. I'll admit that season's 1 and 2 had there flaws but season 3 showed what the show is capable of, and from what I've seen on star season 4 seems to be fitting into the trek Universe nicely. Save Enterprise...

When "Enterprise" started it was inconsistent and sometimes slow. However it has gotten immensely better in the current season playing in the U.S. I don't see them being able to keep up the improved pace forever, though, and I'd rather see the series end on a high note than fade and die in mediocrity.

captain smirk
Firstly, Enterprise was soooooo boring. I felt like it was a stupid idea, setting a series BEFORE the original... errr 'whats the point??' what they should have done was make a series about a covert part of the federation 'cloak and dagger styleee' with spies and infiltration and yunno other good stuff!! (hey im not a writer yunno) ....or star trek: MOTHERSHIP, based on a concept design, a federation ship, the biggest, baddest mother brought in when peace talks fail and war is the only option - could you imagine the fight sequences, GOD WHY ARENT THEY EMPLOYING ME???? RATINGS WOULD SORE... Good riddance to Enterprise, oh and secondly... would everybody PLEASSSEEE stop slagging off VOYAGER, it was equal or better than TNG in my opinion, Janeway was a brilliant captain and extrememly beliaveable, 7 of 9 was hilarious (love that deadpan style ...''LET FUN COMMENCE'') bless her. And endgame was just the icing on the cake and a satisfying end to the series. (just wish the DVD's werent so exspensive) Anyway, Captain Smirk out

Antony Randall
Enterprise - The Diet-Coke-with-the-hint-of-Lemon of the Star Trek franchise. And like the drink, it leaves a funny taste in the mouth! Its better off dead. The franchise had a much needed break between Voyager and Enterprise - obviously it wasn't long enough. Hopefully, Paramount will realise that Star Trek needs something modern and dynamic to resurrect the magic it used to have. Star Trek needs something bigger to do it justice instead of a cheap little syndicated show on a small channel like UPN. I hope they go back to basics with any new show they do in the future and actually do it some justice instead of the half-hearted, factory produced, more-of-the-same fare that was served up in recent years.

Deathly dull programme. Po-faced and grey. I agree with Alex above. If it's set before TOS then it should have had some of the roughneck adventuring spirit; and miniskirts ! Bring back the space-opera feel of DS9.

JMS on Star Trek? I can't quite wrap my head around that. Babylobn 5 was an excellent show all around and his ability to create stories was excellent, but his dialogue sounded like a high school playwright's first outing, and the chance of him or anybody on his level (like Joss Whedon or somebody) trying to recreate the francise in his image is just too great. Bringing someome from outside the realm of scifi entirely would make more sense. In this day and age, Star Trek would be better suited to a Deadwood or Sopranos-style short series, where they could concentrate their budgets (and writing) on just 10 or 12 GOOD episodes with, say, 9 months in between.

Phil J.
I thought going back in time before Kirk was a mistake. There were far too many existing back stories to consider. For instance the Borg episode was obviously going nowhere from the very beginning, as first contact was made in TNG.Didn't like the Nazi storylines at all. Shame to see a new series suffer the fate of the original, all these years on. Let's hope for better in the future.

Manny Coto Rules
Enterprise Seasons 1 & 2 stank, but the Xindi arc in season 3 was not bad and season 4 is back to what I thought Enterprise should be a prequel to the original Star Trek and they are coming up with good twists on explaining the backstory of Vulcans, Romulans, etc., without messing with continuity. If you haven't seen any season 4 then download a couple and then see if that changes your view on the shows cancellation.

Chris the Curryking
Having only watched the first series and a bit of the second, I can't comment beyond that as I coulnd't be bothered to record the episodes as they were aired at an inconvenient time. That said, I believe that it had the potential to become a good introduction to its predecessors, though I was weary when they announced its lauch as it could have gone very wrong. Both my friend and I believe that a series based on the covert part of the federation could be employed. Using Section 31 (if my memory serves) to deliver high impact, high intensity plot-lines which would demand high quality acting to portray this effectively.

Frank Kiernan
Ever since the sublime Babylon 5 the limitations of Star Trek have been easy to see , it needs a rest, at least now we have Battlestar Galactica showing huge promise and yummy the prospect of a big screen B5 movie.

Jamie Armour
Woo Hoo. JMS on Star Trek:) Maybe the next series won't be pants then. Voyager and Enterprise have done such extensive Damage to the franchise that it needs this furlough to kick start a new beginning. Hopefully JMS will still be interested when Paramount are ready. I'll be waiting.

