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7 February 2011
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Cult | News | 24 June 2005

Cult closes 15 July

This site shuts next month. Bye, then!

Sadly, as part of the restructuring of the BBC's online activities, this site is closing at the end of the month.

We're trying to find alternative homes for some sites, but much of the content will be removed from the servers, and that which remains will not be maintained.

We'd like to thank all our users (700,000 of you last month!), and to everyone who expressed an opinion of us in the BBC's Online Audience survey (we nearly came top - beaten only by those pesky News people).

The team have had a wonderful six years looking after the site, and hope you continue to enjoy the BBC's online offerings.

PS: Don't worry about the Doctor Who site. It's safe.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

Mike Hilton
Quite possibly the most single minded, tunnel visioned and typical backward thinking from the BBC. Many people may agree that this is the work of a select few, or possibly a misguided direction from a bureaucratic dinosaur department on the top floor of the BBC, whose sole grasp on reality is severely massaged by their own self importance and massively swollen egos. A quote from the chief exec. �Nothing must be allowed to deprive our children and our grandchildren of the rich experience we have come to expect from the BBC� Michael Grade. Taken from the BBC News Entertainment Web Site Well Michael, if you mean it then save this site for all our children!!!! Unless you wish to continue in a tradition of exhibiting towering inefficiency whilst hiding behind a tissue thin veil of economic restructuring baloney. Have some backbone man!! SAVE THIS SITE.

Barry Smith
Why on earth would you close somthing that is so popular? Cant some one continue it else where? - or must one of us take it on our own back and do it ?

this is a terrible shame, and I urge the BBC to rethink it's decision.

This is so stunningly shortsighted of the BBC, I'm just appalled! Thanks to all of you at BBC Cult who made this such a fantastic site. All of your tremendous, hard work and enthusiasm will be terribly missed.

Colins Lucky Knickers
Not a happy Bunny! why are you doing this? Its a real shame!!!!

Sir Findo Gask
I pay my licence fee, well SWMBO does at any rate. I own part of the BBC I want this site to stay. There will be questions in the house..... If you can keep Wogan for all these years surely you can keep this web site.

Quite shocked at this! Off to with me then!

Dr Peter Ware
Very sorry to see that BBCi's Cult site will be closed shortly. Questions: 1) Where are the web sites at which this material is duplicated? As far as I know, much of it is unique. 2) Why is not possible to archive all existing material - why must it be erased?

Dave Duke
Explain to me how you can justify closing a site which is the best vessel for so much genre media, in the world. I know for a fact that it is used by people worldwide. All i can say is, this makes no logical sense, i do hope you close down the useless sites that noone visits, though i doubt that closing down actual wastes of money instead of destroying the pleasure of thousands, never really crossed your mind did it

I've only recently discovered this part of the site and it's brilliant. There are many parts of the site which are much more deserving of being cut.

William Dawson
This is a travesty. Why on earth would the BBC want to shut down a site which brings together such a diverse cross section of people together? Surely that is one of BBC main aims & responsibilities?

Mark Timbs, Oxford
Clap, Clap, Clap. Well done BBC. As has previously been stated here, by closing this site down you are throwing away valuable information and nuggets that will likely be lost for ever and which no future generation can look back to. Have you not learned anything from 'scrapping' all those old TV shows from the 50's & 60's now lost forever including classic Dr Who. No doubt, in a couple of years time, you'll have a great 'new idea'! To create a web page dedicated to Cult TV! Well, at least you'll save some pennies for a few years!

Emma England
I have been on vacation for two weeks and I come back to this disaster. The BBC has made some poor decisions but this is one of the worst. I shall miss the useful and entertaining service this website provides.

Roz Harvey
What about the unique content that can only be found here? I hope that at least the Ghosts of Albion has found a new home. I am with the people who say how much you will be missed. Does the BBC not recognise how large an audience they are going to be loosing by removing this site?

boooo, what do i pay my license for, keep this site open. Thank You

How can the BBC call itself a public service organisation and then withdraw part of that service?! Fantasy TV fans might be a minority of the population but that is no reason to deny us information about our favourite shows. I bet they wouldn't dare delete the Eastenders pages!

This is just absolute rubbish! How can the BBC get rid of such an amazing website that gathers together so many incredible shows and offers information to anyone who wants to know more about them! This is just such an outrage, I have no idea what I'll do when I want more info on Buffy or Angel or Hitch Hiker, there just isn't a better website for these shows out there!

Mark Harper
You really do have to wonder if the BBC cares for the people who fund it. It's always ponted out that it's finded through the license, SO LISTEN TO THE LICENSE PAYERS! Keep the Cult site for the cult fans. Come on everyone keep on complaining and get something done.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What were they thinking? 700,000 not enough? Anyone else would think that the more viewers you have the less likely you are to be axed. Still, things are looking up for the axing of Eastenders :-)


Start you own company and rebuild it somewhere else. 700,000 a month is a ready made market.

Blakcros of Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Yes folks, another example of short-sided corpratist desision making. Rather than listening to the people who would like to see this kind of thing continue, blinkered execs on advice from fresh out of University MBAs (or the UK's equivalent) who have no real world prior experience are given more import than what is wanted by the masses. This is the kind of crap that goes as S.O.P. at BP as well in regards to their stations here in the US.

Joe McNally
What a bloody waste. And I hate to say it, but we paid for this content to be created - why on earth shouldn't it be kept online in 'suspended animation'?

Dale Groves
Is this one of Baldrick's cunning plans? Don't you dare shut this down!!!!

Richard T
Typical! More Great British decisions made by those least qualified to make them! God help us all!

Mr Parrot
Blame the politicians. Wasn't it they that said the Beeb site shouldn't try to do what other sites do, even though they do it so much better. If you don't like this, email your MP at Let's hope it isn't too late.

Further to the comment made earlier in this post, about closeing down 'redundent' Digitsl channels, ie BBC PARLIMENT, a channel i think is a waste of space, that only draws in about 1000 viewers, and this cult site draws in around 700,000 Viewers in the uk and worldwide... the bbc should seriously re-think this decision on closeing this site, if the bbc wants to make cost cutting measures. Why dont they consider merging departments in the BBC so that they dont waste my money that i pay every month on channels/programmes that in my sense is a waste of money.. wheres the petition form to save CULT website from being extinct

I don't like this. I don't like this. I don't like this. Hey, what is going to happen to all the clips on the website such as Paul Daniels Magic Show from 1991. Are going to get scrapped too. Guys and gals, why don't you try

Please save the BBC cult section. It's a nice handy home for all our most very favourite of shows! I think the ground-swell of opinion confirms this. Please keep the cult site!

Chris Lindsay
No, no, no, no , nooooo! What dreadful, dreadful idea. I agree with the comments compairing this to deleting Dr Who in the 70's. This web site is a total gem and closing it down when a) its popular, b) its a valuble resource on a whole slew of rare and fondly remembered shows stinks. If those critria don't consitute 'public service' what does? Rebel dear BBC workers, Rebel!

Jay Bee
What will I do when instead of working now?

Jay Hinkelman, Indiana, USA
Shame to lose the Ghosts of Albion material. :( -- Jay

It's your own fault. Too much of interest here. You should have followed the new weather forecast model and removed all the content. Oh, that's what you are doing....

This is the most ridiculous thing the BBC could do at a time when Doctor Who is creating a renaissance in British sci-fi. I am really dissappointed at the news as it is the only place to find sci-fi news for British fans.

Sarah C.
Pleeease reconsider!!! This is a vital treasure trove of information that helps to preserve childhood memories. Don't BBC bosses have hearts.

Oh so the BBC thinks it a good idea to get rid of cult, So cult gets more than 100 users ad is a popular site as it includes web pages for the different cult shows, even those that the BBC don't show. I think it is very sad BBC and just let you know this is the site i used more than the other sites. As it contains information on my favourite shows and has a good a varity of features to keep people enterain.

I'm sorry, I thought that the BBC's remit was to be a public broadcaster and therefore reflect what the (paying) public would like to see. Obviously I was wrong.

Doctor When
I have only relatively recently spent large amounts of time on this site - an essential archive of all that is great and good about the BBC - this kind of action only serves to fuel my strengthening dislike of TV in general.

Colin MadAsHell
I've just posted my official complaint to THEM They are fools to close down this website. By doing so the bbc risk alienating a large part of its audience and with so much information collated, there is no other site on the web as comprehensive and as well presented as this one. Surely savings can be made elsewhere, if it is a purely financial decision. Reconsider this decision and give the license payers what they want, value for money which is what this site is. The Governement may demand cuts from the BBC but ultimately the decision as to what gets cut is the BBCs. The Government didn't stipulate that the cult site has to go. They did it to BBC2 at the six o'clock time slot(supposedly alloted to cult and sci-fi)and are doing it again here. 700 000 hits a month and voted 2nd best web site. At least I am not the only one who cant get their head round this crazy decision - IT DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!-Wierd. So much time and effort wasted. I shall miss this site and never view the BBC in the same way again....BAH!!!

Tarmac (aka John McAdam)
Civilisation moves forward, not backwards. With all the dross the BBC puts on television, it makes no sense to close the site. If it has to go, give it to someone who cares, like Wavey Davey. Don't just dump it, you'll only regret it. 700,000 can't be wrong.

Owen Jones
I just discovered the site after reading it was going to be discontinued. That's indicative to me that the BBC hasn't done a good job publicising it. But now I've found it - what a pity! The BBC is in a unique position to provide material like this, and it is squandering the opportunity. Generally I have been very impressed with the forward thinking attitude of the BBC in its use of technology, but not this time. What a stupid decision!

Dave Dutton
This is about our heritage. A lot of us grew up with these shows. The BBC has no right to remove our heritage. Very shortsighted. One thought. Is it because it shows up the present offerings as somehow not living up to the past? A rethink please.

mark gell
why is this site going, 700,000 hits counts for nothing then why do I pay my fees if everything good about the bbc is lost!!!! think again BBc your making a mistake

So this website does not "offer sufficient distinctive public value" to remain viable. And TOTP does? Eastenders? Everything in the daytime schedule? The BBC does very little that is truely distinctive but untill now the website at least been a great deal better than any alternative. This is yet another sad example of ivory tower idealogues wrecking the few things that make the BBC's license fee structure worthwhile.

Well shit in my hat and punch it! You are so loosing your grasp on what the public wants! I tell you what, put up a reality TV website instead, unless another band wagon comes alone of course!

Grade does it again. Just because he doesn't have an interest in something, he gets it cancelled. This is simply the best site on the internet! Or was!

Paul Dunning
What about all the other BBC shows that will no lomnger be recorded and recognised on the BBC site? This is important historical information that is being lost. I am saddened that the BBC clearly has no interest in it's more creative past any more. A real shame.

Complained through official channels and received the standard reply as detailed by others already. It was claimed that the website 'did not offer sufficient distinctive public value for the investment required', despite getting 700,000 hits last month. Surely the number of complaints here alone shows how popular this site is. Its disguisting that the company is not listening to its service users in this way.

The initial BBC complaints response is now available on the Frequent Complaints pages ( Please, don't let this stop those of you who wish to complain of Cults closure via the formal procedure (Covered in a post below) doing so. I find the response unsatisfactory and have a firm belief that the Cult website offers a unique experience and that it's closure would represent a reduction in public value for the BBC. This appears to be the key point. As a straw poll there is a petition at - please, if you feel strongly about this issue, sign it. Public feedback of any kind can only prove useful.

Darth TV
Fear I sense

Brian Potter
This site is great, I cannot understand the rationale for getting rid of it. So typical of the BBC to pull a stunt like this.

Andrew Glazebrook
A stupid idea ! Keep this site open !!!!

Ivor Jones
I don't believe it. Well I do actually. The mind boggles at the BBC's shortsightedness. Ye gods whatever next, shut down BBC2 bacause it's not mainstream enough..?

Giles Kendrick
Tell you what, Mr Grade, why don't you abandon re-decorating offices for a year or two. Alternatively, ban staff (at all levels) from travelling between BBC offices in London by taxi and charging it back to the corporation. You might also want to let all the overpaid presenters *&%" off to ITV and use new blood that costs less. Oh, and if you release Between the Lines on DVD, I'll buy it. These and many other ways can be used to cut Auntie's costs. Please don't curtail this unique website. (Unique - adjective - being the only one of its kind. Shorter OED)

Michael Litchfield
Cult is a national treasure. It is undoubtedly the best online resource for cult television. It should be preserved for the nation. I know it goes against the BBC's ethics, but can't it get some sort of sponsorship deal? Please reconsider... remember who pays the licence fee!!!

J walker
Penny pinching, pencil pushing idiots pandering to 'el presidente' blairs spin machine to only show the on-message, multi-ethnic target meeting, box ticking vannilla tripe. Made to pacify and bumb down the masses till the only thing they think is when is trisha on. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Mike Nuttall
What's going to happen to stuff like the truly excellent 'Ghosts of Albion' webcasts? Are they just going be deleted? And where are these 'similar' cult sites on the web? I've never seen a site like this anywhere else. There really isn't a single good reason to dump this site. Not one. There are 700,000 and counting good reasons to keep it. 700,000. Most digital TV doesn't get that.

Dan Wilkins
Bad bad bad!!! This site is a hive of up-to-date info on cult entertainment, old and new. I can't think of a worthy replacement for the keyboard shortcut - I hope the BBC are reassigning you guys rather than showing you the door. Good luck - the site will be missed!!

Who Fan
Why? What on earth possessed anyone to think this was good idea? The cult site is fantastic and has been my homepage for over a year. The cult news section is brilliant for keeping up to date on all things cult with a fantastic sense of humour. Don't do this BBC!

Lance Harrington
Idiotic BBC!! Once again the BBC makes a massive mistake!!! Is this another clanger by Grade and his cronies?? Cult team - you should start your own website!!! You've been the best thing on the BBC site. We'll all miss you.

David Plaice
The reason given for the closure of the site is feeble. There may be similar content spread across the web but it isn't all in one place and it doesn't have access to the BBC's information resources. Mark Thompson may bite journalists but he's toothless when it comes to standing up to Tony Blair.

The BBC spends vast amounts of money on its World Service Broadcasts. With the Cult website readers coming from around the World why can't it put some of the World Service money into keeping the Cult website going. As I am normally an avid Radio 4 listener I think I should sign of as "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells".

C. Prime
Why This? It was getting interesting!

Lana Ewell
This is awful!!! You will be missed!!!!!!!

Bev Bowden
I spend most of my dinner hours on this site, playing games and reliving my childhood!!!!! Thanks for the memory's Cult Team ;o)

Robert E. Moran
Do you have anybody who can host the site for you?

Jason Ford
No more Cult, no more license fee, simple. And look, a link to the Complaints website, muwhahaha!

Robert Lawrence
Yet again it seems that BBC logic is not like our Earth logic.

I'm not entirely surprised -as jobs go at - it always seemed slightly odd devoting space to primarily American shows - the BBC has never really liked screening American progs and always shunts such programmes into the 6pm BBC2 kiddie slot. The very fact that these programmes are called 'cult' says a lot about how they are perceived by the BBC - in the USA, these are considered mainstream shows, not 'cult' whatever that means.

Disgusted Edenfield
The wicked Auntie strikes again

PrinceGaz, Newcastle
The BBC has made many cult programmes over the years and this website is therefore invaluable. By deciding to close it down despite (or perhaps because of) its great popularity, the BBC as a publicly-funded organisation are hammering another nail into their coffin.

Michael Boyd
I've enjoyed using this site, and deplore the decision to close it

Alf Neuman
Here we go again. See what happens when accountants run a company!! Anyway, just how much does it take to run this website. The hardwares there, the staff are there. Normally the problem is getting the site known. Hello...job already accomplished. I thought the Beeb was run for our benifit since we pay the bills???

