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15th August 2007

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On The Record
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series 1995-96

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Dafydd Wigley 7.7.96
What is the point of Plaid Cymru now that Labour has offered devolution to Wales?

Michael Portillo 7.7.96
On the sale of married quarters for service families and the Tories' chances of recovery

Michael Forsyth 30.6.96
Has Labour spiked the Conservatives' guns with the referendum on devolution for Scotland?

Chris Smith 30.6.96
How committed is Labour to changing the Tory Social Security reforms? Is Labour dumping its policies in the face of Tory criticism?

Malcolm Rifkind 23.6.96
How have British relations with Brussels been affected by the beef row?

John Bruton 16.6.96
On the peace process after the Manchester bomb.

Michael Howard 16.6.96
Discusses the effect of the Manchester bomb on the peace process. Looks at the Tory's record on crime and punishment

Michael Ancram 9.6.96
Won't elections to the talks assembly in Northern Ireland cause even more polarisation?

Dick Spring 9.6.96
Discusses the prospects for peace talks and the possible renewal of the IRA ceasefire

Donald Dewar 2.6.96
Is too much power being concentrated at the centre of the Labour Party?

Mo Mowlam 26.5.96
Was it a mistake for Labour to follow so closely the Tory line on Northern Ireland?

Jacques Santer 26.5.96
Says why he thinks the Government is taking the wrong line in the beef war

Sir George Young 19.5.96
Has the Government sold off the railways at bargain basement prices and betrayed a great heritage in the process?

Kenneth Clarke 12.5.96
Having virtually ruled out tax cuts before the election, can the Tories still claim to be the tax cutting party?

Michael Heseltine 5.5.96
What can the Tories do to win back the support of the electorate before the election?

Gillian Shephard 28.4.96
Why has the Government launched the most radical shake-up of Education in 30 years, when she promised a period of stability?

David Blunkett 14.4.96
How would Labour raise standards in our schools? Has he changed his mind on the issue of selection?

Michael Howard 14.4.96
Can Conservatives still claim to be the party of law and order when crime has doubled since they came to power?

Don Foster 31.3.96
What do the Liberal Democrats propose for our schools?

Brian Mawhinney 31.3.96
Tory General Election strategy - how will they turn around Labour's lead in the polls?

Gavin Strang 24.3.96
The Labour reaction to the beef crisis - what do they mean by a policy of selective slaughtering?

Douglas Hogg 24.3.96
What can the Government do to restore confidence in British beef after the BSE crisis?

Ken Maginnis 17.3.96
Is the Government conceding too much to the IRA and the Irish government in their attempts to restart the talks process?

Charles Kennedy 17.3.96
Have Lib Dem/Labour relations hit a rocky patch?

Alex Salmond 10.3.96
Discusses the SNP's prospects now that Labour has proposed devolution for Scotland

Peter Lilley 3.3.96
How will the future Welfare State be funded, with an ageing population?

William Hague 3.3.96
Can the Tories really claim to be offering Wales more democracy?

Menzies Campbell 25.2.96
The Liberal Democrats reaction to the Scott report, what will they do in the debate?

Reverend Martin Smyth 25.2.96
Will the Unionists support the Government in the Scott Inquiry debate?

Peter Mandelson 25.2.96
Reveals how he sees New Labour, as described in his book

Michael Portillo 18.2.96
What are the prospects for a Common Defence Policy in Europe?

Michael Heseltine 18.2.96
The Scott report - Is anyone going to take responsibility or resign?

John Bruton 11.2.96
Reacts to the end of the IRA ceasefire with the London bomb

Mitchell McLaughlin 11.2.96
Where does Sinn Fein stand now that the IRA has ended the ceasefire with the London bomb?

IRA debate 11.2.96
Tory backbenchers Barry Porter, David Wilshire and Nicholas Budgen discuss the implications of the end of the IRA ceasefire

Ron Davies 4.2.96
Could Labour's plans for Wales split the party?

John Redwood 4.2.96
Talks about his rehabilitation in the Tory party since challenging Major for the leadership

Chris Smith 28.1.96
Would the Welfare State be safe in Labour hands?

Martin McGuinness 28.1.96
Explains why Sinn Fein is opposed to elections before all-party talks in Northern Ireland

Stephen Dorrell 21.1.96
Can the Conservatives survive until April '97 and fight back in the polls?

Daylight Debate 14.1.96
On the Record special on the issue of daylight saving time. John Butterfill and George Foulkes support the case, whilst Nigel Evans and Malcolm Bruce oppose it. The arguments are then put to the vote of a studio audience.

David Davies 10.12.95
What direction should the Government take over Europe, given the latest criticisms of its delaying tactics?

Sir Edward Heath 10.12.95
Criticises the Government's delaying tactics in Europe

Sir James Goldsmith 3.12.95
Discusses why he has launched the Referendum Party and what he hopes to achieve

Brian Mawhinney 3.12.95
Have Tory hopes for a fightback in the polls been dashed by the Budget?

Ian Lang 26.11.95
On disillusionment amongst business leaders with the Tories

Gordon Brown 19.11.95
Labour at last begins to reveal its tax policies, will the poor really get most help?

Martin McGuinness 19.11.95
Sinn Fein's reaction to John Major's attempts to revive the peace process

George Robertson 12.11.95
Has Labour really thought through the consequences of a Scottish Parliament?

Tony Newton 5.11.95
Interviewed on the Select Committee ruling on MPs' outside earnings and the implications for the House of Commons

Donald Dewar 5.11.95
How Labour will vote in the debate on outside earnings? He gives their reaction to the Select Committee report

Jack Straw 29.10.95
Is Labour now the party of law and order? What are their policies to combat crime?

Stephen Dorrell 22.10.95
The future of the Welfare State - how much should the State provide?

David Trimble 22.10.95
Discusses the Unionists' refusal to take part in talks without IRA decommissioning

Michael Portillo 15.10.95
Do the Conservatives still have a vision to offer Britain?

Michael Heseltine 8.10.95
In the wake of Alan Howarth's resignation - is it too late for the Tories to dig themselves out of the hole?

John Prescott 1.10.95
Will he stay on board for Blair's continuing modernisation of the Labour Party?

Gerry Adams 1.10.95
On deadlock in the peace process - what are the chances of Sinn Fein joining the assembly for talks?

Paddy Ashdown 24.9.95
Were the Lib Dems right to dump equidistance?

Transcription note
Please note that all On The Record interview transcripts were typed from a transcription unit recording and not copied from an original script: Because of the possibility of mis-hearing and the difficulty, in some cases, of identifying individual speakers, the BBC cannot vouch for its accuracy. Back to Interviews