Captain Archer is the worst captain yet. Tucker was a good character, though. How about a mini-series where the Federation gets caught in the middle of a war between the Borg and the Dominion? This way, everyone's at risk with no more safe episodes with happy endings.

The Doctor
There were so many blatent continuity loopholes, I just lost interest in Enterprise, even if they did drop the Star Trek from it's title for the first season. When it began, I expected big woolly polo necked jumpers for uniforms (almost typed goalposts there!), communicators like those from the original Trek pilot. It tried to be a prequel, but so wanted to be a sequel, for me, it didn't work. Gene Roddenberry was probably spinning in his cube in orbit up there, when Enterprise came about.

I hate to say it, but I think that the large FX budgets have ruined trek. I really enjoyed TNG, made when a space battle on screen would cost about 4 episodes worth of budget. For that reason they HAD to write good SF, and good character based episodes. And when a "best of both worlds" came along you were gobsmacked. I think trek is in big trouble. The only people really rooting for Enterprise are really quite ardent fans. It needs a break for a few years.

It had two dimentional characters, a distinct lack of excitement (or a sense of fun for that matter) and continued the crede of Voyager that everything had to be GREY. A poor series for a rapidly discintigrating franchise, let it rest. And I join all who call for Bakulla to do more Quantum Leap!

I saw all three Seasons (4th season hasn't been shown in Europe yet) and gradually liked it, sorry to see it go! Will buy the 1st season DVD when it arrives in May!

Never mind, Doctor Who is back next month. Always much better than Trek. Give me the TARDIS over the enterprise anyday!!

Sad sad sad.The acting in this series and the scriptwriting was of a quality that put Voyager and DS9 to shame.I agree with earlier comment and hope that in time like the original series Enterprise will be appreciated outside of the rating driven networks as an intelligent attempt at science fiction.

Chris Todd
I liked Enterprize when it started, which surprised me since it usually took the spin-offs about 3 or 4 seasons to find themselves. I thought making it a prequel was brilliant. It restored the wonder of interstellar travel because they were encountering species for the first time, using the transporter on people for the first time, trying to work the bugs out of the universal translator, etc. But after an intriguing first season, we were back into the same stale Star Trek formula with everyone all stoic and noble. It got so that 10 minutes into an episode you could predict how it would end (ie, all conflicts were resolved and the innate goodness and reasonableness of sentient species would reassert themselves). What I liked about DS9 (and Voyager after Janeway made her devil's pact with the Borg) was that it put the very moral Federation officers in the midst of a really dirty situation and then watched them wrestle with really tough moral quandaries. I was initially interested in the Xindi (5 sentient species-how do you make that society work?)but it boiled down to the more humanoid the species the more moral, so it didn't surprise me that the lizards and insects were the baddies. This season is just showing promise but I do think that the concept needs a rest...and some new writers. Now that Joss is free...

Tim Hicks
'Captain' Scott Bakula really killed it for me. He was far too earnest and wet.

A little perspective here. You all have so much Star Trek to watch in one form or another, why make such a song-and-dance over a show which was clearly failing, and doing the 'franchise' as you all like to call it, no favours? Why not take some time off, re-group, re-think (perhaps replace some staff who maybe know it too well to do it any good any more), and finally return with a series that works? A pause for thought, which may whet the appetite of a larger audience outside of obsessive fans? Another question, why can't any of you people spell?

What a relief. Enterprise was, frankly, embarrassing. The actors were never allowed to act, the plots cringingly predictable and the behaviour absolutely unfathomable until you realise they're not curious and diligent space explorers but PC humanist middle-America preaching apple pie to the universe down the nozzle of a phaser and the inability to see any other point of view. Unless they come up with something radical and daring for a new title, I hope Trek stays dead.

Been a fan all my life, (which is almost as long as the series itself), but had to accept half way through Voyager that things were starting to go down hill! Voyager was a good concept ruined by the same old routine storylines most of which could have been played out just as easy in the Alpha Quadrant, with not enough stories tackling the issues of what it would be like trying to survive on a small ship alone on the other side of the Galaxy. (For how to do that sort of thing properly see the new reworked Battlestar Galactica for inspiration). The early episodes of Enterprise, looked hopefull and had a nice look, but then it all boldly went down the same tired enclave, and all that business wasting an entire series hunting down the aliens who attacked Earth rubbish was just too much post 9/11 hokum to bare. Giving Trek a rest sounds like a good idea, and maybe in that time taking a good hard look at new things like Firefly and BSG. Which to me are to early 21st Century Sci Fi what the original concept of Star Trek was to the late 20th Century.