Dave in Buxton
The developers and editors of this site should form a splinter group and keep the place alive...just not under the BBC (Big Bloated Corp.) banner.

Bye Bye BBC. 700,000 people a month must be wrong????????

Hayden Clark
Thin end of the wedge. The aim, of course, is to ultimately thin down the news, current affairs, and other services that are covered elsewhere by paid-for services. There are many powerful Companies with the ear of those in power who are angry that they are being undercut by the BBC.

Let The Users Maintain It!
Why not open up this sort of content to be maintained in a wikipedia style. The content was created using the british licence payers money, and there are people who'd gladly join a community to keep such content alive.

sarda sahney
I think it is a travesty you are considering shutting down this site, especially as you acknowledge the high level of traffic (700,000 users in the last month!). I suspect this is motivated by a lack of funds; if you have the resources to continue this site I would urge you to reconsider. The information is provided in an accessible, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing format - something that is becoming increasingly rare in these days of Internet pollution.

Alan Brown
It just shows that the management of the BBC is very remote from the users of the BBC services. Very silly decision.

Dave Reynolds
Makes sense, the BBC hasn't had much "cult" tv on it for ages anyway (channel 4 took over that job!)

Judith T
WHAT! Thus sucks big time. What are the BBC thinking!. this is one of the main hubs on the internet for cult TV information. I am very seriously reconsidering renewing my licence and stop using telvision completely as the BBC seem to be rapidly loosing touch with its viewers needs. Shame on you BBC shame on you.

One minute the BBC is on the leading edge with innovative experiments like the Beethoven symphony downloads, next they are back in the dumbed-down dark ages. Is anyone actually in charge out there?

Omnipotent Godette
Great. Glad I pay a TV License, to support cr@p decisions. Thank you I guess I'll just have to rely on Channel 4!

stupid, just stupid!!!

Alistair Fielding
I find this very upsetting, the bbc say they are trying to improve their interactive services, yet they close down and even worse, delete sections of their website. I guess interactive TV is more fasionable than the internet at the moment, even tho far more people in this country (and definately the world) At present i have a televison licence and no televison, well forget it. I will not be re-newing it. I have always supported the bbc and honistly belived that rubbish about you being different because of the way you were funded well I was wrong. I am going to be join the people actively protesting when the BBC try to renew its Royal Charter in 2007.

Paul Weaver
We the users need to offer to take over that which the Beeb is switching off. People power could run this site with the Beebs coporation.

Alan Jones
ARRGGGHHH!..... BBC Management???? Absolutely, Reprehensible, Sickening, Egotistical, Hideous, Obscene, Laughable, Elitist, Sods

Iain Leadley
So if you get canned for being 2nd are they canning the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, ..................

Peter Morgan
Even if it's not maintained the Cult site pages should be left in place, as they costs have already been spent on their development.

Darren Phillips
This is an insult to the marvellous heritage of the BBC and to all to the intelligence, charm, and ability of the site mainainers, such forward (and backward) thinking individuals are to be commended in these days of homogenised US-style media representation! I was just feeling the licence fee was getting 2% represented with "cult" serving us well and "Dr. Who" back! An insult to all bright media enthusiasts! A travesty in line with the junking of all those great shows in the 50/60/70s. Just shows, the more things change... What a load of ROT!

Paul Taylor
I really can't see the reason why a site which is so popular should be shut down. Who is responsible for this madness?

vanessa o
i will be very sad to see this wonderful site go. please stay.

Katie Fraser
No! They can't shut this website! I am enjoying all the old BBC clips from programmes and the old music from the 80's and 90's. How am going to remember classic programmes now?

Simon McNair
Ok, let me get this right because I think I must be missing something. 700,000 visits in one month alone and the site is being closed as "we feel this will not cause a reduction in public value". Explain that for me because I don't understand.

Dan Ludlow
I am very disappointed and dis-heartened at this closure. The BBC's current re-structuring will lead to its ultimate demise (much to the glee of Murdoch and the current government). Why close a popular service that shows good value for money? It makes no sense.

colin suter
Insulting the BBC won't help. Please, think again - this site is very popular and you are upsetting a lot of people. Why do this?

John W
Which silly cult thought to do this?!

BBC Bosses - listen to what the people are saying! We like this site and don't want it closed. Show some intelligence. Good work by the way Cult team - feel proud!

Ladies and Gentlemen who have slaved over this site, I Thank You. To the powers that be who have decided to shut it down, I am sorry you are so short sighted. People who come to sites such as this, who view not only the content, but the advertising, are a somewhat different group perhaps, then you are used to dealing with. We are called early adopters, in general. Not only are we comfortable with the internet, WE ARE ALSO COMFORTABLE GETTING OUR INFORMATION THERE. We often order things online, or do all our research on products online. There is one thing I find that ISN'T as well understood or measured about our habits online, that effects the BBC, and all other networks worldwide. That thing would be, oddly enough, how we recommend Television shows TO EACH OTHER. No amount of slick advertising can replace word-of-mouth. On the internet, word of mouth is instantaneous and WORLDWIDE, giving you reach AND increasing the reputation of the BBC as a world leading network. It may be obvious to you that I am not in the UK, and you may dismiss out of hand my opinion, because I am not your target audience. I would suggest to you that I am part of your target audience. If you are to continue to have a viable network, you will have to realize that not only do you have global reach through affiliates like BBCAmerica and others, you have global reach through the World Wide Web. [It's called that for a reason.] Tapping this resource is the key to growth for your network, but you MUST treat it well. Think beyond your previous Tlelvision training and envision the movement of information in ALL it's various media. You will see then, that as early adopters spread the word of new content, they tell two friends, who each tell two friends and so on. Since your net metrics should already tell you that the CultTV site is very busy and "Well Loved" if you will, you can see that the price you pay for it's existence is worth it. This IS your global reach, to people WHO WILL SPREAD THE WORD. Now do you wish them to spread the word of your forward thinking strategeies, or of your incompacity to understand technology going forward? respectfully yours, David... of Colorado, USA

Dr Creek
"The real test of any organisation is how it deals with complaints from the public." Michael Grade BBC Chairman Deal With it

Roz Page
I just can't believe it! Just goes to show how out of touch the BBC is. It will put on endless lifestyle programming, endless dancing programmes. Oh I forgot by ringing up to vote for people you're making money for them. I will miss this site so much!!!

Dylan, Sheffield.
Does the BBC expect us to believe it can't afford the hard drive space to keep this content online? Or maybe it's because the Cult site is too popular, and they can't spare the bandwidth, so they're shutting it down in favour of keeping less popular sections online. I can't see how this decision makes any sense.

One day,in years to come, after some insightful DG has recommissioned the site, whoever decided to do away with these pages will have to apologise and recant- like Michael Grade did w/r/t Dr Who...

Steven Hutt
i quote:"We recognise that the Cult website has attracted a large following. However, efficiency savings are needed to pay for new projects which will ensure that the BBC continues to offer distinctive and innovative services, so it is necessary to close this site.

Richard Marshall
I'd be very, very interested to know how much a percentage of the licence fee this site's budget takes up, against how much Eastenders budget does [it's been receiving lower viewing figures after all]?? For instance 'Billy Mitchell' has been reported as earning �400k a year. I think that's disgusting - but then I'm just a viewer who HAS to pay the licence and shut up, because it's the law. HOW can people justify the licence fee when the BBC doesn't even cater for its own audiences properly??

nate kramer
painfully accepted.. Perhaps you should open source the page and see if mirrors can be found. What a shame.

Gavin Hamill
Well done, BBC - yet another reason for the licence fee being increasingly difficult to stomach. I would dearly love to see examples of how the money being saved from this site will be used to inform, educate and entertain us.

What a stupid decision.

phil, Belgium
The only BBC-site worth looking at will be eliminated? Shame on the one who made this decision!

Are there any plans to allow someone to set up a mirror of the contents of the site? I am sure it can be done if someone has the resources and they are allowed to do it without charging for access to the Cult section contents. Seems a waste for the entire section to be lost for good. just my 2cults worth

Arthur Dent
Bloody Vogons. I think I need a lie down.

The cult website is an excellent use of licence payers' money, witnessed by 700,000 hits in just one month. Many commercial websites would be delighted with this level of interest. If it closes I will be most displeased. What can we do to prevent or reverse the closure?

Angie H
This is so sad- it was fab to have a site which "got" what as sci fi and Cult and didn't give out the same patronising and stereotypical drivel we get from the press on a regular basis. Ah back to lazy and ignorant reporting as we are relegated to "geekdom" once again. Pity most of the UK are classified as "geeks" then if Star Wars and Doctor Who are anything to go by.. When is anyone going to get that this is more mainstream than people like to admit? Will be sad to see such a lovely bastion of sanity gone. Stupid!

James Stewart
As a regular visitor to the Cult site; I have to say that this is the worst decision ever. [Said in Comic Book Guy's voice]. Please, I urge you to reconsider this decision. As someone else said, 700,000 visitors in one month is phenomenal.

Shame.... I have only just come across this site and from what I have seen it is just fantastic.

Well done BBC. Deleting popular and distinctive content - Woo! This like the backward BR nonsense - "The Trains are too busy - let's cancel some and increase costs on others - That is sure to fix the figures!". "The BBC provides too good a service for the private sector to complete - let's diverse into mediocrity and banal blandness!"

Typical BBC decision. Just like when they destroyed thousands of reels of achived material... just when digital storage was coming out! Then asked viewers to submit recording to replace them... (which, they told us was illegal!) Tragic. Scrap the license fee now! not in ten years. Its a BBC supscription after all, then let us opt in or opt out. Streaming media to your mobile... not without a license.. ridiculous!!!

Joris Field
Why??? It seems a pity to close the site down, especially without properly explaining the reasons for it. Even your colleagues on the News site seem to have overlooked this entire event.

Alex O'Neal
Please, please don't do this. Much of the BBC's appeal lies in the fact that it is not a bland, homogenized site serving up only the most popular content. If you change this, what will you have to set yourself apart from other news and portal sites?

If they dump Ghosts of Albion, I will be extremely disappointed with the BBC. And up until now, I (an American) felt that the BBC was one of the world's best entertainment sources, especially its website.

David Buckley
It wasn't that many years ago the BBC decided to save a few bob and we lost many hours of priceless TV. Next up, the web...

Gerry, London
Why the hell would a BBC, which is supposed to have remit to proivde public services both wireless and wired, remove what is one of their most popular services. Are they MAD ?

Gary Owen
Boo! Boo! Bad BBC. Bad BBC...

I can't wait for the really good reality show that will be produced on the back of the money saved by closing the site.

Matt James
A fortnight before apparent closure of this site and every single message has the same tone. And my browser is having trouble scrolling through them all. Will it take all 700000+ users to complain before the BBC reconsiders? I should hope not. The BBC runs on popular opinion. Don't forget that Auntee Beeb. Loss of viewers equals loss of revenue. Not only will we lose the chance at more Doctor Who, but you can say goodbye to the planned 'yet another period piece' and even Jeremy might wonder why there are no students stepping up to be University Challenged. That's because we're all off watching Channel 4.

Joe McNally
This is an absolute disgrace. The irony is that this very popular public service is presumably being withdrawn to make the BBC better 'value', in order to placate anti-BBC ideologues...

Lupus Yonderboy
Closing the /cult site is bloody ridiculous. I find that it features a LOT of content that CAN'T be found anywhere else - I was really impressed when I found the interview with Carl Critchlow, for example. Instead of cutting expenditure on the cult fans, you should be using them to raise revenue! I propose a straight-to-DVD miniseries about Captain Jack Harkness. You fools! FOOLS!

Ben Rogers
The BBC cult website is a charming and quirky (and immensly popular) resource that I have used for years. Thanks and good luck to the Cult team, and a fat slobbery raspberry to the spineless trollops responsible for axing the site.

Once again the BBC demonstrates how out of touch it is with the current generation of viewers. Its clear the BBC is becoming the next M&S. Completely out of touch with the new generation. We are not all over 50's - its about time the BBC grew up.

Your site is the only reason I visit the BBC's online presence. If Cult TV goes, so do I unfortunately. We cult tv watchers are funny that way.

Neil Harsant
Sad decision

Don't you have room in the spacious BBC film vaults with all the space you made in the mid-seventies...?

As a TV license payer, I strongly object to this. Surely it can't cost that much to run in the scheme of things. At least leave the pages up.

the hitchikers guide to the galaxy states that " the bbc will be 1st up agaisnt the wall when the reveloution comes.2 By a remarkable chance version of the book fro mt he future states " the bbc where 1st against the wall when the reveloution came." sorry going by memory here but you get the idea :(

Stupid decision. A tragic waste of a site that was offering something very different to what else is out there. It's not too late to change it is it?

WTF!!! Why get rid of one of the best group of sites on the net??? I've enjoyed the items on this website for the last 3 years and I just don't understand it. Please keep the site going. I don't suppose we'll get any of the inflated TV licence money back for the tat they put on in the place of cutting great sites such as this one. Amazing stupidity of which ever bright spark decided to pull the plug on it. All I have to say to who ever it was " that just shows what a 42 karat plonker you really are!!!". Gutted....

Simon in San Diego
Being an older expat, I thought the 'older' and clearly still senile, managers of the beeb had been put out to pasture. What a shame as shortly after I find this site- by far the best in the beeb- I hear it is to go... maybe a T-shirt is in order and then they can make the cost back!, btw Is it still the taxpayers' money that keeps the beeb alive? Sometimes the U.S. can be a little obvious, but NBC would love a site that got so many hits and devoted followers- Come to that so would E! May you find a way to live on....

Carol Hague
"This website is tremendously popular, so we'll close it down." What marvellously logical thinking by the BBC. I was under the impression that the BBC was there to provide a public service. Silly me.

What are you doing? Nooo!

Kenneth Kelsaw
A huge shame. Efficiency savings.... Hmmmm. Nice one BBC, shot yourself in the foot again by axing something popular.

Kris Spencer of Wales
"/cult" is some of the best British TV ever.. and some of the best british comedy that can be found.. God Save the Queen! She is making a terrible mistake by getting rid of this site. Throw away your culture in exchange for what? How does Britain benefit from this travesty of digital destruction? I hope enough people complain so that you can continue this site. It has always been one of my all time favorites.

Martin Castaldo
MAJOR wrong decision one of the biggest sub sites on the bbc.... I would take it on for free!

bbc world listener from berlin
since dyke is gone, the bbc is becoming the british version of the voice of america. replace fun with public health. replace news with neoliberal propaganda.

I'm slightly confused - why don't you just leave this site? You don't have to maintain it or anything, just leave it on your servers for people to access. Closing a site which provides useful information and doesn't need updating is just retarded.

Finally the BBC get back a cult classic in DR WHO, and the cull the site that has helped to bring back this new money spinner ! What next ?? No more CBEEBIES website :-(

Barry Williams
Cults what Cults? I don�t see a thing about Scientology or the Ladder-Day Saints (Mormons) on this site.

Dougie Newell

Mike from the US
Terrible news indeed. BBC, don't make the wrong Cult Television!

I strongly urge the maintainers to -- by hook or by crook -- distribute the entire contents of the cult website to all the major P2P networks as soon as possible! If the BBC won't protect it's heritage, let us do it!

Let's get some mirrors going...or even better, a torrent with a zipped up mirror for local usage.

This is terrible - I've only just found this site because of all the news about it being shut down! If they'd publicised it some more maybe it'd be even bigger than it is now!

Sorry to hear this news, as an American I didn't have a sense of British television's perspective on Cult TV etc. Sorry to see this go, thanks for the great service to us Cult TV lovers.

