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7 February 2011
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Cult | News | 11 May 2005

Family Guy a hit

Cult cartoon revival a storm in the US.

Family Guy's return after an absence of three years has been a great success.

The fourth series (funded by Fox after great DVD sales) is part of a weekly "Animation Domination" strand on the US network. It follows on from The Simpsons, and is getting as many viewers.

Also being shown is creator Seth MacFarlane's new show, American Dad, about a CIA man sharing a house with an alien. Like the original series of Family Guy, it's getting wonderfully mixed reviews, with some people describing it as "horrible" - which, for MacFarlane, is surely a good sign.

The BBC has acquired the rights to both shows, but will be starting with the terrestrial debut of season three of Family Guy later this year (yes, the really sick, bizarre season they made when they knew they were cancelled and didn't care).

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i love family guy and have already downloaded some season 4 stuff off t'internet, and its looking just as if not more funny than before!! - didn't know it was going to start on BBC, that is so cool, if they put it on at like 6 (they won't though - watershed) people will watch it instead of simpsons - it'll become the new simposons and then a decade later channel 4 will buy family guy

Fantastic news! I love watching this on DVD and with the news on BBC - I'm over the moon! Looking forward to it with much pleasure!

Family Guy rules, American dad is good as well Cant wait til they come on UK TV.

Jasdeep Nagra
Brilliant news! Family Guy is fresh and controversial. True that without the Simpsons Family Guy wouldn't have existed but if you watch new episodes of the Simpsons you will see that Family Guy has influenced it! The storylines are getting poor in Simpsons but the first eight series are pure brilliance!

family Guy is a wonderful series. Stewies' "Rocketman" bit has to be the funniest thing i've seen in a long, long time. Can't wait for season 4!

Darren Nicholls from Merstham
This is sweet news. A complete master class of comedy given a second life thanks to the fans making obvious that cancellation was a stupid mistake. Fingers crossed Futurama returns!!

Aidan Holsgrove
I agree with Martin...Family Guy make an episode of the Simpsons look boring! Seth MacFarlane is a genius. I can't wait for the new series and it would truely freakin sweet if they did a live show in the UK!

I'm excited about the new season, but remember - if it wern't for shows like The Simpsons, we probably wouldn't have Family Guy.

Fox were nearly the runination of the show because it fell outside the classic 'formula' that Amercian television is spoon fed from. I hope they take a lesson from this and learn that creativity and origonality are hard won but will ultimatley reap the greatest rewards (not necessarily monetarily based mind you) in the long run. Overall well done and I look forward to the show coming to the UK Bristol! Bring it on.

Hamish the PolarBear
I am a HUGE FG fan but this idea is so surreal that I can't work what I think of it! If they do go ahead I hope they come to the UK (and hopefully not just some overpriced London venue).

Keith Fearnley
Family Guy is probably the funniest show I've ever seen. I was originally put off by the prospect of a talking baby and dog, but once you get past that, there isn't a minute goes by that the show doesn't have me in stitches! Long live Family Guy!!!

Anthony Mc Guinness
That sounds like the plot from an episode of Family Guy instead of something they'd actually do. Bit sceptical on how it would work but I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

Stephen Brennan
Typical TV executives. Axe a show because the ratings aren't high enough, and then when they finally realise what a gem of a programme they have on their hands milk it for all it's worth. Long live Family Guy!!!

Visceral Slice
The fact that the Family Guy DVD sales were enormous is a testament to the writing, intelligence, popularity and all round funniness of the show. It's great to see that there will be a new series, but surely pimping the franchise out and turning it into a stage play, musical CD etc is just a cynical way of turning a genuine TV gem into nothing more than a ca$h-whore, and proves that the Fox TV execs only give a monkey's about profits... Good luck and kudos to creator McFarlane, but please don't ruin the Family by killing it with capitalistic greed!

Adam Johnson
New series in may?? Best news ever, I'm glad to see fox is willing to produce and continue to produce cartoons that aren't the simpsons. Even if I still haven't forgiven them for cancelling Futurama...

Freakin' sweet. Too bad they're not coming over this side of the pond

wow! it has a certain style to it, i must admit...anyway, MAS

Geraint Hughes
This sounds brilliant. A UK tour is a must as well, to see the guys on stage and then to have a question answer session with them would be absolutely brilliant. This program is one of the funniest I've ever seen.

I'm glad theres all this new Family Guy, by far superior to the now boring and stale Simpsons.



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