James Tyler
Enterprise wasn't Star Trek, and even on it's own merits it wasn't that good. Maybe the franchise should be retired.

Keith Fearnley
I never watched seasons 1 or 2 of Enterprise but watched every episode of the amazing season 3. I was glued to my TV every week throughout the whole Xindi story arc. It was amazing TV, and twinned with Smallville season 3, 2004 was a great year for television. I'm disappointed UPN cancelled it, but not surprised as how could the show be improved beyond season 3.

Paul Tapner
They could just have kept on treating the franchise as a cash cow, so It's a pleasant surprise to find they'll give it a rest. Enterprise started well but then made too many of the same mistakes as voyager. J Michael Straczynski would be a great choice for a new version as what the franchise really needs is fresh blood

Lanicus D'Arco
I am a huge Trek fan, and I remember when TNG first came out and was thrilled. Not so pleased with DS9 but lifted a little when Voyager came to be. Then came Enterprise. I was so excited when I heard rumours that a Prequal was about to air. Then it did... and I thought to myself 'oh dear, this just isn`t Star Trek now is it?'. But still, I gave it a chance and sure enough, it became better as the stories and plots wrote themselves as the characters evolved. Then this news of axing hit and once again I am disapointed. I agree with past comments - Start afresh, continue the time-line and make it all new!

As a terrestrial tv viewer I have only seen the first 2 seasons - it showed promise but was making the same mistakes as Voyager with poorly developed, uninteresting characters in the main. Any further shows need to learn from the best show, DS9, and good, character driven storylines need to bee developed and used. All the best recent shows (Buffy, Angel, Farscape etc) have done this successfully and any further Treks MUST do this or will flatline just as quickly.

Neil Douglas
It's a good news/bad news sorth of thing. While Enterprise never had the true TREK factor that the previous shows had-it was good, watchable stuff. From what I here of season 4-it sounds great!! But unfortunatly it was uck on UPN-should have been on SciFi. And what were UPN thinking squaring it off against Stargate and Battlestar(totally brilliant- Trek producers take note please!!!) Hopefully Trek will get one last prequel hurray-start the petition for Star Trek: Federation The Mini-Series!!

I thought Enterprise was shaping up to be the best series yet. They had developed something that was new and vital. Getting away from the hackneyed formula that made DS9 and especially Voyager such rubbish. Intelligent 3 dimensional story lines, developing characters, great special effects, made it almost certain that it would be cancelled as that does not appeal to the masses and especially the rabid fans who if it isn't Rhoddenbery it's not worth watching. To my mind Enterprise was the best ever Star Trek series, because it was different and breathed new life into a franchise that was getting well past it sell by date.

Ive been a Trek fan since '87 and the launch of TNG. I loved that show and the Classic Kirk Era. DS9 and Voyager sucked big time. Enterprise was great, really good acting, really good scripts. So what if the history of previous Trek history is being rewritten, its a TV show. Enterprise was really picking up pace, the last season saw Brent Spiner guest star (great 3 parter) and rumours of The Shat' appearing where very interesting. So long Enterprise.

I have always hated this version, I think they made a mistake going any further after ST:Voyager. I never liked Capt.Archer or any of the other characters. Good Riddance

Gary Purves
Well some good news at last, the show was full of mistakes and was down right awful,hahaha, now please stop trying to destroy star trek and end it there.

I'm really depressed about this. The idea of their being no Star Trek on air scares me. This season was actually making me believe the series had come of age. Sadly the fans don't seem to have gotten behind it and continued with their Enterprise bashing. Still, it would have been nice to have both Star Trek and Doctor Who running at their peak at the same time.

Typical Yanks, just cos the story lines were a bit more complex than other shows no-one watches it. I bet it does better around the World than in the US in the fullness of time!

Ian Hopkins
Now it's time for the fans to make a difference. Starting now is a fan effort to raise the money for a new season of Enterprise.

Martin Evans
Ah yes the great american public, lets hope they appreciate Battlestar Galactica or we will just be left with Dr Who !!!

so, how come Andromeda is in its fifth season, hmm

Being a terrestial viewer only, Channel 4 didn't help either, with it's Sunday evening scheduling. I was usually out and about at the weekend, and the odd early morning repeat was never given much publicity. Will I miss Enterprise? I don't know as I hardly ever managed to watch an episode.