Paul Regan
The whole point of the licence fee we all pay is so that the BBC caters to a disperate range of tastes. This part of their web site is an invaluable tool. Shutting it down is a total disgrace. Hopefully someone will reverse this foolish, narrow minded decision.

Mike Batt
I am a licence payer and I am appalled. Am I allowed under the freedom of information act to ask how much the upkeep of this site costs?? Maybe a newsreader could take a paycut?

Nathalie Ehrhardt
To BBC Officials You know, I really wanted to be reasonnable and ask for the reasons behind that decision. Clear reasons you should have given from the beginning as a communication network should do. So, before writing this,I checked the Complaints site.And it made things worse: -Messageboards closures,BBC response,publication date 22 Feb 2005:"...we are developing simpler and more imaginative ways to interact.These include rating and voting features and more content generated by our users themselves..." See how it worked: the Cult tv site was rated 2nd and,surprise, is ditched!Boy,the new ways to interact are so much simpler, there's no interaction anymore! -Closure of BBC Cult website,BBC response,29 june 2005:..."to close those websites which we felt did not offer sufficient distinctive public value for the investment required."..."We felt that many areas covered by the Cult site were already being replicated on other areas of the web.This meant there was very little distinction between the BBC and the commercial sector." Don't you listen to what users are saying?If that site offers so little distinctive value, how do you explain it rates so high?Furthermore, the Cult site was clearly maintained by series lovers for series lovers, with many distinctive touches and humor.There's no such thing elsewhere!But perhaps, in your wise researches(you have done some research to sustain your decision,haven't you?,you have found other sites that offer the same quality(more or less):would you please give me their url, so I can be "imaginative" and link to them as a homepage instead of to You want to stop maintaining the Cult site?So be it,destroy public value and bbc reputation,but don't destroy the content of the site:that would be unforgivable. Have you ever read Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)? Because,as Kosh(Babylon 5) would say:"So it begins..." Be imaginative,but the way we want you to be? "Where do we go from here" indeed! To the Cult team: so long guys, wonderful job!(sob,tears)You will be missed! "Faith manages!"

So this area is ranked second only to the news and they're still closing it???! WTF?!??! I'll repeat what is said - DON'T CLOSE THIS AREA!!!

Samuel Moffatt
So you make a decent website, well organised with great content that is hard to find else where and you decide to say "it can be found elsewhere." how wrong you are! this site puts things in an easy to find location where i don't have to waste hours of time on the internet to find out a trivial piece of information that this site usually contains. poor choice taking it off air, it was the only reason i'd consider going to the UK (since the AU cult tv stuff is kinda limited, i mean come on, your farscape section rocks, AND WE PRODUCED THE SERIES! backwards really). anyway, bad idea, sorry to see it go

This site alone justified the price of the television licence therefore the cost of the licence should be reduced to reflect the loss of this excellent site

I think this is short-sighted as the wholesale destruction of archives in the past.... as a licence payer, I vote that the BBC continue with the Cult website... or will the BBC give us permission to nick their content so we can host it on our own websites?

jeremy hulette
don't do it!

John Kingston
Why? Your remit and the reason for the TV licence is to provide intelligent TV and news. If you don't do that, and just concentrate on what sells to the lowest common denominator, what good are you?

David in Scotland
The BBC Cult site is a clever way of making classic BBC programmes available in a very accessible way. Looking after its audio and visual heritage and making it readily available to a wide audience are core BBC objectives. In an age when technologies like PodCasting are changing the face of delivery, it's sad that such an effective method is lost - especially when innovative methods of maintenance, like a Wiki, probably haven't been considered. Maybe they'll blow the cash on another Flashmob instead.

a disgrace. while others are busy archiving the web and recognising it as the most important development in information dissemination since the television, the world's finest public service broadcaster ignores the popularity and quality of the cult site ... and culls it. i hope every monster contained in these pages haunts the darkest recesses of the febrile mind who is responsible for this decision

BBC bean counters ... bunch of cults

Alex, Austin TX
It's decisions like this that will lead to the ultimate demise of the BBC. The fact is that it's sites like this along with unique programming that distinguish it from regular broadcasters, and cable/satellite channels and is what makes the BBC great. When you take content like this away the BBC becomes little more than an empty shell of its former self. Very sad.

Typical BBC, no doubt we will get a new period drama to replace this..

Emily Rutherford
I fail to understand why the BBC will be improved by closing down one of the most popular sections of Would this not serve only to anger people - some of whom are licence fee-payers?

john c
what a shame to take down such a wonderful site! people enjoy pop culture history like this.

Richard Anderson
Crush the imperialist dogs!

It seems some people at the BBC has there heads tucked neatly in unmentionable places...

To save money, why not get rid of Eastenders instead? Apparently the justification for closing this site is that it is too similar to other stuff on the web. Well soaps are completely interchangeable, so by the same justification the BBC should not being doing soaps. Also, the only thing that Eastenders has ever done for the country is to make Estuary English commonplace. Not a great achievement...

John Gibson
Great Site, WTF do the BBC think they are doing? I hard;y watch BBC programmes anymore, but the wesites take most of my time.

Michael Bond
Yet another Island of quality disappears under the rising sea level of trash "entertainment" from the BBC.

Soo another part of the BBC that is being closed down! That should make my liscense fee come down too right? Haha cant see that happening! If the BBC can pull stunts like this, then the license fee should be scrapped and the BBC made into a commercial company like ITV etc. The quality of programs on the BBC is already poor and I for one hardly ever watch it. So now you've destroyed your Television programming, you're gonna destroy the website too? Get a grip! If this is another money saving scheme, then that should be reflected in our liscense fees thank you very much!

what's the point of expressing our opinions to a publicly owned and run company if they don't listen... maybe whoever made this decision has aspirations in politics and wanted the practice of NOT representing the people they represent!

Trish Lewis (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)
I urge the BBC to reconsider. While some of the Cult pages are replicative, they are definitely not redundant. The BBC cult pages are by far the most complete resource online for such information. I urge the BBC to reconsider.

you stupid cheese paring fools -this is a public resource -why destroy it now that its built and PAID FOR by the UK license payers?Vandals and philistines are in charge.

we shall defend our cult, whatever the tv license costs may be, we shall fight at the routers, we shall fight at the sockets, we shall fight the hole OSI stack, we shall never surrender.

Since the Hitchikers Guide area is on the cult site does that mean it's destined for the digital dumping ground? If so - way to go BBC. Nice way to remember Douglas Adams. I'm sure he will be very happy.

Dereliction of duty
Surely the point of a public broadcaster is to give the public what it wants. Surely 700,000 voluntary visits when people can choose to go anywhere on the net is an asstounding vote of approval. Surely if people had a million tv stations they would not question that 700,000 is a fantastic number of visitors. The fool who made this decision is absolutely clueless. How can we get them fired for stupidity?

Adam Hearn
Yet another example of how the BBC is *NOT* in touch with the people who pay it's way. It should be a public (UK) vote as we're the ones who pay for this stuff in the 1st place. The site is a great resource and will be missed.

Typical dumb, silly, ignorant BBC. Create something that's popular and well liked, then squash it and get rid of it. Why not concentrate on the unpopular and unliked sections of the site instead of going after the highly rated and popular sites.

What a joke. Where do they get off?

James Alexander
I thought the BBC was supposed to provide the sort of services that others don't? There's no site like anywhere else. Thanks to you all for the hard work!

I wish I'd known about this site before now. I wish it could stay up a bit longer.

OH CUMMON !!!! You gotta be joking. A word similar to "cult" springs to mind at this point.

David Taylor
Who decided to drop a site that came second on the BBC Online Audience Survey? Hardly seems like a good idea. 700,000 hits per month doesn't seem like the site is exactly unpopular, either. Don't dump the cult site, dump the idiot that decided to dump it!

Richard Neill
This is insane. More to the point, the taxpayers paid for it - and therefore the contents of this site (and others) is morally owned by the people. So, why not open-source the whole thing, and find a volunteer to administrate it. The BBC should provide the webspace, and let the community do the work running it. Resulting cost to the BBC: a few hundred pounds/year.

I have to agree with groc, the BBC erased loads of programmes that they ofetn had to get back from private sources. But they lovingly kept the Horse of The Year show on tape for years after Cl;assic Doctor Whos had been wiped. Pray tell, will I come back in a month to the BBC site and find a horse's head instead?

Richard Barnicoat
Pity the BBC can't set up a classic BBC website with reference material. Typical something the public likes and it gets axed. Sounds familiar? (the sound of the tardis demateralising!)

Mr Dreadful
Does the phrase 'shooting yourself in the foot' mean anything?

Dave Harris
WTF? Guys. Sort it out. Don't make a stupid choice like this and admit it is a dumb idea. Keep it open!

you morons - 700,000 of us can't be wrong... and to think that you are going to trash the content as well - you are almost as stupid as the Blair Government.

Dean Asher
what the hell same old corprate Bull.

Timi from Lincoln
Surely a few simple Casino ads would make the website self-financing.

Why ? its not that expencive to host a website.... another case of red tape

Ian McMurray
I assume 700,000+ monthly users is either way too little or way too much. Maybe with so many people using this site they're having to pay higher bandwidth costs which they cant recover from these users. SO maybe they tried to raise the color TV license to pay and that didn't fly either! To bad - so sad.

Nic Brine
At the end of the day, the BBC is in a bad position regarding its future.. It needs the licence fee. Funding it in any other way would just make it another disposable plastic spoon (A bit of Fry and Laurie).. all the same, all utterly useless.. But at least you have the choice. The BBC is having to start barking every time the government wants it to. This is what happens if you let your news network tell the truth.. Hey BBC, you should lie just like the other networks. The things you have to do to keep yourself INDEPENDANT from the government. Bring back Greg, and a backbone. Either that or start planning the next spate of magnolia programming like ITV/Sky/anything from the US'of'bombingArabsforoil. One day, well all wake up and we won�t have a Pubic Service broadcaster left. When it comes to the PUBLIC broadcaster, little things like QUALATIY keep popping its head up. This filters down to us in programming as well as the extra services like the BBC�s web content. For me personally I believe the BBC does a great job with its radio/TV/Web/Interactive stuff. But some of our population don�t think of it like this. They just need to watch celebrity love blinking island, or Americas thickest Police services. Along with the chance to pay over �40 PCM and suffer even more ad breaks than anything that Granada can spew out of the north. Anywho, I feel like I�m ranting. 1. If you don�t want a government review board to bugger around with OUR BBC start making a noise about it. 2. Its about time our (ha) government woke up to the fact that lying costs lives. And blaming a broadcaster that told the truth isn�t the way to put it all right. I mean, Greg was the best thing to happen to the BBC, but for some reason, Tony decided it would be better for him to loose his job, rather than someone that was just DOING his job. 3. If you have Pay TV.. See your doctor.. Oh, and ask your children if they know your name. 4. Before complaining about the price of the licence fee, think about what you do get for the money.

Another nail in the coffin of good entertainment. BBC goes the typical route and regresses. It is no small indication that this is a bad idea if the above comments mean anything. However, the prevailing feeling is that the opinions and feelings of their customers don't matter and you can expect to see the BBC continue to struggle to keep the markets intrest despite their position. If you are reading, here is a hint: PR works, this is bad PR, come to the 'rescue' of a site that isn't down yet and become popular for doing nothing with dignity!

What an UTTER UTTER DISGRACE! As a licence-fee payer I strongly object to this closure. No doubt the savings from this will be used for some tedious and worthless "reality" TV series. BBC management please wakeup, smell some coffee, and listen to your user base!

There should be a concerted "Internet Effort" to at least take an archive copy of this site so that it can still at least be browsed!

norton - usa
You'd think that from all the traffic from /. today, maybe you'd reconsider? I mean, I've never seen this site until today, so maybe the problem was exposure, not lack of interest/content. Keep it up, if you would please me.

Chris Rogers
The integrity of the BBC decision makers is mirrored only by the integrity of its reporters, and we all know how much of an impact 45 minutes can have in the beeb....

Roy Illingworth
Just found this site (via a reference to it being removed!). This is such a great repository of all the wonderful shows I grew up with. The BBC web sites have always impressed me with their content and technology, what a shame this one has to go. A mere 700K people read it? I wonder what level of membership is deemed adequate to continue?

It seems daft that when the BBC is under fire that they are closing somthing which obviously gets them some good kudos.

Art Vanderlay

A dumb decision!

Manic Minor
I'm going to miss the site like I miss... Eldorado!

Andrew Ratcliffe
Whoever decided to can this site just won the "dumbest employee of the month" prize...

This is too good to drop off. Can anything be done?

In that case my TV license will no longer be paid soon. Bye, then!

700,000 people can't be wrong! I'll be complaining to Mr Grade...

Iain Purdie
I don't get this - they're removing the Cult website as it's "too similar to the commercial sector" i.e. there are other websites with similar content. Perhaps... but none of them are as good, nor as comprehensive as the BBC's. On top of that I'm *paying* for the BBC site out of my license fee. If we're going to get rid of things for being "too similar" to commercial offerings, can we also please scrap Eastenders as it's just Coronation Street set in London? And Holby as it's only a cheap version of E.R.? Getting rid of that dross would allow plenty of funding for excellent resources such as this.


Ronaldo Raygun
please reconsider.

mark johnson
Umm... where is this part of my license fee going to go instead then? More repeats of dads army?

Mikael H
Appalling decision, what sort of warped logic is at work here? This is a wonderful web resource, unique in many respects and much loved by many. 700,000 is an enormous net audience, any commerical site would /kill/ for that kind of following.

Andrew Oakley
Before you go... can you provide links to those "many areas covered by the Cult site [which] were already being replicated on other areas of the web"?

McCoys Beard
Once again another site I like to visit is being closed down. This is utterly ridiculous and stinks!!!!! You say the Doctor Who site is safe BUT FOR HOW LONG. Sooner or later someone else will have a total disregard of our feelings just to save a few quid!

Mark Routledge
Someone tell Bectu they need more strikes! The downfall of the BBC starts here. It was one of the last 'British' things I was truely proud of.

Harry Sheppard
Might I suggest people head over to ?

surely you cannot be serious.

Chris King
Dropping the clangers IS a clanger. And I don't care if it is done in the best possible test (pauses to flip legs over...sorry, I wont do that again). Please don't go!

your site is so cool. to be shut down is a foolish thing sad too

Noooooooooo! You can't!

Francisco Martins
Oh well, there goes the only site I looked at apart from the football, oh the joy of getting into Cult TV! Surely with all the history of BBC television past and present there must be space to show this. Where else can adults be directed to check out old tv shows they used to watch as children, allowing them to be relived all over again. Where else can information on conventions, exhibitions, tv show developments, plot lines, actor interviews be seen in such detail and written by people who had an interest in what they were writing. Cult covers a variety of shows and times. Everybody is interested in Cult TV as sooner or later everyone's preferred show will become CULTISH! Cutting Cult TV loose follows in the American tradition of cancelling popular shows when they think that they are past their sell by date, through no fault of their own. Thanks for all the great info and allowing us to relive fond memories. RIP - Rest in Peace, or for this situation more aptly for the powers that be: Really Idiotic Productions.

Mike Howard
What a stunningly bad decision by The Beeb. I'm sure that money saved by culling this site will be wasted elsewhere.

