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15th August 2007

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On The Record
Here are the programme transcripts for the 1998-1999 series. Please click on the links to Read ( ) the interviews.

You can also read interviews from our archives.
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MARGARET BECKETT, Labour Campaigns Co-ordinator23.5.99
Discussing Labour's campaign for the European elections

ANN WIDDECOMBE, Shadow Health Secretary23.5.99
Talking about Conservative Party health policy

ALISTAIR DARLING, Secretary of State for Social Security16.5.99
Defends changes to disability benefits

JIM WALLACE, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats16.5.99
Defends his coaltion with Labour in Scotland.

ROMANO PRODI, President Designate of the European Commission9.5.99
Discussing his plans for Europe and the Commission before he takes office.

MENZIES CAMPBELL, Liberal Democrat Defence Spokesman. 9.5.99
On the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia and the prospects of a LibDem/Labour coalition in Scotland

TONY LLOYD, Foreign Office Minister. 2.5.99
Discussing the prospects of diplomacy solving the Kosovo crisis.

Defending William Hague's leadership of the Conservative Party.

Speaking from the NATO meeting in Washington about plans for an oil embargo of Serbia and the prospect of a ground war in Kosovo.

CORRESPONDENTS INTERVIEW John Simpson, World Affairs Editor, Mark Laity, Defence Correspondent and Andrew Harding, Moscow Correspondent. 25.4.99
Discussing the conflict in Kosovo.

JOHN MAPLES, The Shadow Defence Secretary. 28.3.99
John Maples explains the Conservative's view of NATO's action against Yugoslavia.

FRANK DOBSON, Secretary of State for Health. 28.3.99
Outlines the way he intends to improve the quality of health care.

STEPHEN BYERS, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. 28.3.99
Contends that the Government remains business friendly.

STEVEN NORRIS, Director General of the Road Haulage Association. 21.3.99
Says that many haulage companies are close to dissaster following tax increases in the Budget.

JOHN REID MP, Transport Minister. 21.3.99
Promises a new forum where representatives of the haulage industry can discuss their concerns with the Government.

WILLIAM HAGUE, Leader of the Conservative Party. 14.3.99
Outlines the changes he expects in the Conservative Party.

MIKE O'BRIEN, Home Office Minister. 14.3.99
Defends proposed changes to the system of asylum.

Criticises the Government's handling of the Lawrence Report.

Calls for the setting up of the Northern Ireland Executive without any decommissioning of IRA weapons.

PADDY ASHDOWN MP - Leader of the Liberal Democrats 21.2.99
On the Kosovo Peace Talks

PADDY ASHDOWN - Leader of the Liberal Democrats 21.2.99
On plans to give the European Union a defence role

FRANCIS MAUDE MP - Shadow Chancellor 21.2.99
On the Governments plans for a National Changeover Plan to prepare Britain for the European Single Currency

PADDY ASHDOWN - Leader of the Liberal Democrats 21.2.99
On the European Single Currency

TIM YEO MP 14.2.99
On the Genetically Modified food issue.

On the Welsh Labour Party leader issue.

Interviewed about his campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party in Wales.

DAVID WILLETTS MP, Shadow Education Secretary. 7.2.99
Interviewed about the lessons which the Conservative Party can learn from successful centre-right politicians in North America.

HILARY ARMSTRONG MP, Local Government Minister. 31.01.99
Interviewed about local Government spending.

JACK CUNNINGHAM MP, Cabinet Office Minister 31.01.99
Interviewed about the Government plans for Public Sector Pay.

DONALD DEWAR, Secretary of State for Scotland. 24.01.99
Assess the potential for conflict between the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Westminster Parliament.

CHRIS SMITH, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. 24.01.99
Reacts to allegations of corruption at the IOC and explains his plans for the administration of The National Lottery.

JACK STRAW, Home Secretary. 17.01.99
Talking about the Government's plans to reform the House of Lords.

JACK STRAW, Home Secretary. 17.01.99
Talking about the Government's troubles since the Mandelson home loan affair.

STEPHEN BYERS MP - Treasury Minister. 13.12.98
On government plans to set new targets for improvements in public services.

ALISTAIR DARLING MP - Social Security Secretary. 13.12.98
On government plans to get more people to save for a pension of their own.

MICHAEL ANCRAM, Conservative Party Chairman. 22.2.98
On how his Party will reclaim the support of Tory hereditary peers after the sacking of Lord Cranborne.

FRANK DOBSON MP - Health Minister 29.11.98
On Government plans for the NHS

FRANCIS MAUDE MP, Shadow Chancellor. ALAN DONNELLY MEP, Leader of the Labour Party in the European Parliament. 22.11.98
Interviewed about the new Centre Left economic agenda in Europe.

NICK BROWN MP, Agricultural Minister. 22.11.98
Interviewed about the prospects for a lifting of the ban on exports of British beef.

PADDY ASHDOWN MP, Liberal Democrat Leader. 22.11.98
Interviewed about his hopes that the next European Elections will still be fought using a system of proportional representation.

LORD CRANBORNE, Shadow Leader, House of Lords. 15.11.98
On the House of Lords resistance to closed lists for European Elections.

GEORGE ROBERTSON, Defence Secretary 15.11.98
On Saddam's back down over weapons inspections, the future of the TA and the Royal Flight.

GORDON BROWN MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer. 8.11.98
Interviewed about the prospects for the British economy and the European Single Currency.

GERRY ADAMS MP, Sinn Fein Leader. 1.11.98
Interviewed about the deadlock in the Northern Ireland peace process.

PAUL BOATENG, Home Office Minister. 1.11.98
Interviewed about the Government's Family Policy.

ALISTAIR DARLING MP, Secretary of State for Social Security. 25.10.98
Welfare Benefits.

MICHAEL HOWARD MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary. 18.10.98
Interviewed about the Government's European Policy and the arrest of General Pinochet.

ALUN MICHAEL MP, Home Office Minister. 18.10.98
Interviewed about Government plans to increase the number of black Police Officers and the arrest of General Pinochet.

FRANCIS MAUDE, Shadow Chancellor. 11.10.98
On the dangers of economic slump.

NICK BROWN MP, Minister for Agriculture. 11.10.98
On the crisis facing farmers.

MICHAEL HOWARD MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary. 4.10.98
Interviewed about the Conservative Party ballot on a Single Currency.

SIR LEON BRITTAN, Vice-President of the European Commission. 4.10.98
Interviewed about the Conservative Party ballot on a Single Currency.

MARGARET BECKETT MP, Leader of the House of Commons. 27.9.98
Interviewed at the start of the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool.

ALEX SALMOND MP, Leader of the Scottish National Party. 20.9.98
Interviewed about his Party's plans for the devolved Parliament in Scotland.

CHARLES KENNEDY MP, Liberal Democrat. 20.9.98
Interviewed about the prospects for electoral reform.

MICHAEL HESELTINE MP, Former Deputy Prime Minister. 20.9.98
Interviewed about the Conservative Party Ballot on a Single Currency.