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7 February 2011
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Star Trek | Interviews
Jonathan Frakes

Picture Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan plays Number One - William Riker. His role is often thought to be the Kirk of the Next Generation. He started Directing during season three of TNG, and has since gone on to direct Star Trek Films.

The importance of Trek tech
  Was accurate science and technical advisers an important part of The Next Generation?

Holmes on the Holodeck
  Having fun with virtual worlds - even when they always break down

Inspiring science
  Are you proud to be associated with a show that�s credited with inspiring fans to study science?

Frakes the fan?
  Getting up to speed on Trek mythology

The Real McCoy?
  Fan scepticism greet the show at first

Gene Roddenberry�s influence
  The Star Trek creator�s influence on the show - and Jonathan

In command
  What Gene Roddenberry wanted in the relationship between Picard and Riker

Number on captain
  Jonathan on Patrick Stewart�s reaction to being picked as one of the world�s sexiest men

Enterprise Ensemble
  The fun of working with such a great cast important part of The Next Generation?

Franchise fun
  The good points about being in a long-running franchise

Blue movies
  Working in front of a blue screen to achieve complex special effects shots

Only human
  Why were the non-human characters always so popular?

Riker recognition
  Being recognised by the legions of Star Trek fans out there

Movie Memories
  Jonathan first Star Trek movie memories and his desire to direct one himself

  The challenge of directing First Contact

Fitting in
  How the Star Trek movies compare to other science fiction on film

Tell us a story
  Has Star Trek survived so long because of its classic Homeric story-telling device?

Give me Five
  Thoughts on the fifth Star Trek series, Enterprise

Star Trek Ten
  The inside scoop on the next Trek movie

Classic Design
  Why is the look of the Enterprise such a design classic?

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