Ken Brown
I've just read about the impending closure of the Cult web site. While I'm sure 1000 individual visitors an hour is small compared to the news site, it can in no way be called an insignificant amount. The idea of closing the second most appreciated BBC web site is beyond understanding. If I'm looking for information about something I'd TRUST the information on the BBC site, over any "commercial" web site, as being authoritative Further more I have frequently used the CULT web site as a stepping stone to other areas of the BBC web site on a "while I'm here I'll have a look at that too" basis. Without being on the CULT web site I wouldn't have that reminder, and would visit the other web sites less. The CULT web site is Value for Money, KEEP IT!

brian hunt
why is it when I find a good web site it`s just in time to see it closed down

George G
As a TV license payer - what right does the BBC have removing this site which takes so much traffic?

Simon (SOT)
"The Cult site came second in the BBC's Online Audience Appreciation Survey, which was voted by users of the" ... Doug, BBC Customer Service. We appreciate it that much they decide to shut it down, hmmmm ... well that ought to put them out the running next year! How about this for 2006: " ... biggest loss of satisfaction 2006"!!!

Harry Payne
Gentlehackers, start your web-whacking NOW.

Jerry Smith
My favorit port of call: gone... Who's going to take care of the content gone orphan?

Don't do it. Why do anything so unpopular?

How wrong can BBC bosses be? Seven hundred thousand visitors can't be wrong for goodness sake. As the cult site is second only to news in popularity I assume we will also be losing the radio, tv, weather and numerous other sites as well?

Matt Partridge
Why, what small amount of money do you save by alienating all these (see above) outraged *paying* customers?

Wavey Davey
OK - every one of you 700,000 visitors chip in 1p per month and *I'll* host and maintain the bloody thing. *And* I'll put all the forums back on. Stupid faceless beaurocratic decision.

The dismantling of the BBC continues post-Hutton. thank you Mr. Blair and your stooges, Mr. Thompson included :o/

Steve from Livingston
What a rubbish decision! The Cult site is a great resource, my friends, family, colleagues and myself have all spent hours reminiscing over stuff from here. Dammit!

Jonathan Hill
There are lots of people writing in complaints here, but how many will stand up and write to the BBC as Idoru suggested? We are all writing the same message to each other - preaching to the converted, so to speak. The BBC does (despite their actions) have a responsibility to act on the demands of its users. If they get a large number of complaints and objections, and do nothing, then we would be within our rights to write to our MP's, and demand that they be held to account on their breach of their charter. We can sit and complain, or we can do something about it. If it's important to you - fight for it! Isn't that the message of most, if not all SciFi?

I only just found this site due to the publicity regarding it's closure. The site is fascinating and it baggars belief why the numpties in power want it closed.

So you nearly came top of the surveys and get a decent amount of hits... well, that makes sense that they are shutting you down doesn't it! I know... let's cancel all the highest rated and regarded shows on the beeb too... then it'd be ITV! Good luck to everyone who's been involved, you'll be missed.

This is that Rimmer's Fault, smeg head.

Nick Palmer
Right. The second most popular section of the BBC's online presence, so naturally it HAS to be axed. Presumably at the urging of some socially challenged smacktard with a spreadsheet fetish. Once again, like General McClellan, the Beeb snatches defeat from the jaws of victory...

Miles Wade
What's the matter, the price of hard drive space going to break the BBC's budget? You've spent all this time and energy AND MONEY developing the content of these web pages and then you're going to shove it into the crapper? I thought the economic idiots were elected to EU offices, maybe they have a branch office at the BBC?

Perhaps its time to replace the monkeys at the BBC that made this decision? There obviously, BLATANTLY not listening to the public one little bit.

Jonathan Keating
Ridiculous, I see the complaints site does its usual "Thanks for your complaint but we don't care and are not going to change our mind"

I'm sure we will shortly see the closure of the BBC News site? After all it offers information available on other websites. The TV section, as the same information is also available on other sites? The sooner the BBC has all public funding REMOVED the better. Rarely have a seen a bigger disregard for public opinion. As someone who once backed the BBC against those who decried have now lost me. Thank you to the hard working people who put this site together. Truely lions led by donkeys.

Natural Born Klingon
Good luck to the people who created and ran the site for their futures. Hasn't Moylse's old day producer - Grey 'Ed Will Kinder - moved over to this side of things? Oi, Kinder - NO! If you have any pull, do something about it.

David F
Well only 700000 hits a month obviously not enough then ... good decision

I'll remember this decision next time the mighty Beeb Beeb Ceeb wants to plaster its news site with pap that nobody wants.

This is the second most popular site on, 700,000 hits last month alone, surely a compromise woudl be to retain all the pages and links as they are and just "freeze it in time" that we everyone can still enjoy the content but there is minimal on-going costs and it wont need to be updated, you are going to have to reconsider this decision due to huge public opinion.

Martin Mylar
It's not the BBC - it's been told to shut down the site because it competes with commercial interests. Stinks, doesn't it. Will there be a commercial site like it? Of course not. MM

Len Mackin
Just typical of the way we work these days, men in suits who no the costs of everything and the value of nothing! Shame

Further proof that the BBC doesn't care what the public want or use of it's output... so much for the consumer age.... one of the most used sites out there and it's getting canned for completely dubious reasons. Don't they realise that it's thanks to this site that they've been able to drive the sales of old cult product so well, watch those sales start falling rapidly soon and then they'll have to cut more. Management failure to think clearly is a terrible thing!

Mr M D
This is ridiculous. Why remove something that is soooo very popular? This is schoolboy stuff from the management. Surely everybody knows the demand Vs Supply theory! What a joke!

So... bye bye to 700,000 visitors a month and your 2nd most popular site. That's a cunning plan.. i'm sure you'd agree. Why don't you do it in order and axe the most popular BBC site first? hey.. then you can move on the third most popular site! We've got something here... soon your running cost will be nothing at all!

Mike Capay
The BBC is missing a huge opportunity - they should sell you as a going concern - all you need is advertising revenues!

yonatan eisenberg
complaint submitted. I hope you all did the same ;)

Nice to know that the license fee is not going to be spent on stuff we actually want.

Shuuting down this website would be more stupid than Captain Stupid doing a very stupid thing on Planet Stupid.

Matt Moore
:( Why? This site rules.

Chris Sheldon
This is a ridiculous decision. The Cult site almost comes top in the online audience survey, so you get rid of it. Oustanding logic. With 700,000 visitors in a single MONTH, the advertising potential alone is staggering - even if the only thing you advertise is other parts of the BBC online presence. I think this is another case of the BBC getting rid of something the public loves because its face doesn't fit.

M Novak
Seems to be an accurate reflection of the BBC�s understanding of what the public what�s from the organisation. Well done again the BBC! Note to BBC management :- this is sarcasm, as you seem to have problems grasping things that are blatantly staring you in the face. *rolls eyes*

Get rid of something else!! Keep this site!!

Matty Sunshine
Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb! Same old idiots in charge at the BBC! Why do we pay?

WHY!!! Its a fab bubbletastic site... Don't close.......EVER

Dean Thorne
This is really a bad idea, a big mistake for the BBC to make. Let's hope that some of the sites find new homes, and that the BBC learn that this is a stupid thing to do! Bring back Greg Dyke!

700,000 hits a month and you are closing it ?? Is it possible to have a personal response - to 700,000 people - from the actual cretin that made this decision ?

Damnit, Ive only just found this site! Makes me laugh really, think about how much money goes into the damn silly mini moyles! That should go not this site!

Michael Bryant
Which complete idiot made this decision!!!!!!

Martin G
Clearly the person who made this decision needs his position 'restructured'. I'm sure that the savings made in culling his/her clearly over-paid and under-utilised salary would go a long way to the savings they calculated necessary to generate. Another stupid, stupid decision from the BBC - why can't someone in authority exercise a little control for once...?

Gerrit Tijhof
It's a completely understandable decision: getting rid of the Cult-corner surely reduces the cost of the massive traffic it caused, every month over and over. Heck, dismiss the News- and Sports Sections as well, while you're busy. Get rid of your most expensive shows as well, double no triple the amount of reruns from the 70's: most people forgot them anyway.

Ive just discovered Cult and its a travesty its being 'culled'. Obviously 0.7 million people isn't enough...

call me al
It makes no sense, they get rid of this yet keep River City on the telly.

What on earth are you thinking BBC? Redefining service and customer satisfaction then, eh!

What a stupid, short sighted decision this is. I pay a lot of money for my licence fee, and this is one of my main ports of call when I log on to the BBC. You've just made me much less supportive of the licence fee. Shame on you.

Stevey G
What numpty's bright idea was this. Was this decision made in a pub? At 11 o'clock? Eh? What a ballsup!

Davin George
Gotta say I'm really disappointed! But then again gotta say NO SURPRISE really is there? You outsource and then the outsourcing company says we've gotta reduce costs to keep the share holders happy so get rid of services that aren't written specifically into the contract. I wonder if these guys are also running RailTrack eh? Shame to see you go :-(

Davin George
Gotta say I'm really disappointed! But then again gotta say NO SURPRISE really is there? You outsource and then the outsourcing company says we've gotta reduce costs to keep the share holders happy so get rid of services that aren't written specifically into the contract. I wonder if these guys are also running RailTrack eh? Shame to see you go :-(

This is a bloody mess, typical - kill off a popular website for no good reason. I find myself *again* questioning why we pay a license fee to support the BBC.

700,000 not enough visitors??? Suits can be so short-sighted sometimes!

Benjamin Kennedy
I think this is a mistake, the BBC website is probably the best in the world, surley removing content is a step back. Also this is the only decent cult tv website, please don't kill it! Why when it's so popular has the decision been taken to close it down? It just doesn't make sense.

Lee Staniforth
What's the possibility of moving the content somewhere else? I understand there would be copyright issues, but I also understand the decision is for the Beeb to delete the content. Volunteers would be needed to maintain the new site, so start sticking yer hands up now.

this is bad

Martin R Hoscik
TO all those ranting against the BBC, this is not their decision. The Government has told the BBC it cannot compete in areas provided by the commercial sector. It's handy to shout and slam the BBC but at the end of the day they have to respond to DCMS decisions. I have to say though that the cult team could have done a little more to better explain the decision!

Richard Crossley
I suppose the savings will go on another celebrity watching the paint dry / grass growing programme. Sorry to see you go.

All good things come to an end. That's why we're losing this site. Meanwhile, Eastenders and Top Gear go on and on and on. A big thanks to the BBC Cult Team. For a while, you were here, and you mattered.

Paul Stephenson
Incredible stupidity. Utter madness. Any other website owner would kill for the quality of the 'sticky' content in the 'Cult' section. What would Douglas Adams say, as the BBC finally kills off its dedicated Hitchhikers section at the peak of its popularity?

Dustin Cook
How do we contact the BBC now if we have a query about a cult BBC show? Really sorry to see the site go.

Mr. Mike
Re.. what ? .. structuring? Structure out of.. what? a structure is no content .. right? so yes, there we are.. you remove the usful content and leave the structure. Nice weather indeed! If you think its saving you money - yes you can always calculate this or that ;-) being from switzerland I can tell you harddrives are not so expensive anymore since they came out with smaller ones than 5.25"

Ben Rush
This is just wrong.

If you deleted a load of Dr Who that the Beeb no longer needs, then you could recycle the expensive tape it's stored on. Wouldn't that be a good idea?

This is a real shame, however I have a plan to avert this crisis, assuming that it's the management of the content that is the cost factor here. Convert the content into a Wiki, and then permit the user/fan-base to maintain it. This way the sites remain, but with far lower management costs. What do you think?

Nicky Peeters
As a Belgian that thinks that the BBC is are the *ONLY* decent television stations we can watch here in Belgium I am gutted. It's because of the BBC's commitment to cult I can watch good programmes and surf to relevant websites about them !

I only found this site last month... what is the bbc coming to!!

Just unbelieveable. The complaints page general reply tries to make this nonsense out to be a business descision. What a load of tosh. This is a site that supports the cult shows that the BBC puts out, encouraging people to watch them. All over the world. So how does closing it down, when its the second most popular part of the site, make any sense to anyone? The whole apologist nonsense letter smacks of a low quality buzzword excuse. Typical upper middle management language to disguise what is really going on. Just come out and say it folks, you don't get it, so you will destroy it. Monkeys.


Come on dont let it die!

This page ask for comments.. defined in the English Dictionary as: comment � noun 1 a remark expressing an opinion or reaction. 2 discussion, especially of a critical nature, of an issue or event. � verb express an opinion or reaction. � ORIGIN Latin commentum �contrivance, interpretation�, from comminisci �devise�. Comments you have.. And I can't see any response to any of these posts.. I thought "[we] consider something a complaint if it is a criticism which expects a reply and would like things to be changed." Surely these posts deserve a reply, are they not giving the BBC EXACTLY what they have asked for on this page, this must be the biggest online archive of 'complaints' I have ever seen.. no reply's.. Not even one size fits all. And Talking TV Licenses. We in Guernsey pay the same fee as the UK and we cannot even get Channel 5 over Terrestrial.. Another Sham.. Another fine botch by the big boys eih !

Jon Davies
Another triumph for the Corporate Cretins. "It's popular, so we'd better shut it down". It's a shame you don't apply the same argument to the worthless dross in your program schedules.

Katherine Richardson
Please please please please don't remove this wonderful site, links to programs I recall but dimly from the eyes of a child, and now get to revisit as a woman, please... Mind you, then beeb still hasn't reshown by the sword divided yet either...

James Pickett
Wonderful! Not content with selling BBC Technology to Siemens and the Broadcast division to the Aussies, the Beeb decides to shut down the second-most popular section of its website! Any chance it could consult the licence-payers first and stop listening to its overpaid, underqualified management consultants? (That was a rhetorical question, by the way.) If the BBC really wants to surrender to Rupert Murdoch, it's going the exactly the right way about it...

Bob G
I call upon 1 million people to decend on edinburgh..erm Sheppards Bush in a flotila of small boats and stop the information poverty that will result in this typical shortsighted idiotic (Sheppards) Bush stance! I urge you all to make your voice heard and complain!

dr how
insane. insane. insane. bring the medication. insane.

Well where do I start? I have always found the BBC website to be an invaluable resource and taxpayers' money well spent. The decision to shut down one of the most popular sections of the site itself beggars belief, but to announce it with such a flippant comment is nothing short of insulting. Another clanger from Auntie.

Rich James
Removing this site due to 'restructuring' is very much on par with removing the foundations from your house because you're repainting the walls. This is the history of the BBC all in one place. Nowhere else can I point someone when I reference an arbitrary show I watched long ago as a kid. A sad day indeed.

Sion Williams
This is a disgrace....

Sabine Jaeger
700,000 visitors per month and CULT still gets canned. I can't believe it. Its a very, very sad day for Classic British Television.

Bloody insane... Which numptie thought of that.. It is *THEY* that should be shut... perferably in a box under 6ft of concrete..

this always happens. the bbc will recieve loads of complaints about shutting this web site down and still not listen and shut it anyway. what happened to democracy!

Andy Campbell
I've already submitted my complaint. I'm expecting a blanket e-mail back saying how restructuring is going to improve services. And when I recieve that e-mail, I'm just going to complain about that as well ... Keep complaining people!

First Mr Benn now this. Whats next The Queen's Speech?

Cris Page
How about restructuring the management instead? NO-ONe would miss them. Surely they have misunderstood the idea of value for money.. its the LEAST popular things that go.. 700,000 seems like a vindication of the cult site to me. Can I have a refund on my licence fee to refelect the reduced service I will now have?

Rob Parker
Why would you get rid of one of the best things on the BBC site? Clever chaps. At least the link to the complaints website is easy to find eh.

my tuppence worth !

700,000 hits a month and you're closing the site? Where's the reason in that...

leave the precious cult!

How am i suppose to show kids of the future what proper TV is all about?


andy w
What stupid / ill informed management committee made this decision! You should listen to what the people want and keep this site alive!