The show was enjoyable enough in places but as ever on the "modern" st franchises, the scrips singurlaly failed to go where "no one had gone before" and settled for theusual cosy happy endings.

I only saw the first 2 episodes and gave up!! However I also gave up on DS9. Voyagers 1st season was a disaster, but gt better and then went down hill in the 7th season...

Adam Adamant
Finally we can move on from this travesty and get on with making a Star Trek that is set after Voyager. Please, let's stop the prequals, they ruin everything.

It had potential but at least Scott Bakula can do the new Quantum Leap series/movie now!

So sorry to see it go. I really enjoyed the program and thought that it was a good prequel to the other Treks.....

If you look at the other programmes made by UPN it's no wonder Enterprise was cancelled - it was a quality show sinking in a swamp of mediocre TV.

I am happy and sad its over. From what I saw Enterprise was not that good. There was not enough consistency and continuaty to make it a prequel. Nice try but it didn't work. If Paramount wants to keep the space drama of Star Trek alive, they would be best to adopt the current TNG or Voyager timeline(s), and then bounce around with a large cast of characters on various ships telling many many stories that we will all enjoy. Do you hear that Paramount?! I do remember rumours many years ago of a series called Star Trek: Academy. It might work, but no Weasley's PLEASE!!

Simon Charles Rudman
I think its a damm shame as I remember seeing the first episode at the 2002 Cult TV festival in Liverpool and thinking how damm good it looked. I always cry when I hear the original 'Faith of the Heart' vocal theme tune. It saddens me that I may never hear that tune again as the opening credits to this sad failure on the Star Trek franchine's part.


Susan Suekay Dailey
It's a sad day when the most successful TV show in history is no more. I think that UPN and Paramount should have give Enterprise another chance, as it appears the show was improving towards the end. Mind you, they should have known better than to firstly put it up against Smallville, before putting it up against Sci Fi's SG1, SGA and Battlestar Gallactica triple-whammy. Suekay

Jon Perkins
Season 4 was definitely an improvement, and I think it was starting to show promise. The various post-TOS Star Treks have always been a bit duff for the first couple of seasons, and have then matured. The studios seem to be killing off a lot of promising shows before their time lately (FireFly comes to mind, and I'm still sorry that Angel is gone). Still, if the announcement talks of a future series I hope they go back to a starship-based series in the Voyager timeframe, I personally prefer that to the "earlier" years of the Federation. Perhaps they will pick up the suggestion about having Will Riker and Deanna Troy on their new ship, continuing the plotline from ST:Nemesis

It's a shame as I was really starting to enjoy it. I have always liked Star Trek and think they did as well as they could. It will be sorely missed. Who's ready for the inevitable petitioning that is going to happen?

David Keisler
We just got a UPN station in Jan. Before then we had a WB/UPN station and they would move it around so much you never knew when or where. They need to give it more time. I mean none of the UPN or WB shows are ever in the top 3 in their time slot.

michael chatterton

I have seen all of the Enterprise eps so far, and will be sad to see it go. One reason is that I have been following it for four seasons, but also there was some good potential there... it just never quite made it.

David Philpot
A great series that should have been allowed to continue. What about the key events that were about to happen like the Earth-Romulan war?

Thank goodness for that, surely a prequel to Star Trek TOS should have been a technicolor extravaganza of miniskirts, punch-ups and alien-snogging...not the limp, dour effort that was Enterprise. You are the weakest Trek, GOODBYE!

Scott Kinnaird
I'm not surprised they cancelled it, but I am disapointed. Though it has struggled in the ratings, it has been fairly good for the most part. I had hoped that after ditching the terminal story arc of the third season, the show would turn itself around. It had the potential to be and occasionally was better than the other series in the franchise. I wonder what UPN will show in its place, the new Doctor Who maybe?

that kinda sucks, but atleast the writers will be able to write to it out rather than it just suddenly ending.

Sad really, having seen about 12 of the current season, the plots were getting better and the production crew seemed to be doing well with a shrinking budget. That's US TV for you though, a series starts slow for whatever reason, and it's hard to recover especially on a small network like UPN, but to be fair to them, they gave it as long as they could.

Teddy Barnes
I only saw three episodes of it. I didn't like it.



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