Kenny Watt

So, how do we get in touch with the complaints dept. at BBC HQ then? I believe they won't take phone calls, but there must be an email address or a snail-mail address or something?

Please register you complaints at Who knows, perhaps management will change their minds... (FAT chance in this day & age, when changing your mind upon receipt of better information is seen as a 'U-turn', not GOOD SENSE.) :-( angry people...

John Hilton
Never used this site before and from the sounds of it, I'll never get the chance to read what everyone else is talking about!!!

700,000 a month seems to be an awful lot of people to cut off from their addiction ;) i can offer you space on 1 of my domains (as a subdomain of my idf this will help keep everyone happy.

Dave W
Have the pen pushers gone mad? Have they even bothered to consider the amount of revenue generated by people getting all nostalgic over things they find on this site, and then going out and buying the DVDs and other merchandise? How stupidly short sighted can you get!

John Brown
Completely mad decision ..

Mick Farrar
Typical BBC - kill anything that works.

The Privateer
One of many dying twitches of the BBC before it becomes a commercial station like all the rest. R.I.P.

Andy B
Noooooo, Do not close this site.

lets go and burn tv licences like the crazy christians did over jerry springer opera

Maybe the problem is in calling the page "cult". If it's the second most popular site on the survey, there's nothing cult about it, but management will look at the term and decide it needs cutting. Keep the content, ditch the name.

Mike Breach
What an absolute farce.

Mark Rendle
Another great deletion decision from the Corporation which recorded over all the Not Only... But Also tapes.

Nooooooo! Please don't cull the site! At least find a new home for all the content, even if it's maintained on private servers. Don't delete it - once it's gone it'll be near impossible to track down again!

700,000 hits a month? Clearly a useless bit of money burning which should be dumped forthwith.

they get rid of the programmes now the site! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NEVER FORGET BUFFFFY!!!!!

If you all can't continue developing the site, at least you could let it stay up for people to visit. Why ditch all that good content?

ORAC Get busy crew and save this site!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't become aware of the site until a week ago, but looking through it now, I realise the wealth of information that will be so sorely missed if this site goes down. All I can ask is why?

Wow. More money available for rubbish makeover shows and reality TV. Great choice.

Lurch Kimded

I think I know the problem here. The cult site reminds the beeb of all the great old programs they once made. Considering the rubbish on telly now it must be an embarrasment to them. It's all on UK Gold now, so maybe they should get the site if otherwise it is just going to be dragged into the recycle bin.


Dave Elliott
Whos dumb idea was that?

Matt King
The BBC decides yet again to save money by destroying content. Did they learn nothing after destroying classic 60s comedy film. Funny how the remaining film is doing them very nicely with DVD and CD sales and providing all their channels with a steady supply of repeats. At least keep the old content up even if the site can't develop.

Stupid of me,i thought only America had idiots running there corperations!

Rich, UK
Nice one Beeb, good way of rewarding your loyal fans!!! But a big thank you to everyone who's worked on the site, hope to see you back on-line somewhere else soon 8~)

May I point everyone to: With 700,00 hits a month, they must be stopped.

RachelC (again)
I have formally complained to the BBC about the proposed closure of the cult website and received a response. The reply indicates that part of the reason for the closure is that they felt that �many areas covered by the Cult site were already being replicated on other areas of the web. This meant there was very little distinction between the BBC and the commercial sector�. I am appalled and disgusted by this response; surely all news, sport and other information are also replicated on in the internet � are these websites to be closed as well? If there is another website providing the same information as good as the BBC cult website provides, perhaps the powers that be will be so kind as to let us know?

A fan no more...
Well, /cult's shutting down, as is my use of this website. I'll be "restructuring my bookmarks" and never coming back.

David Drake
A deplorable, logic-defying decision. If the BBC were running an ordinary business they would soon find defying the clear market demand and annoying customers would equal failure... Even just maintaining the current site without any updates would be worth it -- of course there's a lot of unique and probably copyright restricted data on it to say nothing of it's fantastic design, and it's hard to believe this is the most expensive and unnecessary part of BBC operations. If sense does not prevail, and the site really must go, I hope some benevolent person with server space to burn will be permitted to host the data, though it won't be the same. It's not like we're seeing a cut in the licence fee for this either...

Cult has fallen foul of the BBC's typical knee-jerk response to criticism since the Hutton Enquiry - It just folds. This really sucks. Many thanks for all the work and dedication to an excellent site. You will be sorely missed

Ian McPherson
This site is a goldmine of the stuff - some may call it trivia - that really did make TV interesting. I'll start downloading all the testcards, etc., now!

Hey! Wait a minute... WTF!? Qh, that's right! BBC is going the way of American Bland, Boring, & Crappie Beware! Next you'll get our cutesey and not-so banner ads running across all your progams. That way only the 'commercials' will be commercial-free. Sorry for the coming export. As Spike would say: 'Bugger this!'

Nick Mellish
Awww, man, this sucks like an inverse hairdryer...

mik spark
leave well alone if it ain't broke don't fix it

one word - why??

w slack
why is it closing? its the best i have found i like this site i remember the 60s & 70s tv

You could have guessed, a great site, resource and an advert for the BBC's creativity, so it is closed by the accountants and men in grey.

Andrew Carr
Will be very sad to see this site close. It has been my fountain of information for so long - Not sure what I will do anymore.

Phil Perry
It's a bit bizarre that something which is successful should be so meaninglessly destroyed. This is one of the few well written, funny, honest and informative cult sites on the net and leaves a very big hole. At exactly the time that cult TV has been moving back over into the mainstream - and this is surely reflected in your hit rate - the frankly insane decision to kill the site just reads like madness. Why? I just don't get it.

Thomas Wedge
Yet again a major piece of world class muppettry by the BBC...

Thanks a lot for supporting Amber Benson and Christopher Golden's works. "Ghosts Of Albion", "Astray" and "Embers" were the best animated shows on the net. I hope you will find a way to be back. Thank you for everything

chickens rule!

Jonathan Ducker
It's time consuming but - I would recommend that everyone make an official complaint if you are disgusted by this decision - I have!

How many times can the BBC get it wrong? I spend quite a lot of time looking for lost TV footage on various obsolete formats. If/when I find some lost treasure, the BBC wants me to send it to them free. They then use my licence fee to publish it on DVD & sell it. Surely there should be some sort of finder's fee? I'm not looking to profit from this, just cover the costs of maintaining obsolete equipment.

Myles Clegg
Which overpaid pea-brained BBC Exec came up with this decision. "Lets not give our customers what they want" seems to be the idea. I have just wasted �126 of my money on a BBC Licence.

Nico Collard
PLEASE SAVE GHOSTS OF ALBION!!! I am happy for Dr. Who fans to have there site saved but what about GOA fans? If you take that site away we'll never be able to see that wonderful series again. It was one of the greatest, most compelling and interesting sites the BBC offers. Please don't take it away...

Joe Trace
I can't believe I'm losing this site! The fantastic (and comprehensive) info made it my favorite browsing site. You will be missed!

John Bryan
The BBC Complaints website is available, - I suggest people use it! Their reply to my rather bitter comments about the closure of Cult are reproduced below: From: [] Sent: 29 June 2005 19:16 To: John Bryan Subject: Reply req'd [T20050629002VS060] Thank you for your e-mail. We recognise that the Cult website has attracted a large following. However, efficiency savings are needed to pay for new projects which will ensure that the BBC continues to offer distinctive and innovative services, so it is necessary to close this site. As Ashley Highfield, Director of New Media, explained in December " meet the 10% target set out by the BBC Governors, we are announcing today a further 7.5% reduction to be achieved through lowering investment in areas where we feel this will not cause a reduction in public value...These changes build on the first steps we took in July to close those websites which we felt did not offer sufficient distinctive public value for the investment required. The savings we made in July represented 2.5% of our web output." Furthermore, the BBC outlined in November its commitment to offer more distinctive content. We felt that many areas covered by the Cult site were already being replicated on other areas of the web. This meant there was very little distinction between the BBC and the commercial sector. The exception to this is Dr Who, the largest of our Cult sites, which has now evolved into its own website, as an extension of the hugely successful BBC ONE TV series. We hope users will continue to visit and enjoy this site. Regards Sophie Walpole - Head of iD&E And Chris Chalton - Communications Manager, MC&A

Gary Skinner
What an absolute shame!!! This is one of the most informative and entertaining sites produced by the bbc. It's probably going because SciFi is still seen as a collective of geeks and nerds, The BBC management should have the balls to issue a full statement on the closing of this site. Shame on you BBC

John Jones
Awee. I just found you and you a shuting down <> <>

Keep Cult Alive! Keep Cult Alive!

great get a site worth lookin at they take it away ..instead they pay for programmes like cash in the attic .keep the cult !!!!!!

So whats happened to the BBC I grew up with? It used to be a sensible, reliable television & radio service. Surely if 700,000 people use this site monthly doesn't that tell the bean counters at the BBC that this site is woth keeping? Wake up and smell what you're shoveling!

Typical - we pay the money but have no say when 'THEY' decide to close down something we like. Morons...

it's me again! why don't you shut down most other BBC websites (like The EastEnders site and the pages devoted to The property/Old Junk Programmes that seem to fill the Beeb's Daytime schedule)shut down the Digital BBC channels(ie. BBC parliament which only gets about 1000 viewers and BBC 3,all it seems to be is a dumping ground for ideas that might not work) and then we will get a good value lisence fee that pays for this site and a few other pages and 2 alright Television channels ( BBC 1's emphasis on entertanment is a stupid idea and will cost the BBC in the long run) Come on BBC do it for all us cult fans (there are more of us than the number of people who watch your digital channels!)

I remember this would be the first place I came to after a Buffy episode, right back when the Beeb were showing the first season. The Buffy site lived on, even after the show finished airing. But now all those pages, embodying the spirit of the Buffyverse, will simply disappear. The BBC are a bit of a joke, really.

A Dunford
Once again, I detect the hands of the people with grey suits and marketing degrees who seem to have a stranglehold on the BBC. Truth is, I find little of interest in the broadcast output of the BBC. If something does catch my eye, I can guarantee it will be shuffled round the schedules until I give up in exasperation. Nearly all the TV I watch is on DVD these days, access to broadcast TV would be no loss. Why cough up for the licence fee when my interests are not only ignored, but appear to be held in contempt by the BBC. The loss of the Cult website comes as no surprise. It should also come as no surprise to the BBC when it has no audience.

Celia Falconer
So, Nation shall speak unto Nation Unless they're Cult fans of course Very sad to see you go, especially as you tend to be my primary point of information... like the BBC is supposed to be All the very best for the future to everyone left after the messageboards shut

Just out of curiosity. Is the increase in size of the Doctor Who site (bad wolf, unit, who is doctor who? etc.) one of the reasons that this site is being ended so abruptly? Are us cult geeks only allowed so much server space for our tv licence. What the bbc gives with one hand it takes with the other.

You have to keep Ghosts of Albion around! The new novel and RPG are due out soon.

Paul, Canadian Cult Fan
Rather than just shutting it down, was any thought put into finding a solution? Another host, more money?? Another stupid decision just like when Michael Grade nixed Dr.Who. He regretted it in the long run! Rather than just shutting it down, find a solution!!

Lena Williams
So... 700,000 visitors. Second most popular BBC site. Why the hell is this being shut down? What a mindblowingly, offensively stupid decision.

Steve Dix
Well, no change there then. ISTR the BBC would quite happily cancel a popular programme to replace it with live coverage of a rainstorm at Lords, to suit the tastes of the public school twits in charge. Now they've effectively updated the policy to include the internet as well.

T Bowers. Australia
Typical BBC make something good then close it down. nothing changes !!!

Thanks for all the fun.

I've only just found you too - how dare they shut you down, the cretins??!

Tim Atkinson
Will be interesting to see what happens to DVD sales following the removal of the best marketing resource the BBC has for them... not to mention the possibility of people not buying merhandise in protest. I'll certainly be adjusting my Christmas list a little in light of this...

Chris Lawson
Hold on - the BBC holds the survey, this place comes near the top so it gets removed? Thats really quite pathetic in my view. .::. Complaining aside, thanks for all the work you've done. I've been a reasonably frequent visitor and this place kept me entertained muchly :)

So let me get this right. Cult will be closed down. Is this because it so popular? Other less popular parts of the BBC website will be kept going? Did I miss something? Sometimes the logic defies belief. But hey, we are British - we specialize in this sort of stuff. It was great while it lasted.

Only found you a couple of months back, You're too good to go :-(

This is terrible news. The Cult pages are the best and most interesting on the whole of the BBC website. I think Cult readers should send petition to keep the website, or the Cult team send all of these reader comments to the BBC! Big mistake.

the bbc should seriously reconsider the possibility of not closeing this site.. i didnt get to vote in this online survey but i think this site should stay, esp if 700,000 people visited this site during last month.. bah, think i will find a new place to go and catch up on new releases.....

David Forbes
A disgrace - you'll be sdaly missed! Is H2G2 to go too?

Who's the bozo who made this decision?

Dave Bardy
Well there goes the only reason I had to use the BBC website! Will this get resurrected in twenty years time?


but I just found you........

Andrew Perry
It's difficult to watch the BBC from over here in the USA so your website is my only link to all that is good on the BBC! I'm heart broken that it's closing down, why, why, why???

VW Scully
Well, that bloody sucks; this is the best part of the BBC site :\ and I love it cuz we have nothing like this in N. America. Smeggin hell :p

this reminds me of the early days back when the BBC blithely erased thousands of irreplaceable programmes off early video tape. Now they realise what a utter folly it was -and oh look here's history repeating itself. Reconsider! Before it's too late!

what the hell is wrong with you people? I love pretty much all the BBC sites and they knock spots off the competition with their over-reliance on annoying and intrusive advertising - I bore the pants off my foreign friends praising the BBC websites - until they get the message and soon grow to love them too. and then someone somewhere decides - practically on a whim to get rid. I am aghast at the cluelessness of this decision.

Tom Adams
The license fee goes up...BBC services go down. Apart from Doctor Who and repeats of Sherlock Holmes the only other thing the BBC offers me for the license fee it forces me to pay is this site, which I visit daily. I agree with the person above...'This stinks!'

Tachyon TV
I haven't been this upset since they cancelled Farscape. How much does it cost to take out an full-page ad in The Radio Times? I mean, 700,000 hits a month, the second most popular BBC site, a revivial in cult television, loads of cult bbc products being released on a daily basis - it's crazy. I'm really annoyed about this - is there something - anything - we can do?

John Scride
In my view, getting rid of the BBC Cult website due to "Restructuring" seems to a very shortsighted move. The content provided on this site is invaluable, and in some cases, quite possibly irreplacable. I know of no other place on the internet where such a wealth of information about programmes as diverse as Ivor the engine, Morecambe and Wise, The Adventure Game, House of Elliot and Farscape can be found, and destroying such a well kept public archive of information is tantamount to book burning. The recent poll shows how much this site means to those who visit it, and sadly, this move appears to ignore the wishes of a outstandingly large number of people. The BBC is funded largely by a licence fee paid by us, the public. Of the �9.67 a TV licence costs each month, 31 pence funds the whole of Sadly, it would appear that even though is so cheap to run, and Cult is held in such high regard, "restructuring" will still force this content to be REMOVED, and this is a terrible shame. I urge you all to write to the BBC and make your voice heard, - after all, you pay their wages.

hi there ive just found out about the closer of the sight what are us fans going to do when you are gone will the little adio, video and writen storys be put somewhere else I hope so im sorry to see you go And if this was the boss at the BBC idea I think that it was an unnessasry mistake

Im really sad about this. This had the best information on the web. Please reconsider, 700,000 people can't be wrong.

unbelievable.... how can this site close? it's the best :(

not rushing to the beebs defence or anything but is it the beebs decision to shut down the site or was it part of the stuff they had to give up following the licence review that I'm sure I heard about?

can we have the buffy interviews downloadable? I will miss Cult, it was my lunchtime treat.

I'd like to suggest that everyone who has posted here, and who has yet to post, send a complaint to the BBC regarding the closing of the Cult website as part of any restructuring. Michael Grade, BBC Chairman, stated: "The real test of any organisation is how it deals with complaints from the public." So let's put to the test how reactive the corporation are. They define a complaint as: "[we] consider something a complaint if it is a criticism which expects a reply and would like things to be changed." We'd clearly like this decision changed and I for one expect a reply ;) The complaints procedure and contact details are outlined here:

ok so the bbc are closing down one of their biggest sites. This is not going to help the bbc's renewily charter nxt yr. But wait i want to do is why the cult site, sci-fi, fanstery is one of the bbc's biggest audince areas amoung young people and it one i check on a weekly base and is were i do some of my rearch. *sigh* goodbuy cult team

The Manx Balhoon
A great shame. While the survival of the Who site is obvious Cult is so good it's a shame to see the wider field go, especially as it's a good place to find out about non-Who DVDs I might not otherwise hear about. Where else do get affectionate, funny and *honest* reviews instead of tedious marketing splurge on a company's official website? I hope that some "multi-culti" information seeps it's way into the Who site - more than justified 'peripheral interest'. Especially a S4 Blake's 7 DVD review!

Evonne Okafor
I have been a fan since day 1 and have always enjoyed the site and newsletters as well. It is a shame that the site is closing down when Sci - Fi is getting back into the mainstream again.

David Hastings
This proves that certain people within BBC management are more concerned with pleasing the commercial broadcasting sector (and politicians) as opposed to pleasing the actual licence fee payers. I hope that someone else reverses the decision to close this excellent site whilst the person(s) responsible for the closure decision are otherwise preoccupied with ruining another part of the BBC. Rant over.

Cathy B
"Where do we go from here?" And more to the point where am i going to see pictures of David Boreanaz now?! I like BBC4 and News24 but i like Cult more!

Utter bull, all that matters is money.

Tom Chambers
Hmm. Isn't the BBC meant to serve the minorities no matter how small the group?

Make Ghosts of Albion available. Seriously. If you're going to take away the site, you might as well make the episodes downloadable or available somehow; otherwise, the entire series will be lost.

Paul Hardwick
i dont believe it,i only discovered this site today and i found it fascinating......and the bbc are shutting it down.......another example of the incompitence at every level of this organisation,if they want to save money then get rid of the cold sore on humanity that is EASTENDERS!!!

Gold Dragon
How Moronic can you get? What are they going to do, replace it with more pages about Eastenders? This is one of the best sites on the web and deserves to be treated with the respect that it has earned from its users. Thanks for all the good stuff and BOO to the BEEB.

Brian Milton
It is the end... but I doubt, sadly, that you will regenerate into a cricketting blondie. Anyhoo, very sad news as I am rapidly running out of bits of the BBC website to look at. You all did a great job over the last few years and I hope you go on to something better.

Alun Bell
Whoever the idiot was who made the decision should be fired. How can you claim it's not a good use of the license tax ... oops, fee, with that many users? Bin some of the crap on TV instead!

David Todd
This is the worst kind of vandalism. I urge you all to write and complain, inundate them with complaints and they might just listen. Cult TV lives!!!

Alex Watson
It was the beginning of the end when the Buffy message board went, and soon it will ALL be gone! Thanks for all of your work over the years. We'll miss you! "Where do we go...from here?"!

This is abosultly terrible news. Cult TV has mostly disappeared from the BBC schedules now they have to remove it from the web to. Shocking!!

OK, stopping maintaining the site is a bad decision, but that's up to the powers that be. If, as I'm led to believe, these pages are actually being removed, then this is an inexcusable action. I survived the culling of the message boards, but this is tragic. 700,000 users a month!?! The next thing I'll be doing is clicking on the BBC complaints link just below!! Thanks for a great site!

Mad & Idiotic come to mind -This is a great site - I cannot understand the BBC's logic sometimes. We (the British license paying public) get no choice as to what the top BBC bosses squander our money on - This was one of the few services that I didn't begrudge - shame on you! To all the people who looked after this site - Thanks for all the great work folks!

OK, one of the biggest BBC shows this year is going to end up being Dr Who!!!So what do they do - cancel the best and most accesible Cult site on the web....You guys never decended into the geeky-snobbery that so many sites suffer from.BBC-I'm disgusted, guys n gals of Cult Towers - You Will Be MISSED!!!

Rachel C
It's hardly surprising the cult website is being closed down - there are very few cult or sci-fi shows actually on the beeb at the moment, and those which were shown were often cancelled at the drop of a hat in order to accommodate some obscure sport on BBC 2. When was the last time the BBC showed Blakes 7, star trek (in whatever guise, buffy, x-files etc? However, it is a real shame because this website is one of the best ones I've come across for general news about the shows I love and I will really miss it. RIP

What is the BBC thinking? It looks like Monty Python was right when it came to the BBC. Don't do it!!!

Brian R
So one of my favourite Cult TV sites is going the way of most of my favourite Cult TV shows...shame on you, BBC!

Jane Taylor
So sad to see you go. Cult was the most informative site on the BBC. What were they thinking.

Looks like the BBC needs to have another look at its priorities. You will be missed.

Maureen Russ
How can they remove a site that is so popular of all the ones I have tried to access this is the only one that did @what it said on the can' once again the triuph of idiosy over sence

matthew pittaway
booooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we need it

Utter disgrace. To hell with the BBC!! I'm really glad there is a growing number of people out there not paying for your so alled service. If you don't listen to the voices maybe you'll listen to your wallets. YOU SCUM!!!

This is a disgusting development. Why do the so-called "powers that be" scrap something so popular and broadly used on the word of an accountant (whose grasp of technology is an abacus and a quill pen)? If you want to argue about cost based analysis - compare the user numbers of the Cult TV site to BBC3, BBC4 and any number of the lower end radio stations. I'm appalled.

Catherine R
This is a real shame. Please reconsider!

IMO this is a very short-sighted decision. This has been an excellent resource on the internet for news, gossip and before the messageboards were closed, debate. Thanks for all the hard work.

Daniel Cole-Wilkin
Have the BBC gone mad? This is one of the best websites on the internet. This site is one of the reasons BBC Online keeps getting the award for website of the year. Where will I go for cult news now?

james *head explodes in anger*

Typical BBC. Take one online service, make it popular, then close it.

Soul Snatcher
Great to know the BBC have a prejudice against cult fans, afterall we'ere all just "geeks" right ? Way to kill a site that means alot to alot of people. But that doesnt matter does it. Angry ? me ?

Daniel Schwier

I visit this site once a day - how else would I have found out RoS was being shown. Why carry out a survey if you are not going to take notice of the results? Brilliant site, terrible decision.

Typical, the Sci-fi and cult TV fans get ignored as usual.

Edward Bloomfield
The decision to close this site is inexcusable and indefensible. Shame on the BBC.

Andy Scott
Sad news. This site is one I look at every day. So much for diversity then. Thanks to the team for a great website. Just as British science-fiction was making a comeback: Quatermass, Doctor Who, Hitchhiker - we lose the site which informs us about these programmes. Typical!

David Ashley
Nice to see that the BBC is still being run by cretins. Most organisations would kill for the hit figures the cult section gets.

Dave T
Well I suppose that just like with BBC daytime TV, the big brass at the beeb need more space for antique/old rubbish selling by either auction or car boot, doing up or cleaning people's houses on the cheap (just 'cause they can't be bothered to maintain their own homes)and awful shows hosted by Julia Swhal.....whatever her name is! It's great what the beeb spend our license fees on!!

Whoever took the decision to remove all this great content from the web just doesn't get it. When you remove pages like this, you are breaking the web! There are probably tens of thousands of web pages out there that link to content on this site, all of which will now have dead links thanks to this stupid decision. Sure, the BBC can save money by removing the resource going into the maintenance of these pages, but what saving is there in removing the pages themselves? A bit of bandwidth? A gig or two of server space? If the content is to be removed why not incorporate it into the BBC Creative Archive, allowing people to copy and share it under a Creative Commons license?

As usual a popular well used resource is to be disposed of. After great ratings in their own poll they still go ahead with dumping the site.

What a disgrace, 700,000 users a month and they will not keep this site open. Thank you team for all your hard work of the years, you should be proud of the result a highly popular and excellent site that will be missed greatly.

Very sad news. Although I'm on the other side of the Atlantic in lovely Brooklyn, NY, I have really enjoyed this site, the cheeky humor especially -- finally, cult fans who know how to lighten up! As well as the weird little things that would pop up here now and then, like the Doctor Who Radiophonatron. (Which I hope won't disappear but fear it will.) Signs that the folks here -- at least some of them -- really love science fiction and fantastical tv.

Please let us download your exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Angel!!!!

sam saunders
Why? There thats nice and simple why?

Mark Eris
This is tremendously hard to fathom. One of the biggest BBC triumphs in recent memory has been to show that so called "Cult TV" can triumph so utterly and completely in the ratings war at Prime Time. Far from being closed down I`d have thought that this was one of the hottest sections of the site right now. But no. Instead we are assured that the Doctor Who website will still survive somehow - not good enough. Very shortsighted indeed - 12 months ago it would probably have suffered the same fate. What other pontential future success stories are being abandoned right now? Sports Broadcasts Will Proceed As Normal. Shut Up. Be Happy.

Jerry Jones
What's the URL of the messageboard where the cult staff are bitching behind the scenes? I'm looking on the haddock feed and I can't see it. I want the backstage gossip.

This DG is looking to be worse for the BBC than almost any before him. How can i support the BBC if its intent on destroying itself and everything that is most valuable to it.

700000 users last month? On a cost per user basis, that has to beat BBC3.

Linda Jones
Why, why, why? what are they playing at closing down one of the best sites? I love the mix of current/old cult programmes and the fantastic games and audio stuff. I haven't found another site that has all this. As usual the people in charge are out of touch with their customers.

Laura G

Michael Conterio
Just because the BBC thinks we are all geeks it rates us lower than the people who watch soaps, which I dislike. Why pick on us?

Donna Bowers
Why if you are second in popularity are you being closed down?

BBC really shouldn't penny pinch like this.

Typical BBC! Why close down the best page on the BBC website? Would you cancel the second highest rated show on BBC? I don't think so! Why do it to the cult pages?

Michael Axe
Disgraceful - why drop such a popular and informative section of the website?!? You will be missed...

John Coxon
This is one of the things which makes people turn to the dark side. And I hope that the Hitchhiker's page carries on going, because that's my favourite. :-)

Please don`t shut it down, reconsider!

Joan R.
This is such a shame. I love this site. Well you have done it again BBC, made another bad decision that we are going to suffer for :-( Thanks for all hard work over the last six years Guys, you will be missed.

*crying* I love this site. It's pretty much the only BBC site I go to. Really going to miss the Buffy section. Why on earth would the BBC cancel such a popular site???

You can't! This is my favourite corner of the web!The only place worth logging onto most of the time! It always looks and reads fantastic! A great shame!

BBC in a nut shell = WANKERS!

Do these comments not prove something. When we are young we are taught that admitting you are wrong is one of the most adult things you can do. Take the hint please.

Chris King
A simple question for BBC management, if I may: Just what colour is the sky on your home planet ? The Cult team has assembled a superb site over the years - not just in terms of quantity, but quality too - and they've decided to blow it all away. This decision ranks alongside throwing out old recordings and closing down the Radiophonic Workshop in terms of short-term, short-sighted, bone-headed stupidity. No doubt the BBC will waste a fortune in future years, either trying to reassemble all the material they're about to take off-line, or wallowing in the past glories of the Cult web site...

Linda D.
I came late to Buffy and Angel, and your site was a god-send for catching me up and keeping me informed. I will miss it.

Michael Long
I live in Canada where there's hardly any conventions as it is and now yourclosing my daily dose of BUFFY and ANGEL trivia, video interviews and so much more.I can't believe this is happening! Please don't abolish the Buffy and Angel cult pages, they're a huge part of the memory of Joss Whedon's brilliant creations. To those that read this I beg you not to say goodbye but to strive for the safety of keeping the Cult site up and running.PLEASE DON'T THROW AWAY THE BUFFY AND ANGEL CULT PAGES PPPLLLLLEEEEASSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

David Slitheen
Great News Guys !!! Now I can turn this mudball into starship fuel because there's now no decent cult website left to justify this miserable planet's existance.

Now Iknow that the BBC who are closing this website down always were a pack of naughty BAD WOLVES!

WHAT? Closing Down? This is a really good website. Why don't you close down the gardening website or something?

Mark T
A real shame - I am used to checking this site daily. It follows the BBC shutting down the chatrooms etc and seems to reflect the bad old days when sci-fi was shunned. Good luck guys

Thorsten Ruffle-Brandt
There goes my chance ever to catch up with the historical backlog of British cult TV series and understand what my friends are on about all the time. It is A Rule Of Life that 75% of all conversations end up talking about favourite children's TV series! I hope enough people will try and mirror the website, so that the excellent content doesn't get lost.

Fed Up, Cambs.
More good BBC stuff going. It really is time that the license fee was abolished as we don't get anything in return that's worth it. Just go over to advertising. Goodbye BBC of old.

Nick Whittock
A sad, sad day ....

please let us know the IRL of your new site when you set it up... typical BBC - they always let the talent slip through their net

Tony Hsieh
In a world where owning a truly magnetic/sticky site against the backdrop of the NOISY world-wide-web should be highly coveted and protected, the license-funded BBC squanders all of the powerful community goodwill cultivated over the last six years for nothing. BBC, please reconsider your decisions and potential opportunities (yes, money-based) of this site.

Paul Hayes
This is absolutely terrible news. The Cult section of really showcases what the BBC does best - in-depth coverage of so many programmes no commercial website would look at in some cases. So much multimedia material, so many articles, not to mention the cult news coverage... All in all this is a terrible, terrible decision on the part of whatever monkeys at the BBC make these decisions.

Mike Boas
Surely, this can't be the end of your Hitchhiker's Guide pages. That would be criminal.

Richmond Clements
I thought this was supposed to be 'our BBC'? Well, nobody asked me about this! It's a bloody disgrace!

Leigh Roberts
My third comment so far as I am very angry about this and would urge everyone to put in a complaint. But i just wanted to say to all of you who worked on Cult - You will be missed.

James Potter
I can't believe you are closing down such a good site! Is it making way for some twee gardening site or something?

I just wanna tell you you were fantastic... absolutely fantastic.


I get this news one day after I first found out about the site! Oh well. Best of luck to you.

Stephen Brennan
This site has always been fantastic and it's really stupid to close it down. Obviously the people in charge have missed the boat in terms of popular opinion and making sensible decisions.

Richard Strachan
An absolute disgrace! And it was my ambition to one day work on this site too!

Kian Ryan
Why? Why why why why why? There is a wealth of information in this site, and it has some of the best sci-fi content anywhere on the web? Why on earth ever get rid of it?

Jon Trueman
But... but now I'll have to WORK all day instead! Boo, hiss!

Blooming Bonkers Corporation.

why do this? why do all the best things disappear? this website is a gem,and brings lots of pleasure to a lot of people,where else can we get all this info on the brilliant programmes of yesteryear,BOO to the /B/B/C/ !

Pietro Mercurius
Are your bosses completely mad? Or, are they just pen pushing, bean counting, jobsworths? The BBC Cult site is one of the best parts of a really excellent Site... I dread to think what will be next.

Tim O'Tay
Bad wolf.

26,000 staff, their own tax enforced by law, income in the Billions - yes its a recipe for inept management. Any other media organisation would be milking these assets.. Instead a half supported effort is nailed. Shoot the suits. Farcical.

This well and truly feels like the end of an era. Thank you for all your hard work over the past few years. If it weren't for you I would never have been able to keep so neatly abreast of Cult TV and Film goings on. You introduced me to shows like Wonderfalls. You were where I came to discuss Buffy. And your news and reviews were second to none. You shall be sorely missed.

Mark Nuttall
My No1 favourtie site. There is always something interesting. Very sorry to see you go. When are they closing the News website. Its just as interesting and useful as CULT. So therefore it must be expendable.

Nigel Prebble
A very bad move. Think about what your doing BBC, Please!

Bob Green
Would it have helped if we'd sabotaged the news site to force it into second place instead? Or would they have closed the news site if we did that?

Mal Franks
One of the best sections of BBC's website being destroyed? Doesn't make any sense.

Geoff Edwards
Idiots. Instead of providing viewers with online content to support and complement its programming, BBCi seems to be representing an increasinlgy small share of the audience. Soon all it will consist of is News and Eastenders.

Just about the best bit of the site, and it's being shut down... yeah, lot of sense that makes. Sheesh!

Andrew B

Stephen Dray
This is the complaint I have put in to the BBC: 'I understand that you are intending to remove the Cult pages from your website. This is a short sighted decision which shows a lack of vision, customer focus and intelligence. The Cult team have done a fantastic job since day one and more than deserve to stay. The person or thing which has made this decision needs to open eyes and ears, shut mouth and do their job properly or resign.'

e sills
this site rocks so much its so inventive and funny....dont go who else is going to joke about the cancelling of every good show america makes lol

Ed shearer
Why!!!! This one of the best parts of bbc online. Dont take it down please.

Suzi Holyoake
This is one of the few sites that I actually visit more or less every day - we *pay* for the BBC services through our licence fees, so why are the BBC getting rid of a service that is well regarded and well used? I suggest that everyone who cares about this site raises a proper complain via the complaints pages and asks the BBC for a proper justification of their reasoning behind removing a well-loved service!

David Pollard
As a licence payer(compulsary), I object to having one of my fave websights removed. Remember BBC that you are here to provide for all customers, not just the ones you think suitable. Ccult followers have just as many rights as other BBC users.

Richard Bonsall
The words 'as part of the restructuring' actually say little more than the bald statement 'this site is closing'. Given the public service brief of the BBC do we not at least deserve a bona fide reason for the loss of this clearly very popular site?

Stephen Carter
This site has been an important part of my lunchtimes. Where else are you going to get information on interesting programmes on the BBC and other other broadcasters?

You're joking aren't you? Just to pay for the likes of News 24, which sometimes has more people on the screen than watching it.

Comming soon snooker...:(

Graeme Morris
So this is 21st Century progress, first Concorde now the Cult site, how long till the production of the wheel is no longer viable.

What a stupid decision.

Chris Heeney
700'000 users can't be wrong.

First they ditch all the 'cult' programmes, now the website goes. I'm really starting to wonder why I pay my licence fee. What am I going to use as a homepage now?

I usually visit this site once a day to see what's going on, what am I going to do now! Surely if the site is the 2nd most popular why is it being cut?

Only giving us two weeks' notice doesn't give us long to protest. Please print the web address to make complaints to the BBC: I think this act is typical of so much of the BBC, who, along with much of the rest of British television lack an imagination.

Where will I get all my Buffy gossip now? This sucks - you're the best site for Cult info around.

G-Man (31 years old)
Why close such a popular and useful resource? It doesn't make sense. I visit Cult every day to check the news page and about once a week to dig deeper and find out some obscure facts about my favourite programs. Once it's gone I'm going to have to Google search high and low to find such info.

cult fan
Please can we have the interviews downloadable before they go? I love the Buffy interviews.

Josh Holley
Losers! Let's not pay our license fee!

Minister of Sense
Cant say I'm suprised. A few years back I was happy to pay the licence fee as the BBC really embraced all media new and old and brought it to new markets. However the new Management are too keen to pander to certain a near sighted Minister who thinks that the BBC starts with BBC1 and finishes at Radio 4. Anything else no matter how many people find it entertaining and useful is a waste of fee. Good Luck Cult Team hope you find jobs where good work is appreciated.

Andy Moore
This is frankly unbelievable. BBC reconsider sharpish please.

First Richard Whiteley, then Paul Winchell (the voice of Dick Dastardly) and now the death of the BBC Cult website. I don't think I can take much more of this :(

Dave Nottingham
The appalling news that cult is to close has come as a severe shock. The reliable, pop-up free, timely information has helped me in one of the few areas of media interest that remain. What is happening to Public Service ? I deplore this action and demand it is reversed.

I stated getting the cult newsletter when it was part of the beeb website & it was just a bloke called Dan sending funny emails out. I'm gutted - I've been with you longer than with any of my boyfriends. You will be sadly missed. Bye.

James Pearson
A terrible decision - like all things I doubt that public opinion will sway the decision but if an online petition was in place to keep the site running I would be first in line to sign up for it - any other thoughts..?

Tom Clarke
Sheesh, that sucks. Thanks for all of the excellent and entertaining work that you've put in. The site is excellent, informative, fun and will be muched missed.

Peej Maybe
No great loss. The Beeb's cult coverage was always AEONS behind the rest of the 'nets anyway...

Colin Ravey
It's funny how people don't learn from history. The BBC are cancelling something that lots of people love, having slowly scaled back its activities. Despite it being voted most popular (I mean, COME ON, second to the news? In other words most popular entertainment site) by the license paying audience, it will go. Ah well, maybe in 15 years Russell T Davies will relaunch it... Thanks for the good times guys and gals.

And I had only just discovered this wonderful, wonderful site. :(

Wayne Barry
What a shame you are closing down. This has always been my first port of call for all things "cult tv". I don't suppose there is any chance of auctioning off some of your microsites to other people so that atleast all that content doesn't go down the tube?

Marc Edwards
You mean the BBC is shutting down something popular!! Shocking!! When will they learn that just because something is 'cult' it does not make it bad.

Whew! I'm sure many many people were comforted by your last statement. It's the one thing that's a must-have and is irreplaceable (as far as I'm concerned, though I'm sorry you lost your jobs too).

Sounds more like 'downsizing' than restructuring to me. Didn't the licence fee go up this year? Hope they're not spending all my money on more period drama. :-(

But... if you came nearly top, why are they getting rid of you? Have these people no sense?!?

Chris Wright
Oh dude! NO! I love this damn site, damn the restructuring, get rid of that stupid teen site instead!!

Phil Allely
Cult has been one of my favourite sites since I found out about it and gets at least one visit by me a day if not more. Why shut donw a very popular site when some others get little or no traffic. C'mon the Beeb is home to cult tv how can you not have a site to find trivia, info and fellow fans on?? You'll all be missed.

Johnny Bouy
Boo! Hiss! Those Beeb Telly Bosses have gone mad! I blame Michael Grade, first Doctor Who, now Cult. Gnash!

Graham "Farscape" Evans
Cult has done sterling work supporting those unloved programmes shoved to the edge of the scheduling because some alleged "grown ups" think they aren't proper drama. Anyone who has watched such superb programmes as Buffy, the X-Files & Farscape over the last 10 years knows that they are quality programmes made for an intelligent audience. The BBC's Cult website has matched this quality and devotion. There is no sense or justice behind this decision. There is no comparable site on the internet where all such threads are brought together. Other websites will be losers too, as Cult was the doorway into this type of programming. A shameful and wrong headed decision by people who don't seem to care about good quality TV. This site will be sorely missed. Now, go, all of you to the Farscape site and re-read the last series' reviews whilst you still can.

Scott Mcgovarin
What? WHy would the BBC close this great site down?

Paul Tapner
There are cult programmes other than doctor who, BBC! Please realise this

It happend to Doctor Who back in '89, then Farscape, then Angel, and now you. Sometimes those who work on the numbers don't really understand what true class and excellence is. You will be greatly missed.

Simon Ferns
Thanks for the good service. I think it's a real shame you're stopping - where else am I going to find out about BBC DVD offerings from the 70s? short sighted of management I think. All the best.

I can't believe this site is closing. It has been interesting and has often cheered me up when i was bored or depressed! So long Cult!

Mike Davies
Can't believe it, just begun to dip into this part of the BBC site and now I discover it is closing. Can somebody in the BBC speak to a web hosting company to see if they are prepared to take on the hosting of the existing content. Subsequently, somebody else might set up a charitable organisation (which we BBC clients (viewers) could donate to) that will maintain the site, ideally actively updating the content. Something must be done!!!

If 700,000 people viewed the site last month and this figure does not attract BBC's so called leadership then why are we forwarding our comments to you? Is this the start of a pay per use by the BBC for these and other sites.

If you came so high in the poll, why are you forced to close?

Chris Corney
This is not a good idea, please make sure that you locate the most popular bits to other areas of the BBC online service.I'm bloody glad I don't pay a TV licence now, if this is how you're going to use the money!

Bob Maxfield
Why are the BBC getting rid of the site if it is so popular. Just another example of Execs not getting Sci-fi.

This is not good news...Anyone want to start a petition???

Daniel Brown
Well not to be unexpected, BBC doesn't show any cult apart from Doctor Who and this site in previous months has been pretty poor in recent months no competitions and the news was always behind on other sites and the closure of the message boards. Looks like Cult Tv is reaching its demise. But we always have Season 2 Of Doctor Who, so I can't be angry at the BBC. Maybe the closure of this site can help fund season 4 of Doctor Who.

Disappointed. This site is one of the highlights of the BBC website. This site deserves to continue.

noo where am i gonna get buffy episodes info?

Grant Smith
I think I can best describe the people who closed this site, with some words from Douglas Adams. "Mindless Jerks who will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes" thanks for a "Fantastic" 6 years Cult people, you all deserve knighthoods!

I am so annoyed,will the quatermass pages remain as i find those very absorbing i love the classic clips and all the other things i now do not like the bbc as all my favourite things were on this site please BBC reconsider!

Jenny C
very sad!

Why? If there were 700,000 people last month and you came just under BBC News surely this shows how popular this section of the BBC website is?

Gill almost came top on the BBC's Online Audience Survey yet they are shutting you down. Go figure! Thanks for a great site

Wolf J.
This suck big time. So let me get this straight(ish). My licence fee is use for something I actualy use, but because of some faceless grey suit its being removed. Well that makes sence. Is the basis of the use of funding going to be based on the idea that if its popular or, god forbid, useful its going to be closed? Humph. W.

David Phillips
my favourite site for headsup on the world of cult tv and the beeb stop it. Oh well maybe they've got something more popular like BBC Four

No way! Cult is great! Please keep HitchHikers and Farscape too! The Vogon poetry generator cannot be lost!

J Grouse
Dear Sir / Madam, I must say its a shame that is closing the site , when it entertains enlightens and gives persons pleasure in a fun and clear detail also persons of younger generation can learn about �cult� programs items and many others , Only recently I was asked a question and the first thing I said was go to and the person found all the details that they required , If this site is closed it will be a shame and persons will not have a point on the web that is good quality

karen roper
don't close this site-i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT???? Whose idiot idea was this? This is a fantastic resource for all us saddos out here in the reel world (prefer it to the real world). What a waste.

Peter Stenlake
This is a terrible idea. Please don't close down this wesite

Lewis Reynolds
Cult was my first Buffy site. It helped develop me as a hardcore fan. It also introduced me to other shows like Farscape and The Hitchhikers Guide. It's always sad when one of the good sites go down. You will be missed.

Neil Morris
Really lame. The best site the beeb has and it's shutting down. Ah well it was good while it lasted. Live long and prosper and we'll always have Barcalona!!!

Heter Pewitt
This is Michael Grade's revenge for Doctor Who being such a success isn't it...

Peter Hewitt
I honestly can't believe this is happening. I understand some of the smaller sites like the surfing portal being closed but Cult is a great site. I suppose however with the lack of Cult TV on the BBC at the moment - doctor who exempt - it would be inevitable at some point. The messages about people moving jobs on the newsletters hinted at this possibility. Why does it have to be removed from the servers though? Surely it can just sit here and gather dust. The Buffy site and I Love are both excellent and the former was one of the best programme tie-in sites the BBC has ever done. I've been reading this site for five of its six years and have thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thanks so much for making such a great website. Now I've written all this I'll have to make up a fake name for the original comment I was going to make.

carolyn simms
this is a disaster don't do this auntie beeb i just love reliving my childhood memories also many a time i have watched a clip then purchased the dvd. therefore why get rid of a site that promotes bbc products

Andy from Solihull
This is a great site! Interesting, well presented, and an absolute must for the BBC and for it's many fans. Why on earth is it being scrapped ? Whatever the cost it is certainly worth the money I would ask the "responsible bean counter" or more accurately, the "irresponsible bean counter" to reconsider this foolish decision

hi, been using this site for only a few months.... its BRILL... why CLOSE a popular portal?? 700.000 hits last month!!! surley the stats say it... where will I find a Swap Shop clip to say the least.... gutted!!

Peter Oliver
How is the BBC catering for the public if it shuts down one of it's most succesful online sites?

I hope that you guys still have a job of doing the websites. You do a really good job on them. It been a really good part of and I will miss it.

this sucks

Paul Blewett
This is a site I check daily for the latest entertainment news, I am sorry to see it go. Thanks for being an excellent source of information over the past few years!

So I hope they are closing down the Archers and EastEnders sites as well

Rhys Lewis
At least one part of the site is safe. This sucks. I think you should be saved if you were only beaten by the News team. Shouldnt the ones ranked lower than you be shut down?

Darren Parker
This is an absolutely disgusting decision by the BBC!! 700,000 users last month alone? Just how many people visit some of the other BBC pages then? Or maybe everything apart from the news is being scrapped?! Don't us licence fee payers get a say in this?

Why on earth does the BBC decide there is no need for a section of there website what gets the best part of three quartes of a million hits every month!!!. Does the BBC not listen or read to what people goto the website for?.

Blake N

Mark Swift
Makes sence, ending something that nearly topped the polls. Who makes these decision's? A monkey?

Michelle Heeley
I can't believe they are closing one of the best websites around. You guys have maintained a fantastic cult site for years now, where else would have gathered all of that useless Buffy trivia!! Seriously, you have helped me waste many an hour at work and you will be sorely missed.

Sorry to read that,just shows the good go...

publish the name of who we write to so we can let them know what a pants decision this was!

Ian Purnell
The Cult page is the best part of BBC Online , keep this and get rid of Eastenders site , in fact , just get rid of Eastenders

A real shame as this is the main part of BBC online that I visit. Thanks for all your hard work.

Damon Shinnie
Doesn't the BBC realise it has a duty to the 700,000 licence payers who visited the site last month? I get 2 things for my licence fee Doctor Who and this site!

Timothy Farr
It's more than a little astonishing the BBC is going to shut down a part of its online activities that is both critically acclaimed and is used by more people than watch BBC Three!

Matthew Kopelke
This is one of the biggest losses to the Internet in recent memory (the takeover of TV Tome coming close). Such a shame you are being forced to shut down just so some money can be saved. Good luck with future endeavours, BBCi Cult team! :)

Mike Walsh
Another attempt by the Beeb to eradicate past British culture, and thus pave the way for the Great Euro Culture, " I am not a number, I am a free Man"

Russell Buer

Ana Carroll
Pleezzzzzzzzzzzzz No. We need more good SciFi news.

Hang on - this site was only beaten by Beeb news...yet your being closed down? The sound you now hear is my brain....boggling. That's plain daft. And what reasons have been given? Surely as license payers couldn't we have a sday in it? In fact, judging by the aforementioned poll, we DID...and yet the site closes...I want to know why please

How can they do this? Surely the best site the BBC has to offer & it's going! I'm off to drink my sorrow away!

The BBC cancelling the site voted second only to News? Is this some strange new definition of "serving the licence payer" of which I was previously unaware? (to paraphrase Arthur Dent!). Very sorry to see you go - the site has been a delight.

Simon McLaughlin
In a shop, if you pay for soemthing you get what you want. With my Licence Fee I just seem to get what BBC Management deem apprpriate regardless of my choice. I want this site maintained!

Graham Nelson
So what was the point of the Online Audience survey, if you came 2nd and were still closed down? Madness. I'll miss this site; most of the BBC's online offerings are done about as well elsewhere (News included), but this was a niche of its own.

A J Summersgill.

Paul Gee
This really is a step backwards, if anything the site needs more material to make it even more interesting. What the BBC giveth with one hand (Dr Who) they take away with the other. They have eyes but they cannot see as my old dad says.

Roly Keeting
Why? This has to be one of the best demonstrations as to what this website should be about.

Joel Dennis
Nothing better than looking back on the good old day, who need news, when the good things that happen were back in the days, make bbc news smaller and keep cult going, good luck

Adam Richardson
I'm very disappointed that this site is being shut down. It offered unrivalled news on cult stuff, and was my first stop whenever I came on the internet. Like most cult tv, it seems this site is suffering the same fate. It's been fun. So long and thanks for all the fish!

I have checked this site more than once a day for 2 years. I don't know where I am going to go for all my cult news and updates.

claire fletcher
sorry, but do the bbc big wigs actually have a clue what is happening with their own company? first they get rid of those responsible for the excellent dr who graphics and now you guys! I need my daily Cult news fix you know!!

David H
Very disappointing - such a good site, and well-used too. I would have thought with the success of Dr Who, you'd have been strengthening the site, not closing it.

Captain Jack's leather trousers
Boo! So has the BBC completely gievn up on Cult TV (except for Dr Who) now that they've let channel4 and five snag all the shows? Oh hurrah, that means more gardening programmes on the BBC. Fab. urgh.

gill hat on
bloody typical, you get used to something, get to like it, and what happens, they pull the plug on it, and sod off!!! tell me why i pay my licence fee again will you?

cameron yarde

Well im glad the who site is staying, as its the best one here. But the cult is where I get all my cult news! Bloody BBC.

Kevin Cupit
(the BBC) should be ashamed of themselves, how many more website are going to disappear, does this mean that the licence fee will be reduced (ha! ha! ha!)

Frederick Thompson
So you have had your Michael Grade moment like Doctor Who. Let us hope the absence is not as long.

Philip Tibbetts
Dont worry, as with Dr Who, no doubt Whovians will keep the faith no matter how bleak and hopefully one day Cult will return. Thanks for all the support for the programme over the wilderness years, I hope Cult's return will be just as good and quicker than that of Dr Who.

Chris Clarke
This is my first port of call when I go online! An essential tv news/reviews source. What is the reason behind this? *checks whether it is 1st April* - alas no.

Sean Jenner
The vast scale of this injustice to Cult fans everywhere is simply staggering. This is by far my favourite website, and I am shocked, dismayed and very, very annoyed that some git in the Ivory Tower Dept. of the BBC structure has decided that Cult has to go (probably to fund a 'FindaScriptWriter' for Eastenders, no doubt). As for the site itself, I shall miss it dearly, and can only hope that the Offender will see the error of their ways, and reinstate this magnificent website!

What about Buffy?

Sigh. You'd become my absolute favorite site this past year--I'll miss this place... Good luck to you all!

Alex Wright
I remeber entering every DVD competition for Buffy and Angel since Buffy season 2 and always losing..............never mind. All the best to the cult team, you've done a great job!

disgruntled UK TV viewer
Well, there's a lot of cult tv sites out there although I don't know how long they'll last, but as far as I'm concerned, classic and nostalgic TV are pretty much some of the only things that are much more interesting on the BBC website to look at than all the recent dredge of new TV shows put up on the website. What a loss.

John Davies
What a shame such an essencial part of the BBC website is going

"You can't just swan off!" Is it your fault you beat commercial opponents into the ground? Well, so long and thanks for all the fish.

This is the sad day for TV entertainment. It seems that the cult side of things has been picked on again and yet I bet over sized news, radio, sport and soap areas will not be effected. The whole BBC on the internet is becoming a boring and sterile place.

Nooo! I've loved the Cult site over the years (even if we were chucked out of the Roswell board unceremoniously) I'll be sorry to see it gone!

typical bbc, close anything thats popular, anything the people want. I feel the evil of labour pressure here. "hang on we cant have the beeb being popular, if they are popular they might start telling the truth again about how lousy the country is being governed and there really were no WMDs apart from the ones on doctor who" perhaps if we "sex up" the claim that cult pages are great we can have an enquiry and save them

Sam loveless
Best after thr news and you're being closed. What junk was the person on who made that idea?

this has been coming since the forums closed and why is it whenever companys try to make things better on there websites for poeple, they make it worse look at TVTome

Blimey. That's a shock. I really enjoy your reviews, news and views, and have never won anything in any of your competitions. Thanks for your hard work. High point of the site? The weekly reviews of BBC4's Prisoner reruns, where the show made the reviewer just as impatient, annoyed and angry as it did me! Shame that the care and attention you've given will not exist any longer.

shame, I pop in every day....Thought it had been a bit quiet....

Alison Jacobs
It is so stupid to shut this site, especially with the BBC just getting back into the Cult marketplace so successfully with Doctor Who. Congratulations on a job well done but someone up top has made a terrible mistake. Who do we protest to?

Paul Robinson
I am guessing the soaps and make over shows still have their sites?

Why do they hate us so much? They should be fighting to keep us, not destroying the few good things about the BBC's online offerings.

andrew ridgway
what home page am i going to use now?

Raj Kumar
So long, and thanks for all the fish(news)

Admiral Mudd (aka Peter Sinclair)
This is terrible, TERRIBLE news. Where will we get our cult news updates now? This site has been a part of my (and many other people's) lives for some time. Another reason to wear a black arm band! To quote the Fifth Doctor, when he lost his sonic screwdriver, "I feel as though I've just lost an old friend!"

Yet another consquence of that stupid report by the government a year or so ago. Its a great shame the BBC has lost its bottle and won't stand up for itself anymore.

Dave Chapman
I guess it's expected, as most of the programmes (Buffy, Angel, 24, etc) are disappearing off of the Beeb... Still it's a real shame it's going. It's done some classic stuff in the past, Ghosts of Albion (jeez, I hope that gets a new home, please don't let it vanish!!) and the demo of the Buffy RPG was a valuable resource. May I take this opportunity to wish Rob and all at the Beeb all the best for their future endeavours...

sooooo annoying by by to buffy (e-comic), angel, 24, doctor who .... :(

Rel of the Fexive
Beaten only by the News site but the Cult site *still* closes? How appropriate.... it's like [insert cancelled favourite series name] versus reality TV all over again!

J R Bristow
Getting rid on the Cult website as a cost cutting measure ranks aliongside recording over classic episodes of Doctor Who as a boneheaded move of biblical proportions. Won't someone wake up and smell the coffee? Cult must stay.

Ken Patterson
A complete disgrace if this happens.

Paul Creighton
Yet again people who like Sci fi are treated like dirt

Rob McCow
Its a shame, the BBC has had great content on this site. Don't go!

Matt Davis
This is a real tragedy. I've recently become a frequent visitor to this site and I have enjoyed it so much and will continue to do so untill you vanish in July. Thanks for the good work guys, you did a wonderful job.

If you came near the top of the list why are they cancelling the site?

Dave Candlish
Shocking. Second in the survey and they STILL close you down. Not happy.

Paul Gibbs
2nd visited section and so they;'re closing it! Can I therefore get a licence rebate? Thank you cultists!

Derek Bowwn
In this days and age there is no need to remove any content from any website. With storage space to low all you have to do is leave the content in place. This is just crazy, there is no excuse for this.

Mike Nuttall
This is terrible. It'll only lose BBCi members. Like me. Bye guys. It's been fun.

Well, thats a bit short sighted if you ask me.

Whoever sanctioned this should be ashamed of themselves (probably Grade seeing as he can't touch Dr Who anymore.)

That is bang out of order. Can someone remind why I pay my flaming tv license.

Juan Carlos
I am from Argentina. I am so sadly too. I use this site to learn English. I read and listen the audios. I want to thank to all the people who works here for giving us all this brilliant material. I am not good at English but I want to let you know how sad I am for the closing of this page. The best for you. Juan Carlos from Argentina.

neil wykes
it's so sad that those sections of the BBC that do too well have to be culled to give the competition a chance. What competition?!

Restructure THIS!

Alexander Harris

so you came second to top in the ratings and had 700 000 visits in the last month but they're shutting you down. Why exactly?

Jake Tritt
VERY disappointed from the US. This was the only site I found to get a variety of news about UK shows. :>(

One of the few bbc sites I regurlarly visit, and as you say one of the most popular,and they close it. Typical!!!! Bet you the ones that no one ever visits will be safe.

Rob Lupine
A huge mistake, this is one of the best parts of the BBC website. I'll be sorry to see it go.

I'll miss the pages - it's a pity that everything seems to come down to profit

Mike Rouse-Deane
That is NOT fair! This is the only place where I get my news and gossip about cult movies / tv things. This just isn't right!

This is stupid closing this site it is the best one that the bbc has. It has all the info on all of the good shows and stuff why would they want to close it?

Paul Hackett-Evans
I'm really sorry to learn of this. BBC Cult has been one of the sites I visit every day. It's been a great source of news and entertainment on my favourite genres. I'm sorry you're going - I'll miss you! Good luck for the future!

So, for the first time in those six years, the BBC finally makes quality cult telly in the form of Doctor Who and then junks the site that did its bit in helping to keep the series alive ... That would sound so unfair if it made less sense. Thanks for the webcasts and the audios and the fiction and the news and the comfort zone in the barren reality years of telly. You'll be back, mark my words.

Absolute nonsense.

Mark Evans
This is the best part of the BBC website. It represents most of TV programmes I watch. So where do I get value from the licence fee now! Very disappointed, too good a site to lose.

mandy colby
This is terrible! you will be missed

why is this happening? what will i do without my daily dose of cult news and link to all things farscape? i'll miss this site

David Anderson
So where are we going to take the piss out of Enterprise fans now then?

Loved the site-sad to see the site end.great job over the years!!

Charlie Keeble
Well the hell must you go! This is one of the best most useful omnibus Cult Television reference site of anywhere else online. Where the hell are fans and newcomers supposed to go after the OFF switch has been found?

Graham Parker
This is set as my homepage so it's the first place I come to when I log on. Where do I go now? Can't the BBC be restructured somehow to keep Cult TV and remove the News?

Scott Hughes
Maybe I'm missing something here - second in the survey, 700000 users last month and they're closing it down?! We're probably classed as a minority - but I'll bet it's a bigger one than BBC4!!!!

Ross Brown
Can't the BBC license the content to another web site or web sites to allow the stuff to stay maintained? And then the cult section could simply provide links to all these "fan" sites. I'll even provide the hosting and domains if you need them! License the stuff under a Creative Commons licence or similar - isn't this similar to the BBC plans to license some of its content?

Robert McGovern
Its such a shame to see you'se go, I've enjoyed coming here to catch the goss. It must be gutting that despite nearly coming top and getting so much traffic that they couldn't give you a repreive!

Some Bloke
Very bad news

Rachael Clargo
Have only just discovered this wonderfully nostalgic site. I can't believe it's closing. Don't the Beeb understand what a market there is for this type of stuff?

Graham Taylor
If you nearly came top in the audience survey and can boast of 700,000 users in a single month, what is the justification for closing the site? As a regular licence fee paying reader, I would like a fuller explanation from one of the many decision makers at the BBC as to why something so popular can be axed? I'm sure I'll be waiting an awful long time for someone to respond with an answer that makes any sense... Thanks for a great site, I will miss it!!

jamie armour
'Twas only a matter of time I suppose. They killed off the message boards (the most popular thing in the cult section) it was inevitable that the higher ups, in "their wisdom" would close the rest down as well. Bloody shame though.

Allan Bishop
Only the Beeb could take a well-used, and presumably appreciated, site and decide to close it down. And only in the UK would they be doing it on the basis of an official recommendation. This site helps the public, it helps DVD sales. It's entertaining! Sometimes I just want to emigrate.

What? Noooo! Now where am i supposed to get my daily cult fix?

Chris Mapeley
The BBC website will never be the same for me...Thank you for a wonderful 6 years.

Simon Bland
Ditto, i will never use again! Good call BBC, how to lose the plot! Bollocks in a nutshell!

Thank you for all your hard work, you will be sorely missed :-(

Steve Reed
What an utter joke!! This is probably one of the best sites for info on Cult TV around - BBC you suck!!!

Chris Fox
When you consider all the pain and suffering in the world (trashy entertainment news) elsewhere on the BBC. Cult is a breath of fresh air, sadly, the BBC is running scared due to political pressure. "So long and thanks for all the fish."

Grahame, Manchester
Appalling news. Makes no sense whatsoever. Ah well, from experience it doesn't matter how much the public value (or use) a service, the BBC will most likely not reverse its decision. Shame. I'll miss you. Seriously.

Martin Quibell, Mansfield
Noooooooo!!! It's a ritual coming on here everyday to check out the important things in life.

Stu Lloyd
What a shame! I've always referred to your site for the latest info on BUffy and Dr Who to name but 2 series. All the other sites tended to give spoilers, especially the US series! Good luck in the future, I'll miss you!!!

Ok, so you come 2nd, have a lot of users. Cult is back in a big way at the BBC and in general. Yet they still "restructure" you out... That doesn't make sense

Honey Kay

There are two websites I check every day - and this is one of them. I understand why the BBC doesn't consider this site core to "adding public value", but it's such a shame when us cult fans consume so much of the media the BBC produces. I will be sorry to see you go.

Face of Bo Selector

Wayne Brydon
This is terrible news and i want to know why i am paying a license fee when the only thing i use the bbc for is this great website and a bit of tennis I wish all the best to the crew and hope to see you around the web

Have been with this site for a few years now, and always looked forwards to your weekly e-mails telling me what you had been up to during the week. Goodbye Cult Team, and THANK YOU.

Sorry to see go! I'm an american and been to scotland, I've enjoyed Dr. Who, met Ms. Slaten and Jon Pertee. I enjoy this site greatly. Sorry to see it go!

Kevin Cupit
Shame on you BBC, yet again your request for the increase in license is granted yet you keep taking more of the services away. 700,000 "viewers", thats more than BBC 4 gets isn't it yet that still remains on air!!!!! Following your strike last month I think it about time your viewers did the same STOP PAYING FOR YOUR LICENSE, see how far you go then???

Al Robinson
Have been with this site for a couple of years now, abd always looked foreward to your e-mails telling me what you were up to during the week. Goodbye Cult Team, and

Daryl Millar
I took part in that survey and deliberately voted this my favourite BBC site as I didn't want it to go. I am SO glad that the BBC conducts these surveys and shows how much they listen by axing the second-most appreciated website that they have. I visit this site almost every day because the Cult News section is so helpful in keeping me up-to-date. You shall be sorely missed.

roland keynes
gutted. i thought it had gone quiet cos you guys were working on dr who. i didn't realise it was cos you were fired!!!

This stinks!



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